When my son called just over two years ago and said he would furnish me a team to assist in publishing on the internet, if I would just write about anything I felt like writing about, I felt sorta like the mosquito at a nudist colony, a lot to do but where to start. However, just began writing about my life, experiences and on subjects I was familiar with. Had no idea the twist and turns my articles would take me.

Unlike most posted articles, filled with advertising, my site has simply been posted content of my articles with one advertising. Now after two years and over three-hundred articles, I’m ready to accept advertisers. Therefore anyone out there reading my varied subject articles, informational, sometimes controversial and sometimes entertaining, interested in advertising a product or idea, please e-mail me.

Advertising is such a huge industry in this country, and so uppermost in the minds of advertisers and viewers during Super Bowl time, like last week. Millions spent on ads. Like so many, one of the reasons I watch is to see the ads. However, I thought the ads in previous Super Bowl games were much better than the ones this year. Some were good but some seemed a bit ridiculous to me. But that’s what makes horseracing, we all have different ideas.

Years back before television and computors, advertising was via the radio, newspapers and magazines. Life magazine advertised Life. Good Housekeeping touted, “as advertised in Good Housekeeping magazine,” and radio soap operas advertised soap.

I recall listening to radio soap operas with my grandmother and hearing the ads. The one I vividly recall was the one about Rinso detergent, saying “Opportunity knocks in the Rinso Box.” I can still hear that ringing ad from the forties.

I’m no expert on advertising and marketing, but learned selling in the jobs I held and the several businesses I started over the years. Early on discovered selling was applied psychology to generate interest enough in a particular product, to create a desire to have and buy. I suspect advertising is similar. The question is, how does one do that?

I had no formal training in selling and advertising, but discovered a few things working as director of a motel managers training school, later owning an antique business, a decorating business, counseling business and etc. I realized an important ingredient was always telling the truth when selling anything. Secondly, to be interesting and not boring. And third, to create interest in the potential buyer. One does this by presenting interesting information and telling it like it is.

I enjoyed the work I did and the many interesting people I met while making a living. I recall one time when I was decorating the office of an attorney, and placing large tropical plants in his office. His neighbor, another attorney, met me outside as I unloaded the plants and I asked him if he wanted me to decorate his office. He in turn asked me if I had anything to give away. I dropped the large marginata I was unloading, and told him, yes I did have something to give away, a lot of bad advice, how much would you like to have? He quickly returned to his office, but later asked me to decorate his office. Sometimes with wit and humor made the sale. Frequently being upfront and straightforward generated interest to buy. Conveying an attitude of confidence of knowing your product and what you are doing, helps make the sale.

Now-a-days it seems walking into a store looking for something to buy, the clerks are disinterested and uninteresting and act like they are walking around catching dead flies. No wonder so many are going out of business!! We are living in a very competitive world, and a difference in selling, marketing, and clerking. And viva la difference!!

In this connection as I consider accepting advertisers on my website, I want interesting ads, geared towards generating interest to have whatever is advertised. My website may not have the numbers of readership other sites have, but after two years, I do have a following of repeat readership. Hopefully quality of readership makes up for quantity.

There are no guarantees in advertising, marketing and selling. However, at this period of time, when the economy is somewhat different than in times past, many prospective buyers pay more attention to how they spend their dollars, and advertising integrity. Hoodwinking type-hype in advertising appeals less and less to more and more, in my opinion.

I read a lot of internet advertising, and my mailbox is frequently stuffed with advertisements. From that, I sense a desperation to make a dollar in some of it, rather than provide a satisfactory product or service to a prospect.

I’m reminded in the free-enterprise system of voluntary exchange of goods and services, it’s not based upon equality, but an inequality of values. If one sells a hat for fifty-dollars, the seller values the fifty-dollars more than the hat, and the buyer values the hat more than the fifty-dollars. Both profit and gain something satisfactory in the exchange as a result of a difference in values.

Accordingly, it seems to me, in advertising, consideration of value relative to the asking price for anything is important. And that’s negotiable or it isn’t. Worth is in the value system of the buyer and seller. Unlike Principles which never change, values are always changing.

Trickery and deception in some advertisers, puts on notice, “buyer beware.” Particularly at this period of time when there’s so much instability in the marketplace.

I’m one who does not believe anything sells itself, instead everything must be sold and everything can be sold. Regardless of the conditions in the economy, buying, selling, marketing, and advertising are important facets which touch all of us.

Let Freedom Ring


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  1. Marina says:

    We’ve gone from getting up to go to the restroom during commercials, to getting up during the game and rushing back to see if the commercials will be entertaining.