When I began writing this blog, just over two years ago, I did not know what a Blog and an Octogenarian was. Felt like Christopher Columbus must have felt, when he started his journey not knowing where he was going, when he left Queen Isabella. Didn’t know where he was when he arrived, and didn’t know where he had been when he returned. Thought he had discovered India. But fortunately Queen Isabella was still there waiting for him.

Could he have possibly imagined what his discovery of America meant? Ultimately a country of over 300 million, with opportunities and realization of dreams of Freedom, unimaginable except in the greatest nation in the Universe.

My discoveries have not been that profound, however, writing content for articles on the internet has been an interesting journey. Having been born in the horse and buggy days, going to school in a “Hoover buggy,” and one short period attending a one-room schoolhouse, I’m awed and impressed receiving contacts via e-mail and comments from around the globe.

Particularly surprised at interest from journalists writing articles about me in newspapers, magazines and other blogsite articles, such as “storyofmylife.com,” which generated over 40,000 visits the first week. Now looking forward to an upcoming article in AARP magazine, the largest organization, as I understand it.

Much about blog writing has been a learning curve for me. For example, receiving over ten-thousand spam comments. There again, did not know what spam meant. Accustomed to spam being an edible in a can, so surprised that it now means sending comments for purpose, of advertising some particular thing.

I publish some of the regular comments, when related to the subject matter, but rarely ever spam-type comments. Many of spam writings are in foreign languages. Many are on a variety of subjects. Some remarks are rather peculiar and make no sense to me. On the other hand, some are quite interesting, particularly some I receive from college students, using my material in their essays.

Here are a couple I received recently, relating to my series of articles on “The Great Wall of Obama,” saying, “I found this article useful in a paper I am writing at University, Hopefully, I get an A-plus now,” from Bernice Franklin.

Another wrote on article about Doctors & Healing, “Just read, I wish writer of article can continue to provide so much practical and un-forgettable experience to readers.”

Yesterday, Katie wrote: “Lots of different students, get some techniques of term paper essay creating, however doesn’t mean they can write high quality term papers, but could assist to compose the business term paper of high quality and show writing ability of students.” This one was on my article about Progressives being the umbrella for other Socialist agenda.

Then another wrote, “Just read, I wish the writer continues to provide so much practical information and unforgettable experience to readers. There is not much to tell except the following universal Truth. I will be back.”

These types of comments are most welcome, and encouraging from students. However I wish to convey to the authors, I will consider publishing below article content, when they relate to the subject matter, if they are written using the name of the author and not sent under spam-type advertising.

I recall the one and only time I received compensation for writing an article while in high school. I wrote a story about Crawford W. Long, the man who discovered ether, and received ten dollars for the article published in a newspaper. It just so happened Dr. Long was born near the high school I attended. Imagine how thrilled I was to see my name in print and receiving ten dollars as a teenager in high school.

I encourage students to experience the joy of writing and express their ideas, hopes, desires and experiences.

Receiving these e-mail comments from college students, is not something I expected when I began my blog articles. But very pleased at their interest in the subjects I write about. I now have over 300 lengthy articles on a variety of subjects. However, incorporated in many of the articles is information about the philosophy of Freedom, a subject dear to my heart and not much taught about in schools now-a-days.

In my opinion, education is simply an acquisition of knowledge, not only knowledge acquired in a formal classroom setting, but from any source, which educates, and broadens ones knowledge about any subject. Seek and ye shall find!!

My eternal gratitude to those who read my articles, and take the time to express and comment.



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