One of the books I have in my library was written in 1919, almost a hundred years ago. A lot of wisdom about treating disease, one being combative and the other prevention.

I have a great deal of interest in Universal Law and natural methods of healing.

Back in the forties living in Tennessee, one day I pulled out this very powerful microscope, inherited from my father-in-law, who was a graduate electrical engineer from a college in Illinois. The microscope was one he used in college. Accompanying the microscope were dozens of slides. One slide had the tooth of a gnat on it. It was news to me gnats had teeth, but there it was on a slide.

I pricked my finger and placed a drop of blood on a slide and observed a ring of light around each cell. I was so fascinated by this light emanating from a drop of blood from my body, and realized while we are alive there is the power of light surrounding every cell in our bodies. And in my un-scientific mind concluded this light was innate intelligence.

Realized, there is so much about this wonderfully created body we do not know. Further, we have gone so far astray from Universal and Natural law living in this world of so much artificially, we have violated the laws and become un-healthy.

Further study pointed up the fact we need everything in our bodies that’s in the earth. At least forty known minerals, including such things as trace minerals of organic arsenic. However, so much of the processed food we eat now-a-days from the agri-business is in-organic matter, which the body is not designed to use. So much is grown and processed with chemicals.

I have heard, organic carrot juice is a nearly perfect food, grown deep into the earth, producing a vegetable containing so many of the minerals the body needs. Therefore, a part of my regimen of dealing with cancer is drinking at least a quart of freshly juiced carrots every day.

This old book I have on natural healing originated in Germany among thinkers and philosophers. In this modern day and age we have come a long way since 1919, developing such machines as MRI’s, catscan, x-rays and the like, to peer inside the body. However, we have ignored many laws of nature, filing our bodies with so many chemical and artificial foods. We are not designed to have health from such things.

Growing up in the country, my parents raised chickens which took six months for maturity. Now-a-days with all the artificial food fed to chickens, they can reach maturity in six weeks, primarily raised on processed feed instead of pecking from the earth.

From the day they are born, little children are filled with all sorts of man-made stuff with a needle, artificial man-made stuff. Cells and lymph receive nourishment from food supply, not in-organic, man-made material.

One of the ways nature heals is by development of a fever, which creates natural antibiotics. So what do we do, everything we can to suppress it. Early on raising my children, I never gave anything for a fever until it reached 104. Then I tried to control with epsom baths. Only rarely did I ever give aspirin when it went too high.

On my new regimen to deal with cancer, a few days ago, I got very hot and red in the face, at first thought I had developed a fever, and was happy I had developed it so quickly. Then I realized it was a niacin flush from the B-vitamins, I was zapping myself with.

Then recalled back when I was counseling cancer patients on a nutritional program, some were too sick to work up a good fever for healing.

Now I’m aware this notion may strike many as the crazies, but keep in mind, I’m telling my story and what I do, not recommending to anyone. Not prescribing but describing, what I think, feel, and do. Taking massive doses of supplements trying to prepare the body for a healing crisis with a fever, must sound nutty as a fruitcake to many educated professionals. I’m into elimination and not suppression, and using the skin, the largest excretory gland, to take the toxins from the cancer out of the body, is one small part of the process. By heat and sweating, relieving some of the load from vital organs, liver, kidneys and etc.

Plus the fact, I expect the large doses of digestive enzymes, to make me sick, when the toxic cancer cells start dissolving and dumping into my bloodstream. Now I know not many are going to accept a regimen designed to make one sick, plus being very expensive. That’s not a formula conducive to acceptance by many people. And understandable. But a route I choose for myself, not anyone else. Each individual must choose their own route. Anyone not willing to endure the healing crisis, should not undertake this route. For some this route would be evidence of ignorance and superstition.

As I mentioned in a previous article, I did not understand much until I understood the autonomic nervous system. It’s in two parts and we are born with a sympathetic dominant system or a para-sympathetic dominant. This means, some trudge along like a Mack truck and some go like a Lear jet. I happened to be Sympathetic dominant, and always had a lot of energy. One system is acid and the other alkaline. The body heals in an alkaline state. Most cancer patients are very acid. Therefore the diet must be one that flips the body into alkalinity. Which lowers one’s energy level.

Now I’m a person who enjoys feeling very energetic, but the disease itself has already robbed me of my normal level of energy, but know I must be in a para-sympathetic, alkaline state in order for healing to take place. This is accomplished by eating certain foods, and avoiding others.

I just read in the 1919 book on natural healing, “The much-dreaded cataracts in the eyes, are caused by defective circulation and the accumulation of impurities and poisons in the system in general and in the mechanism of the eyes in particular.” Ten days ago I had cataract surgery. Admittedly, I exercise very little to enhance circulation. Something else I must start doing is exercising.

Despite the fact, I have led a long interesting and active life. About 4 years ago after retiring, my life has been one of sitting around too much, not doing the things I know I should. But I’ve had a wake-up call, and changing many things to restore my health. Despite everything, my outlook is very positive.


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  1. Conrad Udelle says:

    Just finished reading issue 352.
    Trying to raise a fever is a good idea. In Europe they use a proceedure called hyperthermia to treat cancer patients. This procedure raises the patients body temperature to about 104 degrees thus killing off cancer cells while not harming healthy cells.
    Alkalizing is also a good idea. Cancer cells and other pathogens thrive in an acid PH and parish in an alkaline PH.
    35% food -grade hydrogen peroxide should be part of cancer therapy.
    Cancer cells are anaerobic and raising the blood level of oxigen is helpful.