Because my family and friends want to know what I’m going to do about my recent diagnosis, I decided to write this series. There may be others out there facing same decisions as I do.

To paraphrase the book title “It Takes A Village To Raise A Child,” I suggest it takes a family to deal and heal cancer. After hearing the diagnosis, the first thing one son did was buy a large bag of organic carrots, scrubbed and cleaned and juiced a gallon for me with fresh celery. That’s a quart a day for four days, then informed me he had bought another bag.

My beautiful daughter-in-law and daughter alternate a taxi ride to take me to all the appointments for tests and etc. Even my four-year old grandson Prince William was here today and decided to clean windows, using paper towels and glass cleaner.

I began my regimen by ordering supplements, starting with 10 ultrazyme tablets a day, which I will increase. These are the powerful enzymes which dissolve tumors. Plus additional supplements of adrennotrate, for adrenal support, B-12. Taking A, E, D and a slew of nutritional supplements. Liquid and capsule iron, which I have been taking about 3 weeks. Blood tests revealed it had increased iron level one-tenth of a point. So happy it has stopped dropping.

All my life I have drank a lot of whole milk every day. Cut way down on that in-take and will stop completely. Started ten fresh almonds per day in form of fresh almond butter to compensate for meat.

Ordered a pound of fresh coffee bean, grown at high elevation, with no pesticides and processed without the aid of chemicals.

I had already ordered Hulda Clar’s zapper apparatus, and began zapping for parasites about a month ago. This little battery apparatus which also makes colloidal silver, usually costs around 300.00, but found a source for purchase at a cost of $160.00. Anyone interested should read her book first.

One of the basic tenets of homeopathic treatment is, “like cures like.” Cancer is a very toxic disease, so obtained Laetril supplements. Somewhat outlawed in areas in this country. I recall years ago one had to go to Mexico for Laetril treatment. Laetril is a cyanide, extracted from the apricot seed but found a source to purchase in this country. Have not started taking just yet but have a couple bottles.

Because lima beans have minute amounts of Laetril in them, I began eating limas for breakfast.

Started waking up in middle of the night to take some of the supplements.

Preparing myself for de-toxification, after taking all the supplements a few days. Plus I will place an order for additional supplements. The number I now take is only part of the regimen of metabolic ecology, to feed the body and destroy the cancer cells.

Cancer and parasites are like the “hungry caterpillar” robbing one’s body of vital nutrients. Metabolic Ecology is a regimen of feeding the body and starving the cancer.

It’s almost impossible to do everything at once, to change one’s eating habits and lifestyle, therefore I began the regimen one step at a time, doing as much as I can getting started. However half-way measures will not accomplish the goal of healing. One really needs the assistance of a technician to instruct and monitor. Much about the program, I was familiar with years back, I have forgotten, and spend time reading, to re-familiarize myself with the program. However when you are informed you have cancer, there’s no time to waste monkeying around, it’s time to circle the wagons, and come up with something to combat the disease.

My mom lived into her mid-nineties, and always said “When the going gets rough, it’s time for the tough to get tougher.” She always had such a positive attitude in the face of adversities. And had a list of southern sayings a mile long. My favorite is, when one visited her and started to leave, she always said “Come back to see me and if you can’t come, write and bring it.” So far as I know, she never had cancer, but I had two younger brothers who passed away with colon cancer, after surgery.

This is my story thus far, after receiving the diagnosis about a week ago. I will write about my progress as I move along, making decisions and implementing the regimen, in the hopes I might give hope to others. One needs help from family and friends and medical practitioners, however the route I have chosen is pretty much a do-it-yourself regimen.

As my four-year old Prince William said, “The way to keep from passing is just survive.”

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