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Most are shocked and devastated when they hear a diagnosis of cancer. Conversely, I felt relieved to know why I have been feeling so poorly lately. First test showed anemia. Subsequent test revealed iron levels dropping. I thought this is why I’ve been feeling dizzy and chilly all the time, so I began taking more iron. As my grandmother used to say, I had that “no account feeling.” Just wanted to eat and sleep and play with my four-year old grandson, Prince William.

I have always cooked scratch meals, not a junk eater, and for years taken a lot of vitamins and minerals. However, in the past few years, spent a great deal of time leading a sedentary lifestyle sitting in front of this computor, and not paying much attention to my health. Ignoring symptoms of feeling tired all the time, eyesight failing plus a few other symptoms. Balked at my primary physician’s insistance to submit to tests to determine cause. Finally capitulated and results came back, cancer mass in colon.

Not really news to me, because I had suspected it, but for a time enjoyed my state of denial. Then comes the decision of what to do now. Generally, medical doctors have three approaches, cut it out with surgery, drug it up, or burn it up with chemo, cobalt. None of which appeal to me, quite frankly. However, will not totally rule out surgery at this point in time. One of my doctors is a wonderful surgeon and I will discuss it with him. But I lean strongly away from consent to surgery at this point in time.

According to Dr. Hulda Clark, who wrote the book “Cure for all Diseases,” and is a researcher, maintains all diseases are caused by parasites and pollutants. Just about everyone has parasites and the way to get rid of them is by electrocution with a nine-volt battery “zapper.”

Pollutants are everywhere. Recently discovered some items mildewed in my bedroom, which told me dampness from someplace is releasing mold spores in the air I breathe at night.

Not only that, I have not paid that much attention to my eating habits as I once did. Drink a lot of milk and eat meat, to name a couple of my bad habits. Nature is going to have its way, and does not tolerate its violations, indefinitely. Admittedly caught up with me and out-pictured in a disease in my body.

One of the most brilliant researchers I have ever known is Dr. Donald Kelley, the Texas dentist, who wrote the book “One Answer to Cancer,” and developed the metabolic ecology program as one answer to cancer. It’s a complex and expensive program, but I know it works to get rid of cancer, from my experiences with the program, counseling others who had cancer.

Dr. Kelley maintained cancer is a deficiency disease, an inability of the body to digest foreign protein. But the body must have protein to survive. His recommendation was ten fresh almonds a day to supply protein, plus vegetable protein from the meals we eat.

Because cancer is a starvation disease and most die from starvation rather than cancer, because the diseased toxic cells use the nutrients, one must supply the body with numerous food supplements along with a good nutritional program, which requires eating several times a day. Drinking freshly-made carrot juice every day, along with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Most of us do not have enough hydrochloric acid to digest the food we eat, and enough enzymes to digest and assimilate. A major part of the program is supplying the body with large doses of digestive enzymes to dissolve the cancer cells.

Then one must consider detoxification, which is a regular lengthy process. Because cancer is such a toxic disease, one will become quite sick as the cancer is dissolved and dumped into the blood stream. However, when one understands the disease and the process of eliminating it, one is prepared to understand the process the body must go through to overcome the disease.

It doesn’t take very long to halt the proliferation of the cancer, however ridding one’s self of that which has already invaded the body, and cleaning up the debris, is a lengthy process, and requires strict adherence to the regimen.

It’s my belief the innate intelligence in the body is always working to heal. And the formation of tumors and mass is Nature’s way of trying to encapsulate the disease. Therefore removing tumors via surgery, does not heal the disease, but simply removes one area of concentration of the disease. In some cases surgery is necessary, particularly when it poses a life-threatening obstruction.

If the scientific findings of Dr. Clark are correct, then we must consider parasites and pollutants as a cause.

If Dr. Kelley is correct, i.e., it’s a constitutional disease and starvation, then we must consider treating the whole body of the patient and finding ways to feed the body instead of the disease.

Today there are dozens upon dozens of ideas relative to treating cancer. I have a number of books on various disciplines. However I’m familiar with the Kelley program, and one difference is, he created his own formulation of supplements, and despite the fact Dr. Kelley has since passed, one company still manufactures according to his formulations.

There are no guarantees in anything, and working on healing one’s self of cancer is a decision and a commitment. It’s a type of battle for life. And in this connection, one must apply all the basic tenets of the battle plan to win.

Hypocrates, the father of medicine said “Physician heal thyself.” Socrates, the great philosopher, said “Know thyself.” Ancient wisdom so applicable today, when faced with cancer.

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