I was around ten years old, living on a farm in northeast Georgia, when I heard the news that my father’s brother had passed away. He was in college, studying to become a doctor, when he had some kind of inexplicable seizure, while having breakfast at the family dining table. He never recovered and passed away in a few days.

All his college-level medical books were given to my father, and I started reading them. My curiosity at that age covered a range of things, and I was fascinated reading these medical books. Some of the terminology I did not understand, very much as it is today, trying to understand medical terminology.

Despite my interest in these medical books, I never wanted to be a doctor or a nurse, but retained my interest in disease and healing. Growing up, my mother had a lot of knowledge about home remedies, and usually treated me and my siblings, and we rarely went to a doctor. However, my father did take me to an osteopath and chiropractor as a teenager. Generally speaking, mine was a very healthy family, and I inherited good genes, along with common sense when it came to treating any kind of sickness.

Later on, raising my own children, sometimes living in remote areas in a foreign country, this background of home remedies came in handy, if they got sick. Plus the fact, I became more interested in alternative methods of healing, like acupuncture, reflexology, body cleansing, herbs and etc.

Traveling out of this country required a laundry list of vaccinations. Because I had not taken immunizations growing up, being subjected to such things as smallpox shots, cholera vaccinations and etc., as an adult, made me severely ill. Which caused an adamant aversion to any kind of shots in general and vaccinations in particular.

After returning to state-side from four years in Japan, I had another son. When it was time to enroll in school, I refused to allow any vaccinations, which is a lengthy story I have written about in previous articles.

Relative to this story, is the fact he was kicked out of school, and I found a private school to enroll him in. It was a school in Duluth, Georgia, owned and operated by a furniture store, which had a healthfood store inside. The day I had scheduled to enroll him, my car would not start. I called my sister to take me for the pre-enrollment.

The owner of the school and health store, had a man from Canada operating the health store. He was about seventy years old, a trained reflexologist and very informed about alternative methods of healing. His name was Dr. Moore. My sister and I decided to have reflexology treatments. Dr. Moore talked and explained as he treated. As a result, concluded my sister had some serious health issues and was quite ill. He told us about Dr. Donald Kelley, the Texas dentist, who had developed a program of diagnosis, which was quite advanced and revolutionary. He wrote the book, “One Answer to Cancer.” This was in 1971. Forty years ago.

My sister flew to Texas and met Dr. Kelley. Subsequent tests revealed she had cancer, and she went on his Metabolic Program, which is a very extensive alternative method of dealing with cancer. Treating the patient and not the disease. Hers was so advanced, only had a few months to live. Her story is related in his book, Metabolic Ecology. In ten months, on the regimen, she was completely rid of the malignancy.

The Kelley program consisted of trained technicians across the United States to counsel with cancer patients, and teach the counselees how to implement the do-it-yourself program. My sister, an RN, at one time was the only trained technician for the program in Georgia, and I spent a number of years working with her to assist those who had cancer, on the nutritional program. Plus living nearby and helping her implement the program, to rid herself of cancer. It’s a very involved, complex alternative method of dealing with cancer. It requires a complete change in lifestyle and educating oneself to what cancer is, and one way of dealing with it.

I read everything in sight about cancer, attended the health fairs at Colony Square and attended Kelley seminars.

Many well-known doctors lectured at the health fairs, including Dr. Hans Napier, from Germany. A world renowned doctor, who treated the rich and famous for cancer in Germany including Yul Brenner. Also I recall listening to Dr. Mendelsohn, the noted pediatrician who wrote the books “Malpractice” and “Confessions of a Medical Heretic.” Not sure, but think President Reagan attended the Napier Clinic in Germany. One speaker was Dr. Burton, who had an immunology clinic in the Bahamas.

Not being a medical doctor nor a trained nurse, I had much to learn, and recall attending a Kelley seminar in Buckhead. I had great difficulty understanding the autonomic nervous system, i.e., the Sympathetic and para-Sympathetic system. But once I understood how that operates, everything else seemed much easier for me.

As one young man on Twitter writes, “My education began after I attended school.”

I begin this series of articles with my story, relative to my background, and how I became informed about cancer, which began with my decision not to allow my child to have immunizations. He was expelled from school as a result. Subsequently I was facing arrest, for defiance of compulsory school law, after they dismissed him. Ultimately I filed a lawsuit in Federal court over forced immunizations. My son in turn ultimately graduated from high-school without ever having vaccinations.

Actually this series is about My Story, and I only mention my sister, son and others I encountered on my journey of learning about cancer. I remind the reader, it all began back in 1971, nearly forty years ago. Cancer is a pervasive disease in this country, and many lives are touched by it. As I describe in subsequent articles, keep in mind, I’m not prescribing, instead describing, how I think and feel and what I do for myself. The decisions one makes relative to their own health problems are quite individual.

It’s my core belief, only one thing heals and that’s a Divine Presence by our creator, however our individual responsibility to clean up our bodies, and clean out the debris from wrong living, eating and thinking habits so that Divine healing force can heal.

The ascendancy of the disease has gained a hold in the body, and a battle ensues to regain health or succumb to it.

Continued in next article.




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