First thing I saw this morning when I clicked on the news in the Blogsphere, was an article headed “Shocking Video Shows Max Bacus Drunk on Senate Floor.” Then I read the descriptive article and all the comments.

We regularly read news articles about all sorts of deviant behavior relating to the 535 members of Congress running this country. News about their sexual habits, spending habits, drinking habits and unorthodox behavior in general. I don’t know what kind of mood-altering things they use, I’m not there. But I do know they all partake at the trough of thievery. Because they take from me and my hardworking children without consent.

Quite frankly, I have little interest in who’s sleeping with whom, and who’s drinking what. My very deep concern is about the system of  Thievery they operate and the trillions they extract from Americans, without consent. It’s your money and my money they take for the lifestyle they enjoy, without remorse or compunction.

There may be many things I dislike and disapprove of in my value system, however my main issue is in the immorality of stealing. And taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property, hence thievery.

If those elected to a seat in congress are up there dancing like a drunken, bowlegged bulldog, or staggering around like the Wizard of Oz Tin Man with no brains, that’s just an outpicturing and manifestation of what we the people have selected to represent us. It’s no wonder they are filliboozing it up, after dragging this great nation down the road to Socialism. I should think it would be difficult to live with, sober.

I’ve been reading about various suggestions relative to what can be done to return this country to the sanity of the Principles it was built upon. Some suggest Constitutional amendments. I personally don’t think additional laws will correct the problems we face as a result of this country going from a Republic to a system of Socialism. We need to enforce the laws already in the U.S. Constitution and return the power of governing back to the people. We need to assume the self-responsibility and self-control of individual Freedom.

Why create more laws, when the ones on the books are not being enforced? Who is going to enforce additional laws. We need to take back that which already rightfully belongs to us. The question is, How can that be done? Good Grief! we have won world wars, put a man on the moon, Hubble in orbit, and hundreds of innovative inventions, and accomplished unimaginable ingenious creations in this country. The government didn’t do it, Individuals made all the accomplishments, the past two-hundred years.

Surely, we can think of a way to take back our individual Freedom and personal private property Rights. They were taken over by Socialist thinkers and known Communists in the seat of power, without a shot being fired. Can’t we find a way to re-claim, the same way they were taken from us.

When the early settlers in this country decided to get rid of the yoke of oppression from a government miles away across an ocean, did they have a pattern to go by? They simply decided they wanted Freedom and found a way to have it and then went for it. It was accomplished by a decision in the hearts and minds of the people.

First thing is, we must discover what our problem is. Why do we sit back, and allow a few to extract and put us in debt for trillions, force our children to attend schools of socialist indoctrination, tolerate communists in government, take our property, and a long list of undesirables, like unprotected borders, terrorists on airplanes, too much to list here. And the second thing is, what can we do about it? And the third thing is a decision to act. It’s what, how and when.

In the beginning of this nation, did those early Colonists sit around and say we need to make new laws? No, no, no – they first decided to get rid of oppressive rule of a political government. We are in much better shape than they were. We already have documents in place. The Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. And we know how they accomplished their mission to attain Freedom. Never before in the history of mankind had anyone decided to do what a handful of colonists did. They simply made an uncompromising decision and proceeded to accomplish it. With no pattern to go by.

Here we are entering the year 2010, tolerating drunken law-makers on the floor of Congress! While a large portion of the Citizenry in this country are angry, frustrated and upset. Time to get over it and sit calmly with reason and rationale, devise a plan to re-claim all we have lost, that which we gave away and that which has been taken away, while there’s a little time left.

If you need information about what’s going on, I recommend a very enlightening book titled “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers, a confessed Communist who worked in the State Department in Washington. A brilliant writer who defected. A rather obscure book to find, but Amazon may have copies. If not, Laissez Faire Books may help. You see the communist brand of Socialists are no longer card-carrying.

Glenn Beck, who has the very informative Fox news program, this past year, exposed just one drawing tax-payer money in Washington.

This nation has been lured into a system of Socialism, by those who understand how it operates. And they flock to Washington, acquire jobs in the government or have jobs to manipulate others employed in the government.

You know the old saying, “If it looks like a duck, quacks and has webbed feet, it’s a duck.” However, a Socialist, whether Communist or Fascist, has no particular distinguishing looks. Instead most look like your next door neighbor.

Remember what Lincoln said Feburary 12, 1863, “The people are the rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to over-throw, but to over throw the men who pervert the Constitution.”


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