When we hear anyone speak in terms of a love-hate relationship, with a person, place or condition, it’s an observation of one’s mind, will and emotions, which operate similar to alternating current. It’s alternating because they do not operate in a vacuum together. It’s first one and then the other, back and forth. A pendulum of thinking, swinging back and forth.

In my last article on the subject of socialism, I touched on the ingredient of hate. Usually the forerunner of individuals’ indoctrination into socialism, is a hatred of something.

I’ve been around long enough to recall what happened in Cuba. There was an intense growing hatred of the previous regime, 50-plus years ago. A lot of unrest among the people over the corruption in the government before Castro. As the anger and resentment intensified, young Fidel Castro was a rebellious maverick, camped out in the hills.

Here in the United States, he was touted as “the George Washington of Cuba.” There were a number of Americans fired up by the growing unrest, and left for Cuba to help Castro fight the entrenched regime of political government. In the beginning, so many thought he was the designated savior of Cuba and joined in to help him fight for control of the established government.

It was only after he took over the reins of power and became the dictator that the news revealed he had been a dyed-in-the-wool Communist since the age of seventeen. But too late then, to extricate themselves from the incoming socialist regime, under the communist brand of socialism. Dissenters and opposition were lined up, blind-folded and shot, just 90 miles from our borders.

The popular hatred of the former president and his regime, soon turned into sickening disappointment over the newly-entrenched takeover by Fidel Castro. And as the saying goes, “The rest is history.” Fifty years of the misery of communism under his dictatorship. A far cry from George Washington, but too late for the people to extricate themselves from this brand of socialism.

I remind the reader of the popularity of George Bush just after 9/11. Soon after he started the Iraq war, his popularity started sliding, as the news began reports of no weapons of mass destruction found in Hussein’s arsenal. False reports of his being behind the 9/11 attacks appeared daily in the news, and a feeling of anger and resentment in the American people turned to hatred towards the president of the United States. By the time he left office last January his popularity ratings were at an all-time low.

Whether he was misinformed, misled or whatever, no longer matters. The bottom line is we were taken into a horrible war which resulted in a lot of hatred towards him among many Americans.

The result was manifested in millions flocking to hear the eloquent rhetoric of a new candidate for president, promising change, change change, in the way business would be conducted in Washington. Transparency to the people he spoke of in his many eloquent speeches. Not much in revelation of specifics relating to his repetition of change and transparency speeches.

But he rode into victory in the 2008 election, for two main reasons: There was such hatred of the former regime, and most thought the mantra of change meant things would be better. But such has not been the case.

The year of change in 2009 has been a year of implemention of more socialist programs than this country has ever experienced in the short span of one year.

While the feeling of hatred towards the former president fades into history, it’s being replaced by disappointment, frustration, and disenchament with the new president and his regime in Washington. The thrill and luster of high hopes diminishing and fading rapidly as the reality of the direction down the road to socialism sinks in.

As the new year approached and the new President was vacationing in Hawaii, a pervasive feeling like a ship in distress without a rudder continues to fall over many in this country. Some beginning to blame the president, but most turned renewed hatred towards the Senate majority leader Harry Reid.

In my opinion, the first thing the people must recognize is that generated hatred, no matter who or what the object, is a basic tactic in the strategy of the socialist powers that be, who are running the show in this country. And it has always been the backbone turning point for any country going socialistic. In the Battle Plan to reduce any country to socialism, the strategy is to stir up a feeling of hatred.

Therefore, we must rid ourselves of hatred, to stop and return to cool, levelheaded reason and rationale, because 2010 is a midterm election, and not a time to be angry and filled with hatred. It must be replaced with a love of Freedom, a love of private ownership, and a desire to return to the free-enterprise system we once embraced and enjoyed. This is going to require a cool, levelheaded approach, to implement the changes necessary for a return to the Principles upon which this great country was founded.

Simply because, not only do all of us have much to do, there’s a lot of damage to un-do in the coming months ahead. We are not entitled to leave this country to the next generation in the created mess things are in today. And on this day, almost the end of the first decade in this century, the economy is a disaster, home foreclosures at an all time high, banks closing, school children being taught Socialistic values, gangs flourishing, terrorists running loose, retail malls emptying, unemployment rising – while we allow the congress and news media to divert attention onto Socialistic health reform.

There is a sickness in this country which needs to be addressed, and no politician can fix. It’s a sickness in the heart and in the pit of the stomach, in most Americans, and they know not from whence it comes.

The source of sickness in this country stems from the loss of Freedom, and private property ownership. The resources for healing lie in the hearts and minds of the American people. The sickness stems from the diversion and departure away from the Principles upon which this country was founded. And we innately know that, but fail to recognize it because so many are so angry, and resentful, and frustrated, so we pick something or someone to hate.

We must lift ourselves up by the bootstrap, out of this ditch we are in, and revive that great American spirit which made this country great once upon a time. Caring for ourselves, family and friends, and stopping the anger. And stop expecting some political government to fix what ails us, because it can’t and won’t.

We must realize we have done it all to ourselves, and stop adhering to the jack-hammer rhetoric spewing out of the mouths of power hungry politicians. They should all resign and go home, but power never lets go of its own volition. The American people must stop feeding into it to sustain it. And remember it thrives on just two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it.

Stop believing the lies of recovery and prosperity just around the corner. It ain’t going to happen unless the American people switch direction in their thinking process and return to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. That which parted company with us when we turned our heads and departed from it.

Freedom does not automatically sustain itself. It requires “eternal vigilance.” It must be nurtured and guarded and understood.

The philosophy of Socialism is the antithesis of the philosophy of Freedom and cannot co-exist. As we enter 2010 we are at the crossroad. We will live under the bondage of Socialism or return to a life of Freedom. No ifs, ands or buts about it. That’s the reality.

With high hopes and determination,




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