Are you beginning to realize we have been lured into Socialism? Once we understand what Socialism means, and How adversely it affects our lives, how do you get rid of it? Probably several ways to consider. One might be like removing alligators from the pond – very carefully, one at a time.

Everytime I start thinking about how we have wound up in this socialist state, several things come to mind. One is the time worn-phrase, “The government is never far behind nor very far ahead of the thinking of the American people.” Those who were not voted into office, have filled positions of power by those who were voted into office, like that slew of Czars appointed this past year by the new regime in Washington.

The next thing which comes to mind is the Stockholm syndrome and the brainwashing technique used on American soldiers during the Korean war.

A plank in the techniques is to keep repeating derogatory remarks referring to the captive’s mother, until the captive turns against the mother. Then to withhold essentials from the captive until the person bonds with the captor.

Think about the political campaign last year, when it became taboo to talk about Freedom. The speeches were not about the protection and preservation of personal Freedom. The pitch was all kinds of promises the politicians made for the government to take care of the people, implying relief from the self-responsibility of personal Freedom.

The promises of all the things the candidates planned on doing when elected, were directed at removing ones’ self-responsibility and self-control, because the goverment would become the primary care-taker. Never so glaring as in the health-care legislation and the stimulus packages and the cash for clunkers bill, to mention a few of the innovative promotions the government has been using to make the self-responsibility of Freedom less and less attractive.

Freedom was not attacked so directly head-on and as vociferously as the brain-washing captors attacked ones’ mother, but individual Freedom and personal property Rights have been attacked and are under fire in a more indirect strategy. But no less effective.

The second part of the technique, i.e., bonding with the captor, is more apparent. Obama was touted in the media as the savior of all mankind. A frenzied, almost worship-like pall came over so many in this country. Feeding on the hatred so many were harboring for George Bush by the time he left office.

Instead of promoting hatred for ones’ mother, an all-out campaign went into full mode against President George Bush. There for a period of time George Bush was a beloved figure when he stepped up to the plate shortly after 9/11. But didn’t last very long.

The ingredients were there, the angry resentment and hatred rather pervasive in this country before and during the election process. Then bonding with someone whose agenda appears in opposition to individual freedom. Offering change change change, but never clearly articulating the changes he had in mind. Shortly after being sworn in, wasted no time in promoting and implementing in collusion with members of congress, all the proposals for change. Changes, which sabotage individual Freedom and personal property Rights.

Therefore, it’s becoming quite clear and into focus, how we reached this state of Socialism in this country. The CAUSE is becoming more evident after just one year of the new order in power. There’s no time to experiment around with determining cause. We must recognize it now.

The onus of action is upon the American people to decide what can be done to return this nation back to the Principles upon which it was founded, and stop being diverted by all the created crisis, which is no happenstance, but a part of the plan to divert attention away from any strategy to return this country back to a “land of the free.”

For quite sometime there has been a subtle, insidious sinister force quite busy in this country, to destroy the Freedom of the people living here. The majority have fallen line, hook and sinker, for all the propaganda, promoting an agenda which is the antithesis of Freedom. The lure of the system of socialism hooks people in, by all kinds of promises of the government taking care of everyone and everything to live in a world of milk and honey. When the fact of the matter is, it’s a lure into bondage.

NO, it’s all a lie that socialism is a paradise where individuals live without self-responsibility and self-control and in a world of milk and honey and happiness, taken care of by a centralized government. Tried many times throughout history and in thousands of years, never worked. They are not going to heal the sick and take care of health problems.

Unfortunately, one of the current problems is so many are in a state of denial that we are living under socialism, not totally just yet, but far down the road to a socialist state. And nothing is happening to reverse it, but a lot going on in the same direction.

If we continue at the same pace, by the end of the year we are apt to be so far gone, there will be little hope of change of direction. Are we going to allow that to happen on our watch?

A political regime of socialist government operates precisely like cancer. Feeds off the host parasitically and divides and subdivides cells to expand and proliferate, continuing siphoning the energy of the host until it sucks the energy and life out. Unless it’s stopped. Unless the cause is recognized to initiate a cure.

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