I titled this series “The Great Wall of Obama” because the predicament we are now in reminds me of the Great Wall of China, built to surround China, to keep some in and others out. The current Wall is an invisible one, walling off rational thinking and facing the truth about what is happening to this great Nation. We have followed, like sheep to slaughter, the mind set and rhetoric of those out to dismantle and change this country from a Republic to a Socialist State in favor of a global empire.

I don’t mean to imply this has been done single-handedly by President Obama, however, he and his regime have taken us in his direction faster than anyone before him.

It all began back there in 1913, when Congress passed the graduated income tax and followed that by the creation of the Federal Reserve System. We were on the Gold Standard until the thirties when President Roosevelt took over the reins and removed the gold from the citizens. Later, silver money was taken out of circulation, and printing presses began a grist mill of creating worthless paper dollars with no backing, fiat money.

It was in the sixties when the silver backing was removed. I recall thinking back then, how long can we expect to exchange nothing for something? Worthless paper with no intrinsic value. It certainly lasted longer than I dreamed, when I was living in Reno, where silver dollars flowed like wine, and disappeared out of circulation so quickly.

Disappeared faster than buggy blankets and buggy whips when the automobile came into being.

History teaches us, gold and silver have always been accepted as the medium of exchange, but those in political power defied that notion and created the paper dollar as the medium of exchange. Gold and silver are not manmade and there is a limited supply in the Universe.

This is a country which was built upon laws, universal laws, and economics of gold and silver as the medium of exchange. And a desire for freedom. A desire which required breaking the chains of oppression from a dictatorial political government. The accomplishment of this desire has been written and rewritten many times and left to us in all their very wise writings. Thomas Paine, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and many others.

One of the great writers, Fredrich Bastiat, said, “Liberty is power.” We are today living in an era where Liberty, i.e., individual Freedom, has been destroyed and replaced by a centralized government, which rules by legal plunder. Ownership of property Rights have been so destroyed, we no longer own our home, we simply possess and pay for it, while a centralized government in fact owns it.

Bastiat explains legal plunder and how it is committed. “By tariffs, protection, benefits, subsidies, encouragements, profits, minimum wage, a right to relief, a right to the tools of labor, free credit and on and on. All these plans as a whole with their commom aim of legal plunder – CONSTITUTE SOCIALISM.”

He explains the three ways of plunder, “The few plunder the many, everybody plunders everybody, nobody plunders anybody.”

How many times have you heard this past year,”Everybody has a Right to healthcare?” Therefore, the powers that be in the Congress of this country have set out to plunder from everyone for so-called healthcare. Socialism relies upon man-made laws. Accordingly, those elected to serve and protect the Freedoms of individuals, are socialists who decided to practice legal plunder, and make health-care a law.

As I have explained in this series of articles, the centralized power of individuals in Washington not only plunder the American people to enhance their power; their actions have adversely affected so many in other countries. The power to take, use and abuse by a few in the seat of power, is so pervasive, the entire world is affected now. Those in power never act to reduce their power but always to expand it. All is never enough.

One of the most interesting remarks the President of the United States made a few days ago is, he is going to reduce spending. Political power has never reduced itself. It’s not in the nature of political power. The only thing that can change spending, is when and if the American people decide to stop the “taking.” That is a decision to stop the legal plunder.

The “buck” does not stop in Washington, it can only stop in the hearts, minds and spirit of the American people, when they have the desire to regain lost Freedoms and ownership of property Rights. Never will it be voluntarily handed back to us by those who took it. It must be taken back, never will it voluntarily be given back.

Do not fall for this latest rhetoric ploy to “reduce spending.” It is the “taking” which must be addressed by the victims, who have been “taken.” The source of the spending must be addressed.

WAKE up America, and stand up, and speak up. Take back your jobs, your money, your property, your desire to live in Freedom, to live in a country where there is again a voluntary exchange of goods and services. To live in a world where you decide what should be taught to your children, instead of living in a system where they are indoctrinated in a socialistic system. A world where you buy and pay for a home and own and control it. A world where your money has already been earmarked to be plundered before you receive it is not acceptable.

Stop the drainage of money and resources into other countries by continued financing of wars we do not win. We are not entitled to squander the Freedoms provided for us by others who fought and died for them.

Freedom is self-responsibility and self control. No more and no less than just that.


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