Sometime back, I wrote an article expressing my opinion and suggesting it appeared to me, President Obama did not act as though he had any interest in a second term. I can’t put my finger on any specific, however, because he seemed to be in such a big hurry to push forth his ideas of extravagant spending, and new laws of such glaring socialist nature, showing little to no interest in individual freedom – the boldness of these moves, did not appear conducive to winning another election. Plus the fact his speeches to other countries lacked rhetoric of pride in the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

Immediately after his inauguration, he seemed to abandon all the promises of candidate speeches, such as changing the way business would be conducted in Washington, change to transparency, etc. Instead, he implemented programs of twelve zeros indebtedness, and a push to socialize health-care. Then appointed dozens of czars to head government departments to carry out his agenda.

He moved so quickly, while riding the crest of popularity, in a direction of defiance of the Principles upon which this country was built, seemingly into a One World Order, that it appeared to me he had no thought of the next election. It was my personal observation, his modus operandi was to acquire so much political power as rapidly as he could, before the American people woke up to awareness and reality of his agenda.

President Obama is a very smart and educated man. To those who keep harping that he doesn’t understand what the American people want, I say hogwash!!! He knows precisely what they want and is well aware of his actions, and results.

It’s a well thought-out wreckingball plan, to lead this country from a nation of freedom of individuals and the free-enterprising capitalism, into a nation of socialism and One World Order method of governing. Granted, he inherited a great deal of this plan already established. Actions and expectations to accomplish this in one term as President, would account for absence of re-election interest. Because one of two things will happen; he will be so entrenched with power, he will be a shoo-in, or if the American people wake up and rebel, he will be so unpopular, he couldn’t be elected dogcatcher.

The American people already have a slight inkling about what’s going on behind this long drawn-out massive expenditure to keep wars going. It’s not about winning, but rather nation-building for other countries. It’s not about protecting this country and preserving individual Freedom and personal property Rights, but a dismantling of these Principles, while promoting nation-building of other countries, who neither want what this government is perpetrating upon them, and hate us for our meddling into their affairs, way of life and religious and political systems.

Other countries already know what it’s all about, and know all the money and resources this country pours into this insanity, is destroying our way of life and reducing us to rubble. If there is any inkling of withdrawing the enemies of freedom will launch another attack, to reignite this notion, of American government pouring more and more resources into their game plan.

We are no longer a nation of The Conquering power over the enemies of Freedom. Instead we have become a nation of Enablers to those out to destroy. Millions have died and are still dying daily, while this country is going down the tube from the heavy burden of over eight years of war being fought, obviously with no indication of victory in sight, nor planned.

Now President Obama is saying, “I’d rather be a one-term President than a bad two-term President.” What a strange remark to make.

Now all of a sudden, after using a wreckingball notion in his first year, begins the second year saying he’s going to put a “freeze on spending.” If he sincerely wanted to curtail spending, he could begin by dismantling all those salaries of all those czars he appointed. Plus curtailing the tremendous expense of Air Force One flying all over the world continuously, which does nothing to protect this country, and only adds to the tremendous debt piling up every twenty-four hours.

According to reports, a 350 billion dollar deficit this year. Where did it go? To provide more jobs for more government employees, finance a no-win war, and support banks who are sitting on the cash.

The “bail-out” agenda is a sick joke. Resulting in a “belly-up” of this once great nation of patriotic productive people.

Tonight is a State of the Union Address by the President. Listen carefully to what is said, but pay more attention to what has been done.

Continued in third article of this series.




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