This year of 2010 just beginning is the best of times in one respect and worst of times in another. The news media and talk shows appear to preach boom one minute and bust the next. The tempo of the American people seems to vacillate between mood swings of wanting one thing one day and something else different the next.

And all those in seats of power, (SOP) in the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch and the Judicial Branch, appear to be caught up in the mindgames being played out right before our eyes.

The President of the United States is supposed to be the leader of this nation, sworn to uphold the Constitution, to protect this country from foreign and domestic enemies. He is extremely powerful, as Commander-In-Chief over the military and wielding power over so many departments under the jurisdiction of the Executive Branch. Plus having unlimited access to the airways to reach millions of the citizenry on short notice. To keep this nation of 300 million-plus informed of the Truth of persons, places, conditions and things, which affect the lives of individuals in this country.

The question facing all Americans, at the beginning of the second term in office of this President and political regime, is: Do we really know what is going on? Have we been in formed of Truth, or have we been hoodwinked, by mesmerizing rhetoric and political spin, promoted by a leftwing liberal press.

Despite the fact we may not know much about what is going on, we do know a great deal about all that has transpired the past 12 months, therefore the second question is: What are we doing and plan on doing about what we do know?

I speak only for myself.  To date there are over 300 articles posted on my blog site, covering a variety of subjects, based upon my personal experiences, observations, opinions, beliefs, and current events.

I wake up every morning, turn the news on and then my computor, and read newsletters and emails. I hear pundits speak about how liberal President Obama is, about how nontransparent he is, how transparent he is, how he’s leaning to the Right, moving to the center, how he’s out of touch with the American people. How little he understands what the people want and are thinking. Comments about his decisions, saying he just doesn’t get it. And on and on the spin continues.

Here’s what I think. First of all, this once great nation, the envy of the world, is currently very, very vulnerable and unprotected. The military might we once so proudly hailed, has been so scattered over the earth in other countries, and the resources squandered, that this country is not as protected from foreign and domestic enemies as it could and should be.

Secondly, the Free Enterprising System, i.e., the voluntary exchange of goods and services, has been so hamstrung and restricted via thousands of political government rules and regulations, policies and edicts, that a socialist system has been perpetrated upon the citizenry, destroying individual Freedom and personal property Rights.

Economically, we’re tanking, as a result of the tampering and manipulation of our medium of exchange by the Congress in collusion with The Federal Reserve system.

War is costly destruction. The dismantling of the Free Enterprise system is costly and destructive, the artificial government management of our medium of exchange is destructive.  It all reminds me of the news pictures of the  flood areas out west, showing  the erosion of the foundation of homes, and while watching on live TV, seeing them topple over as the rushing flood waters eat away at the foundations.

Accordingly, the manmade creation of very costly wars, manmade decisions dismantling the Free Enterprise system, plus manipulation of money, has eaten away at the very foundation of Freedom in this country.  And everything is set to topple.

I have previously described it as the inverted pyramid. Visualize a pyramid in the beginning of this nation, with a broad base representing the power of the people, and the tip representing political government. Now visualize that pyramid upside down, with the broad base reversed, with political power at the top, and the tip on bottom representing the power of the people. Then ask yourself, how long it can withstand toppling, as it quivers on its tip?

More detail and follow up in my next article.




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