I have written numerous articles on The Philosophy of Freedom, Political Government and its nature, and Universal Laws.

As we begin this first year of the second decade of the twenty-first century, we are in a crisis in this country. And the direction we are headed is contrary to the Principles upon which this nation was founded. The one thing which has not changed is the “con” game of political government. That is, the keep your eye on this ball, while we are doing something else, mentality. And never has it been more apparent than the events of this past year. Eloquent rhetoric about one thing, and actions relating to something entirely different.

I’m reminded of a time when I lived in Japan in the fifties and played a lot of duplicate bridge at the Tokyo Press Club. Sometimes playing with members of royalty, then having the world’s top player, at that time, John Wong from China, as my partner. Other times I frequently played with young Japanese college students as my partners, and enjoyed many interesting conversations with them. When I was preparing to return to the States, the group of young students gave me a going-away jewelry party and one gift was a specially made, “Key to Tokyo” pearl pin which I still have.

A conversation I had with them on more than one occasion, was about why the United States was so hated by other countries.

It was during this period that the book titled “The Ugly American” came off the press. The setting was Burma, and at that time my pilot husband was on a nine-month tour of duty in Burma, where he was an instructor teaching the Burmese how to fly helicoptors. He wrote that copies of the book were passed around undercover by American personnel assigned there.

Because I so loved this country, and the Freedom it stood for, I thought we were always trying to do good things to help other countries, but aware of a lot of hatred towards Americans, which baffled me at the time. The conversations with the very smart college students were very enlightening. Here’s how they explained it. The presence, work and money of the United States government was geared to supporting oppressive regime governments in other countries, which prevented the people of other countries from freeing them of the yoke of the oppression.

These young students clearly believed that the work, money and lives spent by the US government in other countries, was no help for the people, but an assistance to the entrenchment of oppression by the governments in power. This was news to me at that time. I had difficulty believing what they were saying.

However, as I have written about in other articles, my experiences in the Orient prompted me to pursue an understanding of The Philosophy of Freedom, and how political governments operate. And in this connection, in retrospect, I understand what they meant.

Just this month, after the news of the horrible earthquake in Haiti, I listened carefully about the extent of poverty and misery of the Haitian people, along with news relative to the millions of dollars this country has spent in Haiti. Plus all the help this country has sent there over the years, and yet the people still live under a corrupt regime as reported so extensively in the news. A corrupt regime which holds the people in bondage of poverty. And I recall the conversations I had with the young Japanese students and their analysis of why we are so hated around the world.

I recall other times, like living in Tennessee, where my husband helped train many many Pakistan soldier pilots. And the many times we invited them into our home for dinner, during their tour of training.

I reflect upon the twenty-four years I spent supporting a military officer through wars, like a year in Korea and a year in Vietnam, and his many assignments, I believed were for the purpose of good to other countries to improve the lives of others and the Freedom of this country. In restrospect, I now view it all quite differently. And no longer believe, the massive amounts of money and lives lost in such places as Iraq and Afghanistan and Pakistan, and other places, is for the good of the people there, nor is it for the Freedom of this country.

I reflect upon the Principles of The Declaration of Independence, our Constitution, and Bill of Rights, which is a basis for contract Law. Not to encroach upon the lives and property of others. Instead it seems apparent we have so interfered with the lives and business of others around the globe, we have promoted Socialism, at a great cost to the citizens of this country.

I’m saddened by the realization that this government does not appear to go after the murderous factions, now termed terrorists, out to destroy humanity, but more into nation-building in countries where they not only do not want us, but hate us for the interference. And sadly, at the cost of destroying the Principles upon which this nation was founded.

All we need to do to realize what is happening, is listen to the nightly news, relating the cost in money and lives, and the destructive path it has taken this country, to realize those young Japanese students spoke words of truth.

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