There is much whooping and hollering over the political victory of Scott Brown in Massachusetts. And he is certainly a charming good-looking politician, who made no bones about his intentions of going to Washington, to “Kill it,” that is, the so-called health care bill, a two-thousand page mish-mash of garbage in, garbage out stuff, which most of us are “sick” and tired of listening to.

I remind my readers of several other articles I have written this past year, where I predicted the Health-care legislation would fail to pass. Not that I have any crystal ball, but based upon the nature of how business is operated in Washington. It’s not rocket science, but simply a pattern.

All one needs to do is “recognize” how the political grist mill operates. It expands and proliferates its powers over individuals by two things, and two things only, i.e., dependency upon it and opposition to it.

Therefore, when those in the seats of power wish to legislate something, they first must stir up opposition to it. Never in my memory has so much opposition been stirred up over anything like the massive so-called health-care bill. The opposition is the motivating force which prompts millions to write letters, send e-mails, make phone calls, contribute money, twitter, tweet, u-tube, facebook and blog. Can anyone imagine the amount of energy expended in all these actions? This opposition?

It is described as “outrage,” counter-revolution,” “back-lash,” “conservative boiling point,” “rebellion,” to mention only a few of the descriptive phrases.

But here’s what happens, time and time again, the powermongers are using the same modus operandi they have always used. Stir up opposition to defeat legislation on the first round, so the citizenry can fall back on their laurels, thinking those they elected now understand they do not want it, and return to apathy as the proposed legislation fails. Then the next time it is brought up for a vote, all the energy stirred in opposition, is not revived and it sails through.

My previous predictions that it would not pass, were simply based upon the “PATTERN” of the way business is conducted by politicians; that is, opposition to it.

It is easily understood by the observance of Nature. Which may appear to be, oversimplification. Spring is just around the corner, so I planted some tomato seeds, indoors, to be ready to place in Prince William’s Garden when the cold weather passes. I place soil on top of that tiny tomato seed. The soil is much heavier than that tiny seed, but there is something innately in that tiny seed, which causes it to resist the soil on top of it, to push through, to manifest in a tomato plant to bear fruit. It requires watering. In dry soil, without watering, the seed offers no resistance to the soil on top of it.

The natural order of the process of resistance, plus the nuturing with water, to accomplish a plant which bears fruit is absolutely fascinating to me. Then once re-set in the garden, added nutrients promote its growth, to produce the desired fruit. This process starts with an idea. The positive idea to plant a seed, recognizing the negative of resistance, then the positive of water to assist the resistance. To ultimately accomplish a red ripe tomato. To reach that goal, which began with resistance of a tiny seed in top heavy soil.

To attain its purpose of bearing fruit, the tomato seed must go through the period of resistance.

So it goes with politics. The difference is, the aim is not to achieve some life-giving fruit but to enslave and place human beings in bondage. But the process is similiar. The ultimate harvest is a yoke around the necks of human beings, to stifle personal Freedom and private ownership of property. To hinder the natural process of human beings to produce life-enhancing activities for Life, Liberty and Happiness.

Why is this, one might ask? To comprehend, we must recognize there is a lust for power of some over others. For those who have this lust for power, it is seductive and progressive. All is never enough. To achieve this state of power, those seeking, must convince others “they” somehow have some kind of magic to manage your life, assets and energy better than you can. And once seated in the seat of political power, they no longer need your permission to take whatever they choose. All that is required is convincing you of your dependency upon them, and stirring up your feelings of resistance to whatever notion they choose to promote.

And so it goes, the proliferation of power, via two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it. Which has already changed this once great nation from a Republic of Freedom-loving, productive people, to a Socialistic State. Can it be re-claimed? Yes, it can be, but will it? I don’t know. It all depends upon the Will, minds and Spirit of the American people, coming to grips with the reality and actuality of how and why we got to this place.

And this place we have now reached is a debate over whether or not we are going to permit federal centralized government employees to make life-and-death decisions over our everyday lives. By their rulership over your health, your money, your children, your work, your roof, your food, and every facet of your life.

Freedom is Self-responsibility and self-control. A centralized political government has already removed that. It was not accomplished by a Democrat or a Republican, nor a liberal nor a conservative, but by “We the People,” by allowing those in positions of power, regardless of their name or labels, to take over our responsibility and control. Their method of accomplishment was simply by “dependency upon it and opposition to it.”




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