It’s a bowl of raisins because it’s all about such things as raising kids, raising money, raising the flag, and raising hopes for the future of a life of Freedom.

Most everything in life is a process, even a bowl of raisins, which begins by planting a grapevine. From the vine came the grapes from the grapes came the vine, Then came a box of raisins. So it is with individual Freedom, it starts and ends with self-responsibility and self-control. It’s not a box nor a bowl, it’s a way of thinking, believing, acting and living. It’s what you won’t do and can do. Of your own Free-Will.

This past year 2009 has been an interesting one. Many sad, bad, good and indifferent things going on around the world and in life from a personal point of view.

I daresay from where I sit, the largest erosion of individual Freedom and decay and downfall of personal property Rights I have ever seen in my long and varied life.

This year began early on by the passing of the father of my children, a retired professional pilot I was married to for 24 years, and a veteran of World War 2, a year in Korea and a tour in Viet Nam.

However, I enjoyed a year with my new-found work, writing articles for my blogsite, going around the world 24-7. Enjoying the Freedom to get up every day and write or not write, and to express ideas on any subject I choose to write about. Grateful to my son, for providing a team to help me launch the website. And so appreciate all the help from others, spending their time and efforts to post over 300 lengthy articles.

I still live in a pretty little town in northeast Georgia, 40 miles above Atlanta, in a downtown historic district. The world’s largest chicken industry. With a large tourist industry sitting on the banks of Lake Lanier, the largest man-made lake in US, covering five counties with a 500-mile-plus shoreline, operated by the Corp of Engineers.

I live about 10 minutes from the huge lake, which suffered problems from drought a year ago, but is now filled to the brim from all the rain this year.

This little town has several colleges, a very large up-to-date medical facility, the center of north Georgia judicial circuit, and 30 minutes away from 3 large retail outlet facilities. One in Dawsonville, Premium Outlets, one in Commerce, and one just east of Flowery Branch, Georgia.

All in all, mine has been a good year, my daughter and son live nearby, and I have three grandchildren nearby, who keep something interesting going on all the time. Isabella and Olivia, involved in music, dance, sports and private schooling after years of homeschooling. Isabella the oldest, a classic beauty, and Olivia with sparkly twinkling beautiful eyes.

Prince William now 4-years-old, the apple of my eye, and keeps me hopping with his little garden, golf lessons, game-playing, ideas and projects. I do a doubletake everytime he prefaces his remarks with, “Anna, I have an idea.” Never know where his imagination is going. But always a source of joy and wonder. One of his latest bright ideas is, buying a motorcycle to take me for a ride. Sometimes I feel like Auntie Mame, when I have him for a visit.

Another thing I have enjoyed this year, is all the emails and comments from my many readers around the world, from Switzerland, India, and China. Mostly complimentary, but some critical and dissenting, which makes it all more interesting, to receive different opinions. I always say, that’s what makes horseracing.

One highlight of this past year is an email I received just this week. From a young college student, Kyryl, from Russia. A brilliant young man, who lived next door when I lived in Atlanta, and helped me with my computor on a regular basis, as I struggled to learn how to use. Now living in Canada, I had not heard from him in three years. Still attending college learning computor science, I do wish he still lived next door, to help with my ongoing struggles operating a computor with two fingers. Aside from his computor skills, just a very smart, delightful person. And hopefully he will come for a visit on his spring break.

Overall, this past year has been a good one for me in many respects, but as the Tennessee Ernie Ford song goes, for many it has been, “another year older and deeper in debt.” And despite all the hype about recession ending, the run-a-way spending of a schizophrenic political government, trillions upon trillions of debt, starts the new year off, with deep concerns for this country in general and individual freedom and prosperity in particular.

Tonight as old Saint Nick lands on the roof with a click, click, click, slides down the chimney, with a ho,ho, ho, and sees his glass of milk and a cookie, I’d like to see a note under the tree Prince William decorated, from Santa, a note of hope that there’s still a flicker of Freedom left to fan the flame of Liberty for all of us in the year 2010.

Napolean Hill said: “The starting point for all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind.”




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