“All the world is wrong but me and thee and sometimes I have my doubts about thee.”

How about all those fools, folks, fruitcakes, fiddlers, fascistS and First Amendment destroyers of free speech, free press and personal property Rights??? On the other hand, I’m grateful for what’s left of Freedom and the Right to assemble with family and friends during this holiday season.

I just ran out for a couple of last minute errands, stopped at Quick Trip and met a lovely new clerk there. When I told her I had just finished writing a Blog and hurrying home to write another she wanted to know the name and what I wrote about. Took the time to write down the information and said she would read my blogs. Told her I wrote about Freedom, politics and other things. She was very interested in reading about it.

The short encounter was a reminder, all of us have an opportunity every day of our lives to spread the word and talk about Freedom. We must realize how much we have lost this past year and make a determination to reclaim Freedom in 2010. To live it, breathe it and talk about it to others. We are not entitled to do nothing. We are not entitled to allow it to be taken over by socialist thinkers, nor allow pundits to declare talking about it taboo.

Soon as I returned home, the phone was ringing, and it was my son, talking about current events and the history of this country. Relating the story about early settlers, living in communes, and how they were all dying off until their leader Bradford told them to disband, go find a piece of land, and survive as best they could, individually within their family. The colonies broke up their socialized communal living and each went their separate ways, finding a piece of land to plant, work and harvest. When they did this, they thrived, acquiring more than each needed to live on and began exchanging with each other in a free-enterprise, capitalistic way of life, and began living long and useful, thriving lives. They had that, “root, hog – or die” drive and mentality.

Out of this came the Federalist Party, a political party advocating the adoption of the Constitution and formation of a National government. That document which those elected in Congress today, ignore and violate, in their greed for power and a notion to take this land of the free down to a form of Socialism, whether fascist or communist. Either way destroys individual Freedom and personal property Rights.

Little by little, step by step, already about 75% there. Like hammering nails into the coffin of Freedom. This morning, on this Christmas eve, they had the unmitigated gall to meet early on this holiday, while most Americans were preoccupied with thoughts of Christmas, and vote on the massive insane, enslaving, so-called health bill.

None of us are entitled to give up, give in, nor give out, when it comes to standing up for individual Freedom, and we must enter this new year with a determination to regain and re-claim all that has been taken away, via laws being passed by those elected to represent the American people. When in fact, what they have done is represent their personal greed, for money and power, and in the process have ignored the U.S. Constitution, violated personal property Rights and destroyed individual Rights to Freedom.

What has happened to us living in this land of the Free? There are 300 million living in this country and we have not only allowed but voted to elect just over 500 individuals, who have all but destroyed the freedom of hard working Americans.

This past year, all the letter writing and emailing and phone calls to the elected, have been ineffective. All the tea parties, speeches, news outlets, via tv, magazines, newsletters, social media, radio, and whooping and hollering, has met deaf ears in Washington and has not reversed the trek to socialism.

Those 500-plus elected to Congress come from all corners of this United States. Most well-educated lawyers. It’s a puzzling phenomenon, for individual Americans to think they must continually attempt to contact, to urge those in office to do the correct thing and follow the Constitution, and to be continually ignored.

A child knows right from wrong, and those in congress, know what they are doing wrong, know the majority of Americans object to their actions. Why do they need the attention of reminders to do the correct thing? Why are they defying the Constitution, and the Will of the people? That is the first question we as individuals must ask. Why not seek the answer to that instead of using so much energy, wasting energy contacting and trying to get them to hear and listen, while they consistently ignore?

Why is it 500-plus elected men and women, are in Washington, grinding out more laws like a grist mill, spending tax-payer money like a drunken sailor on shore leave, living a lifestyle of the Rich and Famous, ignoring the Constitution, not hearing nor heeding the American people, lying, stealing, conniving and manipulating?

Obviously the seduction of power, greed and money, has replaced any sense of morality, while they pork-barrel with unsmoked fatback, taking from producer and giving to non-producers, in a Ponzi scheme so big, Madoff looks like Santa Claus.

The destruction of individual Freedom and personal property rights in this once great nation, has been accomplished without a shot being fired.

“The people are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution,” said Abraham Lincoln on Feburary 12, 1863.

Another thing my son reminded me of when he called today — Christmas celebrates the life of a man who believed in love and truth and who defied the coercion of political government, i.e, the State in life and death.

In the next few days left of this year, while home celebrating Christmas, could we take time to stop, think, and figure out a solution to this onslaught and destruction of Freedom? And ask ourselves what we can do about it this coming year? Ask ourselves if we are going to accept bondage over freedom? Ask ourselves if we can at least begin, by talking about it to family and friends, while we have this time together, asking questions and seeking answers for guidance? Asking God for the “courage to change the things we can change,” and recognizing we are not powerless to return this nation back to individual Freedom. A precious way of life, thousands have already fought and died for. As Winston Churchill said, “Never never never quit.”



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