We are not born with the knowledge of what constitutes individual Freedom, it is learned. Despite the fact we may have an innate urge to have it, its real meaning is a learned behavior.

In my opinion not many really understand it, mainly because the past several generations have been indoctrinated in socialized schools and not taught its real meaning. In my opinion to truly understand one must understand the difference in value judgements and Universal Principles. It’s a discovery and unfolding, as a conscious desire to have it.

One of my mentors and teachers was Robert Lefevre, the founder of Rampart College where he taught the philosophy of Freedom. And the most consistent person I have ever known relative to the philosophy of Freedom.

Today my son reminded me of his writings about colonies of ants. They operate as collectives. A very successful structure for millions of years, but with no advancement nor evolution. So it is with the collectivism of socialism, the structure stifles human advancement.

The great strides of human advancement in this nation were not accomplished via socialism, but because of individual Freedom, left alone by political government restraints to create, own property and enjoy individual personal Freedom. Why have we squandered that way of life in favor of socialism?

Just this week, there has been a frenzy of those in Congress to pass socialized medicine legislation, with all sorts of briberies using tax-payer monies, like a swapmeet with bacon flying all over the halls of Congress. Before it’s over the American people are going to be crying like a stuck pig, from the fall-out of pork.

Like a drug that suppresses symptoms to mask any responsibility for a cure. The march to a socialist state is being accomplished by hype suppressing the symptoms of a socialist system, aimed at destroying the individual Freedom of the citizens of this country.

Wake up America and realize you are buying into an ant colony structure which is destroying your personal Freedom.

It’s time to get off the treadmill and the merry-go-round of denial and learn the real meaning of Freedom. It is self-control and self-responsibility, something those in this country once understood, but a system and way of life so many of today’s generation do not grasp, because they have never been taught its true meaning. And of those who have, many have been hoodwinked into believing all these socialist programs the central government is grinding out like a grist mill, are a superior method of life than one of self-responsibility and self-control.

Another analogy is a colony of bees, who work all day gathering for the good of the group. Nothing ever changes in their way of life and they cannot survive without the queen bee. However, unlike the ants, they do produce a wonderful product of honey, enjoyed by humans. Their way of life building hives to live and reproduce in, never changes. But a way of life in a socialist regime, like Cuba, changes by going from bad to worse, for their human population. Their brand of socialism is communism. Other socialist countries operate under the brand of fascism.

Here we are a country, once the greatest power in the world, with the most advanced technology to make life easy and enjoyable, we are squandering by swallowing socialism line, hook and sinker – a stinking, sinking system of bondage.

All because we failed to grasp the true meaning of Freedom well enough to stand up, speak up and resist the onslaught of socialism, which began slowly and now evolved into leaping socialism. The greatest leap in one fell swoop is the so-called health reform. Nothing in our past history compares to the magnitude of this one social legislation. For months all the finagling going on behind closed doors, while the executive branch of government is busy appointing Czars to implement and oversee and enforce the new order. We fell asleep at the switch, and will wake up in the near future in bondage unless something drastic changes the direction. A change which can only come from the hearts and minds of the American people before it is too late.

It cannot come from the already sold-out crowd in Washington. Those elected to protect this country, obviously have failed to do so. Some labeled it “dithering.” By whatever hook or crook or label, the bottom line is, personal Freedom is all but lost and very little is left.

All the talk about a recovering economy and a brighter future for the citizens in this nation, is just hype and rhetoric, a jack hammer babbling, and a replay of Romans fiddling while Rome burns. Instead of fiddling it’s modern day dithering.

Let us Pray and


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