What a year this has been!!! Looking back on 2009 as it winds down, so much has happened. Internationally, nationally, locally, and personally.

This year marked 300-plus lengthy articles I have posted since my beginning, two years ago. When my son called one day and said he would furnish me a team of helpers, if I would just write. I did not know what a blog was, nor an octogenarian. I type with two fingers, and my ten-year old granddaughter knows more about a computor than I do. However, I jumped in to where angels fear to tread and began writing. About anything that pops into my head.

Writing about politics, philosophy, my journey, grandchildren, current events, schools, The Great Depression, and just about everything but religion, have taken me around the world in armchair travels. I have received comments and emails from around the world. And surprisingly, a few from locals.

I did not know what the word “spam” meant, but soon learned it was a letter from someone advertising something. This morning I checked the tally and the total number of spam letters is 9,294. Some are written in foreign languages. Some very strange comments, some quite complimentary, and others critical. I don’t usually post spam comments, but have posted many sent via email or comments of a non-spam nature. I welcome comments by anyone, however if the reader wants their writings posted on my site, they need to send non-spam letters.

Because so many my age are popping pills and taking social security naps, I discovered through my editor, a great deal of interest generated in my writings. In this connection, quite a bit of publicity was stirred up this past year, which resulted in newspaper articles in Gainesville Times, Gwinnett Daily, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, a National Gold publication magazine, a featured article in storyofmylife.com. Plus an upcoming article in AARP magazine, March/April in 2010. Even vetted to appear on Jay Leno Show, but I don’t fly.

Mine has been a long, varied and interesting life. Many ups and downs, good, bad and indifferent. Many family members and dear friends have passed on. However tomorrow I’m attending a luncheon celebration for the birthday of a ninety-year old aunt whom I adore, and looking forward to that gathering.

Despite many adversities, I have been Divinely blessed with so much, and at this stage of life, in good shape, barring a few minor health problems. Because of my great interest in Health and Healing, I plan on writing some articles on this subject in the future.

This past two years, so much of my writing has been about politics, current events and The Philosophy of Freedom. So much has happened in a short period of time in this country, it seems to me we are entering a period of repetition, relative to daily news. Same song, second verse. It’s my hope that the year 2010 will be a turning point back to the Principles and Values upon which this great country was founded. We can turn the corner, if the 300 million who have enjoyed Freedoms of the past, speak up, stand up and act up, for a better life for themselves individually.

Franklin Roosevelt said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.”

Winston Churchill said, “Never, never, never Quit.”

Thomas Edison said: “If we all did things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” Louis Pasteur said: “Chance follows the prepared mind.”

Fredrich Wilcox said: “Progress always involves risk. You can’t steal second base by keeping your foot on First.”

And one of my favorite quotes by Henry Ford: “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re Right.”

As we wind down the year 2009, the dollar is tanking, unemployment rising, home foreclosures up, taxes rising, two wars being fought, and much more doom and gloom. However the stores are filled with holiday shoppers, many homes filled with decorations, music, happy children, lots of food and good cheer, and high hopes.

For me personally, I’m inspired listening to my 12-year old grandchild, Isabella, at the baby grand, playing beautiful music, then happily dancing around with joy over her new school and new friends. Then there’s beautiful 10-year old Olivia, expressing her talent through dance and singing. Then there’s 4-year old Prince William, the center of the family, entertaining all of us with his antics, clever quips, dance moves, jumping with joy playing Wii, yelling, “I won, I won,” and mimicking SpongeBob.

We end 2009 and prepare to begin 2010 with great challenges ahead, but this is America, and we can, and must rebuild this country for what it once represented, i.e., individual Freedom, and a return to private property ownership, and the Free enterprise system. These are not “right wing” nor Republican exclusive concepts; those ideals, the early settlers and fighters attained by a “Root hog, or die” mind set.

William Jones said: “Need and struggle are what excite and inspire us.”



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