Here we are, the day after! The day after what, one might ask. Surprise, surprise, looks like Toys R Us relocated in the residence of Prince William, who lives in a large house on six acres I call Peckerwood Hills.

And yes, among the stacks of toys, Santa did deliver the impressive two-seater electric jeep to this four year old. Plus much more, including a bevy of larger than matchbox toys. A submarine, a helicopter, delivery truck, pirate ship, track and train set, another large box of Lincoln Logs, all kinds of games and music-playing devices.

Here’s a Tweet, from my son, late in the day, “Presents crated in by truckload, assembled & wrapped, even squeezed down the chimney; by 5:45pm playing with paper airplane.”

I sat on the couch watching William play with all those toys. Periodically he would want me to move to his ottoman and join hin playing with the electric train. Then he would return to playing with submarine, helicopter and etc. Then crawl in my lap and want me to move to dining table to play a game. He had an uncle there and he alternated playing with him. Amazing how he would work family members to join him playing with toys and games.

All of a sudden disappeared, then came out of his bedroom with hood, jacket, and shoes on, jumped in his jeep and began riding back and forth on the back screened porch. Everyone crowded to dining room windows with cameras, snapping pictures everytime he went past the windows waving at his spectators. Grinning from ear to ear as if he had just won Daytona 500.

It was a lovely affair, large Christmas tree laden with gifts. Everyone opened gifts, then Isabella and Olivia played beautiful piano music. One sat at the baby grand and the other played at the smaller French provincial piano. Around 3pm, a wonderful prime rib dinner was served in the beautifully decorated formal dining room. Then everyone stretched out on couches in the living room, holding and playing with all the gadgetry they received, when Prince William crawled up in his dad’s lap, looking up with those beautiful brown eyes and said, “Would you make me a paper airplane?”

His dad took a white sheet of paper and began folding back and forth and made a paper airplane, which sailed about 30 feet across the living and kitchen dining area. I asked him if that was origami, and he said, No, just a paper airplane. William jumped up and down, as if his dad had launched a spaceship into orbit.

We’re a type family that puts a lot of thought into gift-buying. Every year I receive some kind of Shiatsu equipment. This year a wonderful deep-kneading shiatsu neck massager, I really need from sitting hours at the computor. I now have so much stuff I could start my own spa.

I’m just amazed at all the electronics, and gadgetry. My daughter received a keychain to turn on showing dozens of family pictures, like a family documentary movie – on a key chain? Of all things!!

One son has taken up flyfishing, and I gave him things he could use camping and fishing. I found these “grill to go” packages with everything included to cook on a grill anyplace. Just amazing, the many things on the market now-a-days. What a wonderful country we live in, with so many creative entrepreneurs, constantly developing items with new ideas in the free-market place.

The toys, the gifts, food, music were great, but the greatest thing is just being together with family and enjoying each other in the lovely Peckerwood hills setting. Especially having a four-year-old in the family, the centerpiece of attention and entertainment.

I hope all my readers enjoyed family and Christmas as much as I did.

Now I’ll resume writing about Freedom, politics, philosophy, health, economics, and all those other topics.




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