It’s a tradition every year, one of my sons spends the day with me, the day after Christmas, having lunch, sightseeing, mall-shopping, people-watching. That’s what we did yesterday. Visiting Bass Pro Shop, Mall of Georgia, having lunch, sightseeing, mixing with the huge crowds.

The Bass Pro Shop just north of Atlanta is a very impressive place. 125,000 square feet of outdoor fun for the entire family. It’s like a museum, aquarium, fishing trip, hunting and camping trip all rolled into one. It’s like dozens of stores under one roof. Divided into sections of Archery, Camping, Fly Fishing, Salt-water Fishing, Boating, Hunting clothing, Childrens’ Arcade, Aquarium, Clothing and Gifts, a great place to visit, especially with the kids.

The latest venture my son recently acquired a taste for is fly fishing. And like most sports, requires its own unique clothing and accessories, to prepare ones’ self to stand out there in water up to ones’ waist, casting a fishing line. The attire for the venture is called “wading clothes.” No small amount of change to outfit ones’ self in the special kind of clothing required for fly fishing. Plus all the gear one needs to look like a model for the cover of “OutDoors” magazine, before touching ones’ toe in the first drop of water. And casting a first-time fishing rod.

But all he had to do was spend one day, a few months back with a professional fly-fisherman, to catch the bug, and he was “hooked.” Which meant, right off the bat, he and the fish had something in common.

However, he had some experience which prepared him for this new-found urge, by going out on sport fishing trips off the coast of Florida, with his friend who owns a chain of hotels in Florida.

As far as yours truly, I’m not the Sarah Palin type to go hunting and fishing and camping, and the closest encounter I ever expect to have with a caribou, is having my picture taken in front of a stuffed one at the Outdoors Store, with a stuffed wild wolf in the background. I have never had any desire to bond with wildlife and fish. Just not in my genes.

In my earlier years I married a pilot who grew up on Lake Okeechobee, at the edge of the Everglades in Florida. When he was a teenager he was a guide in the Everglades. Sometimes we would hop in his little Cub airplane and fly around over the Everglades watching the alligators below. On a number of occasions he talked me into going ‘coon hunting in the Everglades. But I sat in the swamp buggy and watched him and his friend catch raccoons in the trees, and I would never venture out of the swamp buggy. If they mentioned camping overnight, I would suggest they start looking for the nearest Holiday Inn for me.

Despite my aversion to outdoor living, I really did enjoy our trip to the Bass Pro Shop yesterday.

We left and went to the the huge Mall of Georgia, shopping and mulling with the massive crowds there. A frenzy of people filling their shopping carts with all the discounted items, then standing in long lines to grab a bite to eat at the food court. So many stores, filled with so much merchandise, and thousands of shoppers, made me wonder for a moment if we really are in the middle of an economic crisis.

However, beginning in January, we may soon know if this was “a feast before the famine” when we view the economic outlook for the future of this country. And may be singing Those were the days my friend, I thought they’d never end!!! And having a hunter and a fisherman in the family might be a great blessing. “Survival of the fittest” may take on new meaning.

At any rate, it was an interesting day for me, going shopping with my son, buying all that “wade clothing” gear. Plus snowboarding equipment to take his family to the mountains today. Can’t wait to hear Prince William describe his snowboarding venture.

I’m going to enjoy a quiet day, curling up with my new Shiatsu neck massager, reading and resting!!!



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