Surely there must be many others like myself, fed up with saturated news about the politicians in Washington, doggedly pursuing the passage of a so-called Health Bill in Congress. A political action to take away what’s left of individual Rights, and be subjected to the dictates of a centralized government. How can anyone think they can manage health problems, when they would screw up a one-car parade?

This jack-hammer news tells me it is incumbent upon everyone to take on the responsibility of their health issues. It has always been my belief that my primary health problems are my responsibility, however in the past three years found myself running to the doctor regularly, for issues which needed a medical doctor to address. And I’m grateful to have access in life-threatening situations. Conversely, I believe there’s much about how we feel that we should use common sense in addressing and taking care of ourselves.

In this third article I’m going to relate some things I have done to take care of health problems. I’m not a doctor nor a nurse and not prescribing to others. However, there may be some out there, who might glean some insight from this information about myself, and the steps I have taken to address some personal health problems.

I believe that which created can re-create, and our bodies are always working to heal. Further believe that healing power comes from a higher Power, and is the Source. What I’m going to discuss are the Resources to assist in healing.

I don’t have any life-threatening illnesses, but in the past few months encountered a problem with lowered vitality, feeling tired and started feeling dizzy, and unstable. Went to a doctor a couple of months ago and blood tests revealed anemia and a malfunctioning thyroid. After a number of tests the doctor has been unable to tell me the cause of the anemia. She thought it could any number of things, from heart problems, cancer, ulcers, internal bleeding and so on, but tests have revealed none of those.

I’ve decided the dizziness is most likely from inner ear and my atlas axis vertrebra is out of alignment. And the anemia is a nutritional imbalance.

The past couple of years I’ve spent a lot of time at the computor, not exercising, taking a lot of supplements, but not paying that much attention to what I was taking, and I got way out of balance nutritionally, resulting in anemia. When one takes vitamins and minerals without proper balance, it throws the body out of whack. For instance, if one takes too much zinc without proper balance with copper, the body leeches out the copper in an attempt to balance the body chemistry. Or if one takes iron, without the other nutritional supplements to digest and absorb and get to the cell level, it might be ineffective. Our bodies require the 40 trace minerals in the soil and a balance of nutritional requirements. Like “B” vitamins are a complex and our bodies need all of them to sustain health. If we take a vitamin B supplement which does not contain B-3 or B-6, then we wind up with a deficiency, as an example.

If one is anemic, doubling up on iron does not correct the problem, but will probably exacerbate it, because there other element requirements to balance the body chemistry. Then there are two kinds of iron.

It would be great if we could obtain what our bodies need from food, but now-a-days the food is so bankrupt of nutrients for several reasons like being grown with chemicals. For instance, today many of the tomatoes we buy at the grocery store are grown in chemical water. Therefore we must supplement with vitamins and minerals. Or we get sick, tired, dizzy, with other symptoms.

I decided to go on an intense supplemental program that I developed myself, and in a week, began feeling better from the dizziness and the severe tired feeling, falling asleep all the time. Here it is 20th of December and only posted two articles this month, from feeling to listless to focusing on writing.

I started taking Livertrate, Lecithin, Kelp, yeast free B-complex, Vitamin A, D, E and doubling up on C. A multi-vitamin and mineral which contains copper, iodine, magnesium, maganese, phosphorous, potassium, selenium, silica, vanadium and zinc. I started 500 mcg of vitamin B-12, and iron pills. Hydrochloric acid with pepsin for digestion. Plus flax seed oil which is great for the itchy scalp.

I take golden seal with echinacea, which is a natural antibiotic. An herbal liver purifier of milk thistle, dandelion and yellow dock. Another thing I started taking is brewer’s yeast tablets and drinking Welch’s grape juice and prune juice, a blood builder. Plus a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses every day.

I re-read Dr. Jarvis’ book about Vermont Folk Medicine and drink a tablespoon of apple-cider vinegar with honey in distilled water.

Because I have trouble with my neck vertebra staying in alignment, and the muscles in the neck become inflamed, reverted back to an Edgar Cayce recommendation of hot castor oil packs on the neck muscles.

I take cayenne pepper capsules, a stimulant which is not really a pepper but an herb, with healing properties.

I don’t eat junk food nor drink soda pop, but do drink tea and two cups of coffee every morning, and have always cooked foods from scratch. But started more things like spinach and other greens.

I ordered a colliodal silver Beck pulser and began using. It’s an apparatus recomended by Hilda Clark, who wrote the book “The Cure For All Diseases.” This makes colliodal silver water I drink, which destroys bacteria, and the pulser is a zapper which elecocutes parasites. Most everyone has parasites, which drain energy and drain us of nutrients.

There was much in the news a while back about a man who turned blue from drinking colliodal silver water, and as I understand irreversable but he did not follow instructions and used tap water instead of distilled water, which had an adverse chemical reaction from the chemicals in the water.

Besides all of this and more, I go on a detoxification regimen periodically. Something I learned about years ago from Doctor Kelly, who wrote the book “One Answer to Cancer.”

All of this is summarizing some of the things I’m doing to restore health. My situation is not some life-threatening disease, nor broken bones, nor injuries from accidents, but a dragged-out feeling because of the anemia and thyroid, and inasmuch as I was getting no help from doctors, and no information as to cause and cure, decided I had to do something for myself and sat down and wrote out a regimen to implement, and started feeling better in a week. Still low energy level, but I’m determined to feel great again.

Another thing I did not mention is that I go to a great massage therapist and had reflexology treatment plus going to a chiropractor for spinal alignment and adjustments.

Before going on a supplemental regimen, one needs to learn something about vitamins and minerals. Need to know what not to combine and when to take, like some things one does not take on an empty stomach. Some things should be taken on an empty stomach. And can’t overload with too much at once, could cause liver or kidney damage and knowledge about things like that is essential.

I do believe in taking periodic blood tests because much is revealed from laboratory blood tests. I think one needs to acquire some knowledge of the autonomic system, to learn how to balance the Ph, acid, alkaline system in the body. Too much acidity or too much alkalinity causes problems. But can be fairly easy to monitor and control by testing urine.

Folks used to say you are what you eat, now it’s what you eat that gets to the cell level. Many do not have enough hydrocholoric acid in their stomach to properly digest and assimilate the food they eat after 25 years old.

I’m no expert on anything. An ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. I just try to use common sense and sometimes fly by the seat of my pants, by trial and error.

With reference to doctors, my feelings and thinking is nothing personal towards them, however my health and well being concerning myself is very personal.

The bottom line for me in my way of thinking is, in order to feel good and be healthy, one must be structurally in alignment, with body balanced chemistry through nutrition. In cases of severe illness, there are times when it is necessary to take drugs and have surgery but I avoid both when I can, but adhere to both when absolutely necessary. Self-preservation is the first law.

With tremendous gratitude for all I have and high hopes of feeling very energetic soon, I’m just daily applying the regimen that I decided upon for myself and beginning to feel better.

The best of luck for a happy Christmas and a healthy coming year to all my readers.

“Physician heal thyself.”




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