Third in a series on Health & Healing, plus the Healthcare Bill

All of us had the opportunity to watch C-Span on Saturday to see live, centralized political government in action. Long hours of wrangling between the members of Congress as they voted to pass the horrendous, so-called health passage. Of all the misery they have heaped on the American people, this is the worst of the worst. If it passes the Senate, we are all in for a bumpy ride.

The news grapevine reports, Big Pharma Lobbyists greased the palms to the tune of millions of dollars, of the powers that-be in charge. And they are behind the push to vaccinate with the Swine Flu vaccine.

Kleptomania is a syndrome of an obsessive drive to steal. Taxes by definition are an involuntary relinquishment of ones’ property (money), hence thievery, byy a gun or threat of a gun. Surely, by now everyone understands that simple fact. Nothing complicated about taking ones’ property via such acts. It’s just an unvarnished act of thievery.

None of us really understands what is in that massive stack of rules, polices and regulations in the health care bill. But we can easily understand the activities we saw live last Saturday, and a child knows what stealing is. Unless your eyes and ears are lying.

And we all know about the massive push to vaccinate with the swine flu vaccine. I have received numerous phone calls, to hurry down and get the shot. Now there’s talk about vaccinations of various kinds becoming mandatory if this bill passes.

I’m vehemently opposed to vaccinations, and have described in previous articles how I fought forced vaccinations in the schools. Filed a suit in Federal court against the entire state of Georgia in opposition and won, back in the seventies. And my child finished school without ever having any vaccinations.

The operative word is “force.” If this bill passes all of us will be forced to do many things relative to our health.

Tonight I’ve been watching the wonderfully entertaining program, “Dancing with the Stars.” Before we realize the limitations on our choices, if this bill passes, we may all be dancing with the “czars,” that is if we are not too sick to stand up.

I went through school without having vaccinations, but when I prepared for a trip to Japan in the fifties, I was forced to take a number of shots, and nearly died from them. It was that experience which prompted my decision not to allow my child to have shots in the seventies. I shudder at the thought of the government forcing all of us to have mandatory vaccinations for various specified reasons.  However, if the language is included in that health bill we do not comprehend, and it passes, we’ll be sitting ducks for the needle.

If the current news is correct and Big Pharma is behind the push, seeding the pot with millions, make no mistake, vaccinations are in the game plan, in the body of the massive stack of health laws.

Believe me when I tell you, I fought long and hard, at great expense, and faced threatened arrest in my battle with the schools over just one child, to prevent vaccinations. If a law passes in the health bill which makes vaccinations mandatory for everyone, we face a greater problem than we realize. It gets worse and worser and weirder and weirder.

Your body is your property you own. The criteria of ownership is control and a boundary. This political regime has already made great in-roads into control of private property in many areas, but crossing the boundaries of ones’ body, by forcing the intake of some undesirable substance, is the coup de grace. The possibility of such a law is unthinkable and must be stopped before it becomes law.

Two hundred and twenty passed the health bill in the House of Representatives. One hundred senators will vote on it. This means over three hundred million citizens in this country will have allowed 320 individuals to rule.

How and why, did we ever reach this hellish state of very real possibility? We sat and watched the process in our living rooms last Saturday. Then on Sunday we heard the celebration via the news pundits on talk shows. It’s all so surreal.

The question is, will that great American spirit of Freedom in the hearts and minds of the people across this nation, stand for this onslaught, which will place us all in bondage? Surely not. I shout “It can’t happen here,” as I watch it take place. It prompts me to tears, just thinking about it.

Remember the movie, Argentina, about the Socialist ruler, Eva Peron, who sang, “Don’t cry for me Argentina.” We must cry out for this great nation, the United States of America, and stand up to re-claim the Freedoms we once had!!!

This so-called health bill is unlike anything we have ever faced before. Beyond floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, economics and wars. It’s an act which penetrates the boundaries of our bodies, with a man-made law. It crosses boundaries unfathomable to the founding fathers of this country. Have we become too sophisticated or apathetic to return to that “root hog, or die” mentality they possessed? The conditions they faced and fought and died for were much worse than this which we currently face.

The opportunity is before us to defeat this without a shot being fired. And that’s the good news!!




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