Prince William called Sunday morning before coming to ask if it was ok to bring his clay-dough set. He arrived before noon and stayed until around 8 pm.

Here are some of the things we did: We have created a new card game called Doodley Squat! Deal 7 cards to each, and the first one who gets 4 of a kind 3 times wins. Will grabs my cards to meet his quota to win. I named the game Doodley Squat, because I always wind up with nothing and him yelling “I win!”

We played the game 3 times. Then a six-year old, really cute boy from Mexico, came over and we hit golf balls in the back yard. Then Will and I went for a short walk.

He spread his elaborate clay-dough set out on card table, and twice we made all sorts of things from the colorful clay. His favorite thing is making a snake, because he knows I don’t like snakes and loves teasing with his clay snake.

I fixed lunch and brunch and snacks in-between. He ate two bowls of porridge, pizza, a butter-finger, ice cream, chocolate milk and soda crackers. He’s a very polite 4 year old and always asks for anything he wants.

Then we played two games of Tic-Tac-Toe.

Around 3 pm I was tired and turned Sponge-Bob on for him to watch and laid down for a short rest. Shortly he came in with a book, and wanted me to read a story, about Fred & Ted. After finishing, I started over, just reading the first couple of words and he completed the rest of the text from memory, after reading one time. A very high comprehension level, near total recall.

After a brief rest, he wanted to play table tennis. I rigged up a table, make-shift net, and found two plastic paddles and plastic ball and we played table tennis in my living room. He jumped and yelled and giggled, and kept saying “I won another point.” After several games of table tennis, time to eat again. Then it was start over with another Tic-Tac-Toe and Doodley Squat game.

His mommie called from her shopping trip with the girls, looking for Cotillion outfits and upcoming holiday dresses for the girls, 10 & 12, saying she would be late.

The sun was setting and night-time approaching. His very favorite thing to do is sit on the front steps, after dark, holding a candle, watching the moon, stars, and anything else overhead, like an occasional satellite. After his mom called, we bundled up with hooded jacket, lap quilt and lit candles to sit on the front steps, and wait for his mom. For the next hour we sat on the steps and he told me short stories. Some from his pre-school class and some he made up. He has such a vivid imagination, he can weave some interesting tales.

We came inside, I went in the kitchen to prepare something to eat and he stood behind me and started singing a song, “The Best Day I ever Had.” He belted it out with this radiant look of joy on his beautiful little face. I was so touched, when he finished I asked, “Do you really mean that?” He said “Yes, it really is the best day I ever had.” I’m thinking, it doesn’t get any better than this!!

Shortly his mom came and he wanted to stay. I was almost too pooped to pop, but curled up to watch a little tv, before heading for bed, and thinking to myself, “Yep, for me too it was one of the best days I’ve ever had.” A long day filled with the joy and wonder of an impressionable 4-year old. Did I forget to mention we also made some Christmas tree decorations out of colored paper?

If you have children or grandchildren, take a day off playing with them, making up games to play, and listening to them. If you have neither, find yourself a lonely foster child for a special treat.




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