Before I begin this second series, I wish to announce that today, I received a notice from my New York Editor, saying I will be featured in an article in AARP magazine. This is an organization with over 30 million members, and as I understand it, the largest organization in the world. Scheduled to appear in March-April issue, it will be “Insight from Anne.” So to my readers – mark your calendar and be sure and obtain a copy.

My last feature article in, generated over 40,000 visitors the first week. I think it’s still running on that blog-site.

After finally deciding to write an article about Reflexology, I looked through some of my old files and found a feature article published in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution in1988 about my being a Reflexologist, titled “She Sweeps them off their Feet,” and got a chuckle from that 20-year old article. It is subtitled “Reflexologist Says Ancient Chinese Massage Rubs Away Many Ailments.”

Before I decided to practice Reflexology I had had many treatments to keep me feeling good from Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Reflexologists.

Before I attempt to explain how it works, I must say it’s my belief there is only one thing that heals us, and that’s A Divine Presence. Different medical practioners have different notions about the cause of disease and healing. Some maintain disease is caused from some obstruction in the body, another suggests all disease is caused from parasites and pollutants. Some think drugs heal, some suggest removing an organ heals. There are a number of opinions about healing and health. I write about my opinions. And the bottom line is they are just opinions. Nothing set in concrete.

It’s my thinking the Divine source of healing is enhanced when the body is relaxed and provided with the proper nutrients.

The Divine source of Light enters the body at some point and operates the systems in the body. I suspect there is much none of us really know. There is a certain mystery to it. There is a energy to life.

And this energy seems to be somewhat electrical. Some say the body operates on 9 volts of electricity. If it’s true the body is, among other things, electrical, I remind the reader there is much we do not know about electricity. It’s an unseen force and power.

Personally, I assume the body is electrical in nature. As an example, when the lights go out in our homes from a storm or a fallen tree or whatever, the repairmen do not come to our house to fix the problem, but go to the transformer to repair. They go to the source of the outage. They repair the electrical wires and transformer.

Accordingly, Reflexology operates on a similar principle. The system of nerves representing the wiring and the center of the brain, the transformer. The nerves begin someplace and end someplace.  The nerve endings are in the hands and feet.

Because of our lifestyles, these nerves sometimes become corroded with waste matter, like calcium deposits or uric acid. When there is a build-up of waste matter around nerve endings, the electrical current in the body is diminished. Like an electric bulb going dim from diminished currents.

We call these waste deposits, crystals. In Reflexology, a practitioner’s hands are trained to feel these crystals in the feet and simply crush them, which releases energy, the electrical energy.

The reflexes in the feet represent nerves which go to all parts of the body and in one sense is like a map of the body. Beginning with the top of the toe which represents the pineal gland, around the bottom of the toe, the neck; the other toes representing the eyes, ears and throat. Following down the foot, there is the reflex to the lungs, thyroid, shoulder, heart. Below is the liver, gallbladder, diaphram, solar plexus, adrenal glands. Then the stomach and spleen.

Near the center waistline area of the foot is the pancreas. Just below the waistline area is the transverse colon, ascending and descending colon area. Then the small intestines, ileocecal valve, following on down the foot is the appendix, ureter tubes, and bladder. The sciatic nerve endings are in the heel. On top of the foot is the lungs, breast & back areas. On either side in the ankle area is the ovary, testicle, groin area.

One can follow the inside bone of the foot which represents each vertebrae. This gives one an idea of how the feet nerve endings represent every part of the body. The same pattern in the hands, however because we use our hands all the time, usually the build-up of crystals is not as prominent in the hands as in the feet.

Some reflexologists use different techniques for breaking up the crystal build-up. However, my teachers were in the Orient, Canada, and north Georgia, therefore I was taught their techniques. One might describe it as a type of massage or accupressure, but it’s most effective when the therapist goes deep and under the crystals and breaks them up. When this is accomplished the energy to whatever part of the body the nerves go to is released for healing.

There are no magic bullets and no one methodology of dealing with problems in the body, or a panacea for everything. It is incumbent upon each individual to use their judgment, and take the responsibility of decision-making if their health and wellbeing is a priority.

For myself personally, I always felt if I could find areas of natural healing to keep me healthy and feeling good, then I would not have to deal with the side effects and after effects of drugs and surgery. Therefore wherever I lived, I would seek out practitioners in these various fields of alternative methods to sustain good health.

And it worked for me for many years. I had not been hospitalized since my last childbirth, forty years prior to the surgery 3 years ago. I had never had any operations aside from dental surgery, and never had any broken bones. Did I occasionally get sick with things like the flu, yes. But I daresay, I have lived a long time, with generally good health.

In my next article I will discuss shots, immunizations, healing crises and etc. Keep in mind, I’m not prescribing anything for anyone, but expressing my opinion and telling stories of my experiences. No more and no less than just that.

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