Sarah Palin is a phenomenon. I’ve been wondering when and who would rise up from the ashes of the burning embers of Freedom to speak up and speak out. To make a difference.

I have only mentioned her name a couple of times in previous articles in reference to the last political campaign. Specifically because she was the only candidate who mentioned the word “freedom” in her speeches. I never even heard John McCain speak the word. His phrase was “love of country.”

She is currently touring this country, drawing huge crowds, signing her “Rogue” book. So what is a rogue? Dictionary defines as “A fierce and dangerous animal, as an elephant separated from the herd. In botany, to eliminate [inferior individuals] from a plot of plants undergoing selection.”

She’s the only person, (aside from Glenn Beck) who is making any inroads into the onslaught from those in charge who are destroying this country, and a way of life as we once knew it. Yes, she has the Liberal Left, Democrats, Socialists, Marxists, and all their sympathizers, scrambling to discredit her. She’s the target of mainstream media, as they pull out all punches to drag her down, and through the mud.

It is laughable, the stance they all seem to emulate – those of socialist leanings, when they interview her. Some wear glasses pulled down their nose and peer over them when interviewing her, in a finger-shaking, shame on you mode. Even when they are not wearing the glasses to peer over, they still have the same, sucked-in chin, peering-over stance. Like a school marm, exercising authority toward a naughty kid in class. They must all go to the same indoctrination school to learn the body language of condescending attitudes.

Conversely, those of Fox News Cable are doing a great job of promoting her, her book and ideas, to off-set the liberal, socialist main-stream press.

During the political campaign last year, so many in this country, were in a state of non-thinking euphoria over Obama. After the election, and before the inauguration, great anticipation existed over the repeated promises of change. In January, we had much celebration over the inauguration, and anticipation of great things from a new president and a new regime, which promised change, change, change.

Immediately after installation of the new regime, drastic changes were initiated, and have continued throughout this year. About six months into this new era, in August of this year, the reality of the implementation of new programs began impacting upon thousands of Americans, who erupted in protest at town-hall meetings and “tea parties.”

These actions have done little to nothing to stop this road to galloping socialism this country is on. As a matter of fact it has worsened, as the centralized power thrives on the opposition to it. Obviously the game plan is to have so many socialist programs in place by the next election, no amount of opposition will matter.

The American people have been like a ship without a rudder, floundering in every direction, with no significant leadership from any political party. History has shown that meaningful ideas for change, good or bad, need a leader. And America is in dire need of a leader to lead out of the promised land of change in full swing by the current gang in Washington.

No-one qualifies who is part of the problem, i.e., holding a political office. Sara Palin did the unthinkable by most standards, and resigned her elected position as Governor of Alaska. A very smart, gutsy decision. Then wrote a book about her life, her role in last year’s national political campaign, as a vice presidential candidate, exposing the media attacks on her.

She’s different from your garden variety politician. She gave up and stepped down from her top political job as Governor of Alaska and stepped into her role of personal individual power, full time. Instead of sitting behind a desk drawing taxpayer salary, she dived into the capitalistic free-enterprising system by creating a product, then launching a tour to promote her product.

All of this departure from the average type politician, makes her newsworthy. However, over and beyond these recent decisions, the thing which causes her to really stand out, and is causing the liberal press to dive into a hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth mode is who she is and what she stands for.

She has a beautiful loving family of five children and a husband who stands beside her. A son in the military and a special needs child. She expresses a love of freedom and support for the principle upon which this country was founded, And appears to live her life according to the Spirituality of the Great Guide of the Ten Commandements and the Declaration of Independence. She’s pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro free-enterprise, pro Freedom, and speaks up for those values of common decency and common sense.

As a result she represents the hopes, dreams and thinking of mainstream America. And touring this country, appearing in person and on many televised programs, speaking up and speaking out on Principles and Values she obviously strives to live by.

She comes along at a time America is struggling with symptoms of a hang-over, from the euphoria of the illusion so pervasive this past couple of years, with all the jack-hammer mesmerizing rhetoric labeled change,change change. Still suffering from the shock of the reality that this “change” put into motion. No point in my trying to list the long list of changes already taken place which has caused untold damage to this Nation and its people. We read and hear about that everyday.

Like the little kid in the emperor’s clothing story, along comes Sara Palin to remind us of the Naked Truth. She’s a fresh breath of Truth and Reality, not only from what she says and writes but because of who she is and how she lives her own life.

Her experience and exposé of reality, has touched a nerve in the hearts and minds and spirit of the American people, unlike anyone else, and hit the achilles heel of the left-wing Socialist, marxist crowd now in power, which has them scrambling for any ammunition they can garner to destroy her.

With great courage, undaunted by the vicious attacks, she’s the loose cannon of common decency, now on tour, and crowds gather to see and hear her.

She’s now the symbol of what Americans really want, and a thorn in the side of all those who are working to destroy the principles upon which this nation was founded.

There is a creeping realization that the concerted vicious attacks on Sarah Palin, are in essence an attack on all of us and all that is good and decent about this nation.

Currently this country is very divided. Those in the seats of power are well-organized with a charismatic leader working day and night to effect the change from a Republic of free individuals (who value private ownership of property and believe in the Principles of The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of laws), to a socialistic system of re-distribution, taking from the haves to give to have nots. A system designed to destroy the Rights of Individuals, and re-place with the Power of a centralized political government.

Her losing candidacy as Vice President was the fore-runner to popularize Palin and set the stage for her re-appearance to speak out and stir the intellectual mettle of the American people as thousands clamor to see and hear her at this time.

That time worn saying, “When the student is ready the teacher appears” seems so apropo and applicable to Sara Palin. The effectiveness of her speaking up and speaking out relative to truth about the reality in this country, is evidenced by the yelling attacks from those who have contributed to the crisis we are in.

She, more than any other indivdual, has become the lightning rod out-picturing the division in the country. She epitomizes a line in the sand. A line between good and evil, blurred by all the jack-hammer rhetoric the past couple of years.

Nature cannot tolerate a void. And there has been a void among so many, with reference to what has actually been taking place in this country. The life and courage of Sarah Palin comes along to bridge that gap. She’s pretty and smart. She represents the Principles upon which this country was founded, plus representing the values of most decent Americans.

Her effectiveness in getting across to the American people, a reminder of the Principles and values so dear to so many, will cause her to be continually a target of attacks. Despite all the criticism, so far so good, she is handling it all quite well. Cool, calm and un-wavering in her position. Which is rattling the cage of so many as she tours the country, speaking out.

Here’s a quote from a U.S. War Department training manual,1928: “Democracy, N: A government of the masses. Authority derived through mass meeting or any other form of direct expression. Results in mobocracy. Attitude toward property is communistic…negating property Rights. Attitude toward law is that the Will of the majority shall regulate, whether it is based upon deliberation or governed by passion, prejudice and impulse, without restraint or regard to consequences. Result is demagogism, license, agitation, discontent, chaos.? US Army training Manual No. 2000-25




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  1. Aaron says:

    She’s also getting a divorce from that loving husband who’s cheated on her at least twice. Her values are questionable, at best, and I think she’s being groomed to take McCain’s place as the “rogue maverick” for the 2012 elections. Only she’ll be halfway believable, so she’ll dupe even more moronic Republican voters into continuing to vote Republocrat.

    Meanwhile, the Demoncrats will push someone new to counter her and likely lose.

    Not that there’s a difference. Both parties are the same, they just use different rhetoric to explain how they’re going to bend us over.

  2. hannah says:

    “She’s pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-family, pro free-enterprise, pro Freedom, and speaks up for those values of common decency and common sense.”

    My definition of “freedom” includes my right to terminate a pregnancy, and it includes the right of gay people to marry. How do Sarah Palin’s socially conservative politics square with the concept of “freedom”? I don’t think Sarah Palin is under attack from what is so often patronisingly referred to as “the liberal media” because she is “pro-freedom”. I think she is under attack as a person who has consistently appeared unintelligent, unworldly, and unqualified for any office of international importance.

    The definition of “freedom” according to people like Sarah Palin too often refers mainly to the freedom to exploit workers to make enormous profits for CEOs, the freedom to let capitalism run dangerously amok (with results such as the current economic situation), the freedom to stockpile and carry as many dangerous weapons as you like, and the freedom to repress sexual, political and religious minorities.

    I could go on at length about the demonisation of the word ‘socialism’ in America, particularly in light of my own very positive experiences of ‘socialist’ policies such as universal healthcare and free university education. Socialism, particularly when it refers to certain policies rather than an entire system of government, is not the same thing as communism or Stalinism, and portraying it as such is deeply misleading. Adopting certain ‘socialist’ policies would certainly be to the benefit of all societies.

    I am not by any stretch of the imagination advocating a socialist dictatorship, but to say that people like Sarah Palin stand for freedom in the face of what you refer to as “Marxism” – and I can assure you that neither Barack Obama nor members of his government, even by an extremely loose definition, are “Marxists” – is simply not true. If by “freedom” you mean “unbridled capitalism”, then that may be slightly true. If you mean the freedom to live your life as you choose, marry who you wish, choose when you have children, choose what substances to put into your body, and a genuine freedom from religion in politics, then Sarah Palin is certainly not representative of those who love freedom.

    Please excuse me if I sound as though I am being confrontational or if I come across as a raging socialist; that is not my intention. I simply find it troubling that Sarah Palin and her conservative views should be portrayed as somehow progressive and freedom-loving.

    From a comrade (I jest!),


  3. Tuka Jani says:

    Just running in to let you know you have a brand new fan!
    Reading one post on your website made me hooked instantly.
    Really, you are amazing!