Number Three in a Series

This is a nation of over 300 million citizens. Once the most powerful nation in the world, built on the notion that Freedom is the desired state of being. When people are free there is no limit to their creativity and desire for a good life. To have and to hold. To live and let live. A nation of good and decent people, caring and generous, thoughtful and considerate, with high morals and a willingness to work and produce. As a result we reached the higest standard of living for the majority, known in history. What happened to us?

Now we are living in a system of socialism, by whatever name brand, fascism or communism, it is the antithesis of Freedom, Private property ownership, free-enterprising capitalism. But not 100%. But almost there. The direction is towards a totalitarian state of government, and nothing thus far is stopping it. Conceivably one could describe it as galloping socialism.

It’s really only been about a year and half, we spoke so openly about the usage of the word “socialism.” However, the era was ushered in by a taboo of the word “freedom.” WE just didn’t talk about Freedom, but that silence was a forerunner into this era of Socialism. Mostly the talk was about change. Change, change, change was the topic of conversation. Now this era has been ushered in and many are in the throes of depression and confusion, and disenchantment with the current events and the change in a way of life. Will the direction continue?? Will we allow it to continue?

We did not stop and demand an explanation of just exactly what all the talk of change meant. We just blindly assumed it meant something for the better, we thought it meant conditions would improve.

We “assumed” but failed to assume the personal responsibility of requiring answers to just what this change meant. Consequently, we fell into a trap, now a full-blown crisis. A war of ideas, a battle we were led into by words.

Words are power, and despite the fact it was acts and actions which led us to the brink, it was political rhetoric which pushed us over the top. Greed for power is at the core, but we were doodled-bugged into these latter stages by talk, and flowery speeches which are continuing.

We can get out the same way we got in. We can make it fashionable to discuss Freedom. But first we must re-educate ourselves as to the real meaning of Freedom. Many lost their understanding of the meaning. We must remind ouselves that Freedom requires “eternal viligance.” Somewhere along the line we fell asleep at the switch, and thought it was something automatic we would always have, with an “it cant happen here” mindset.

We are not entitled to the apathy and the notion that political government is going to “take care” of us. We must re-claim the self-responsibility and self-control that Freedom requires. Gather your family around the kitchen table and read aloud the Declaration of Independence, with a self-imposed declaration to re-claim lost freedom and private property Rights. Discuss Freedom, to counter-brain wash what your children are being taught in the tax-supported socialized school system. Stand up, speak up, talk the talk and walk the walk. That’s where it must begin.

Make a decision not to allow a few in a centralized government, grinding out laws, policies and edicts, elected to represent you according to the Principles upon which this nation was founded, have their way, as they have had, by destroying your Freedom and inalienable Rights.

It is ludicrous to expect a turn around change from those in Washington. A return to individual Freedom and the free-enterprising system can only come from the hearts, minds, spirit and will-power of the American people. We are not entitled to sit back and do nothing. Every individual in this country can and must do something. Start with that admission, and start talking about it, thinking about it and acting upon it. Feel empowered by the notion you can change this country back to what we once had. To a way of life thousands upon thousands have fought and died for.

Stop listening to this jack-hammer, sicko-rhetoric coming out of Washington. The enemy is within. They have talked us into this road down socialism. And they are definitely not going to talk us out of it. We are all familiar with the time worn, “How do you know when a politician is lying? when the lips are moving.”

Freedom is not some vague, nebulous abstract. There are specifics relative to understanding and having it. In my first article in this series, I outlined some of those things as reminders to consider. Freedom is not free. There are requirements to sustaining and maintaining.

Obviously we have abandoned those requirements or we would not be facing the dilemma we are currently in. No one is going to come along and hand back to us on a silver platter, our lost Freedom and private property Rights. To re-claim, we must assume the responsibility of the requirements. Time is of the essence, tomorrow may be too late.




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