Millions watched C-Span last night as 220 in Congress set the first step of an agenda for a political government to take over issues cioncerning your health. If you are one of those persons who has never assumed responsibility for your health and well being, now is a good time to start.

Let me begin by saying I’m no expert on anything. An ex is a has-been and a spurt is a drip under pressure. However, as far back as I can recall, I believed my wellbeing is my responsibility, and I should address any health problems as far as I can when it comes to solutions. This is not to suggest in life-threatening situations one should not seek the help of a medical doctor. Quite the contrary, I definitely bless the availability of one when circumstances require the help of a medical doctor.

On the other hand, too many run to a doctor at the slightest sneeze or sniffle, for a pill or a shot, expecting the doctor to be responsible for their health.

I’m a voracious reader and have an extensive library on many subjects, and well over a hundred books on health, healing and disease.

It all began when I was around ten years old, living on a farm in northeast Georgia. I had an uncle who was studying to be a doctor, when he had some kind of seizure and died. My father inherited all his medical books, which I began reading, and was fascinated by the content of these college level textbooks. As a result I developed an interest in methods of healing, however never wanted to be a doctor nor a nurse. To this day I’m queasy at the sight of blood.

As I grew up, various methods of healing were quite interesting to me. Early on I began reading books written in the nineteenth century and early part of the twentieth century, an era when much attention on the philosophy and practice of the unity of disease and cure. With emphasis placed on principal methods of treating disease. One being combative and the other preventive. Divided into two areas, one being Allopathic and one Homeopathic.

Homeopathy works with the laws of cure (like cures like). Allopathic is concerned with treatment symptomatically. For example, one believes a fever is the body creating its own antibiotics for natural healing, and the other views it as a threat and uses methods to suppress. One area of thought views sickness and disease as a “healing crisis” to work through and with, and the other views it as a threat which should be suppressed, usually with drugs.

Areas of natural healing deal with Universal laws of nature, “For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Most of the time when we get sick, there is inflammation in the body, and most modern medicine treats with antibiotics to destroy the inflammation. Whereas, if one is into natural methods of treatment, they will follow the five stages of inflammation; i.e., incubation, aggravation, destruction, abatement and re-construction.

I had one child who frequently had bouts with sore throat, inflamed tonsils while growing up. I always followed the same regimen dealing with the fever and inflammation. First, no solid food, only juices; second, an enama, to clear the colon; third, soaking in the bathtub in warm epsom salts water. I would sit by the tub, holding a cold compresson on the forehead to cool from the fever. I took the temperature at intervals, to be sure the fever did not go over 104 degrees. Conscious of the fact that if it went too high, there might be damage to the brain. Ready to give an aspirin to reduce if it went over 104. As I recall It only happened once.

Usually within three days, his throat cleared up, the fever subsided and he was back to nomal. I gave water and juices to hydrate. Since the skin is the largest organ, I viewed it as the excretory gland to draw the toxins from the body via the epsom salt baths. Plus epsom salts is pure magnesium and very relaxing. I prepared a quart of table salt water to gargle regularly.

Many times I repeated this same regimen, and never took him to a doctor, nor gave any antibiotics for these bouts with inflamed tonsils. I did have arguments with his father who insisted on having his tonsils removed. From all I had read and understood, the tonsils are the first defense to the brain, the inflammation settles there. My focus was in de-toxifying the body. Based upon my belief that it is more important to try to take the toxins out, rather than suppressing with drugs.

I recall one occasion, when he got food-poisoning from eating a fast food hamburger and was very ill. I used the same regimen, to remove the toxins, deal with the fever, which was the time it went over 104 and I gave him an aspirin. I repeated this routine over and over until he began improving and the fever broke.

Admittedly, there was a point in the food poisoning episode where I was frightened because he was so sick, and started to take him to a doctor. Stopped and reminded myself, the fever is nature creating the antibiotics, and the repeated salt soak baths were helping to remove the poison, and the juices were flushing out his system. Between the baths I did rub his body with alcolol to help control his body temperature.

I decided to write this series of articles and relate personal stories because one’s health is one’s personal responsibility, and now it appears there is going to be a take-over of health issues by a political government, inasmuch as the health bill passed the house of representatives last evening. And incumbent upon all of us is to consider home-grown remedies in areas we could exercise, to assume the responsibility relating to issues of health.

It’s not my lot to diminish the importance of medical professionals when necessary in life-threatening situations. I’m grateful for the availability when needed.

Having been the wife of a military officer for a number of years, socialized medicine was available at no charge, however I rarely used the facilities.

I recall one instance, when I kept feeling weak and tired and went to the airbase doctor and he gave me a B-12 shot for anemia. This shot is supposed to be given in the muscle, for the body to slowly absorb. Instead he gave me the shot directly into my blood stream. I left and went to the nearby commissary. Suddenly I began screaming with unbearable pain all over, immediately was taken to the hospital where 4 doctors held me down, with me yelling it was the B-12 shot I just took. With that they gave me something to counter-act and knocked me out. For days afterward, my body was so debilitated from the excruciating pain, I was weeks recovering.

I had read about a regimen of Welch’s grape juice and Brewer’s yeast for anemia. Started taking that which cured the anemia, and never had another B-12 shot and stayed further away from the base doctors, afterwards.

Writing these articles relative to health and disease is not a recommendation, but informational, about my own experiences and discoveries which have worked for me most of my life.




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