Third in Series About Palin and Problems

In my second article in this series I outlined how Number One, political government is a con-game; Number Two, it’s a thief which takes that which does not belong to the taker; Number Three, it expands its power base from the energy of those dependent upon it and those in opposition to it. Fourth, it has nothing to begin with and produces nothing.

Just a few minutes ago, I heard Senator Mitch McConnell state that Congress was “hell-bent” on ignoring the wishes of the American people. This out of the mouth of one of its members.

This series is to express my opinion on what is happening and has happened and what will most likely happen in the coming days. In my writings, I don’t wish to convey endorsement for any politician who might seek office. I’m an Independent and not a political activist.

The next Presidential election is three years away. It was my viseral feeling from the beginning, President Obama is not focused on re-election for a second term. This stems from his attitude. If I’m right it may be for any number of reasons. He may think by the end of four years, he and his regime will have such control over this country, another term will be a cake-walk. He may assume his wrecking-ball tactics of destroying the principles upon which this country was founded, will have succeeded to such an extent, his chances for re-election will be nil. I don’t know his game plan relative to re-election, but just appears to me that it is not a concern of his.

With the current popularity of Sarah Palin, and the questions asked of her in interviews, it appears that those for her and those against her, are busy promoting their agenda to support her as a Presidential candidate, or those gnawing at her heels out of fear she might run. Personally, I don’t believe she will be a candidate for President.

And it is a very smart move to leave it open to conjecture while enjoying the success of her popularity promoting her book sales, and the frosting on the cake is having the opportunity of expressing and promoting her ideas of conservatism. At a time of awakening in America, when there is a growing hunger to hear one stand up for those individual “inalienable Rights” as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, under assault by those supporting socialism. Some of the Fascist brand and some of the Communist brand. But at the core by any name is the destruction of individual Freedom and private property Rights.

Sara Palin is on a book tour circuit and in the current news cycle at a time when some are experiencing the disenchantment with Obama, who promised “transparency” in government, then appointed some close by on his staff who gave a speech revealing a Communist leader, Mao Tse Tung, was one of two people she most admired. His promise of transparency was not transparent enough for him to announce he was appointing a communist leader sympathizer to his White House Staff. Oh, no no, no, that would be too transparent. And probably a deal-breaker in his election. Remember, years back, when the perennial socialist candidate said America would never accept socialism under that name, but would fall for it line, hook and sinker under the guise of “humanitarianism.”

I don’t think there is anyone in the current crop of politicians, who was a previous candidate or on their wishing list to be one, qualified to lead this country out of the mired-down black muck this country is currently stuck in. I think before the 2012 election rolls around there will be a new fresh face rise up out of the ranks to lead this country out of bondage.

However that’s a ways down the line and in the meantime we need anyone who is freedom-loving and stands up for those Principles and value judgments this country was built upon, to reach out with hope and motivation to the people in this country. And currently Sarah Palin is fulfilling her role as a leader of “common sense,” as she puts it, to get the message of reminders out there.

I personally like Mike Huckabee, and enjoy his TV program, and he too is a great family man who speaks out about the Principles and values upon which this Nation was built, then lost. He too is on a book tour, and has a platform for being heard on his weekly television program. He’s quite popular, however not as many clamoring to hear him as they are Sarah Palin.

The dilemma we face is this: Will there be enough of those who stand for the moral Principles of individual freedom and personal property Rights speaking out, and will there be enough listening and heeding the warnings to reverse this trek down the road of socialism, now so advanced? It’s time for everyone in this country to stop and consider what’s at stake. Doing nothing is not an option.

This Health-care legislation is the biggest boondoggle of political government takeover this country has ever faced. And despite all the news coverage, over an extended period of time, nothing has turned that tide back yet.

I predicted several months ago in a previous article that it would not pass this go-round. But the powers that be in Washington would pass on the next go-round, after all the noise has died down. It’s their modus operandi to bring up more legislation of laws and get the opposition all stirred up and when that energy subsides, it comes up for passage at a time there’s little news about it, whatever the particular law is. They usually select a time when some other event commands the attention of the American people to pass controversial laws, when the attention is largely diverted to something else.

I can’t help but wonder what’s in store for all of us over the build up of upheaval relating to the shocking announcement the perpetrators of the 9/11 disaster would be brought to New York for trial. Remember it was one prominent member of the current regime who suggested “not letting a crisis go to waste.”

Also keep in mind this current crop of power brokers, entrenched in the seats of power, actually represent a,”shadow government,” or “invisible government” operated like a puppet show, with behind the scenes operators writing the script, playing the tunes and pulling the curtain. All the talk about transparency President Obama promised in his campaign speeches, almost one year into his term, seem to be just empty flowery rhetoric.

Just one of the “hell bent” notions to ignore the American people, Senator McConnell spoke of today on TV.

Whether or not you are a Republican, Democrat, libertarian, young or old, black or white, and no matter where you live, your life is affected by what takes place in Washington. If you expect to have any imput into the control of your life and affairs, now is the time to arm yourself with information about precisely what is going on. Plenty of information from many sources available.

As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change anything you don’t acknowledge.” Perhaps you are one of those, living in apathy, and don’t wish to be bothered with time nor energy to change anything. Maybe you like the status quo. If you choose not to be bothered nor involved, the changes which affect your life will be made by someone else, if you sit back and do nothing. And those changes will be of a nature which so limits your choices, I doubt if you will be able to continue your life as it is today.

It’s not the nature of political government to ask individuals for permission to do anything. It’s the nature of political government to pass laws, and then by a gun or threat of a gun enforce them. It’s a system which operates on force and enforcement, not on permission.
Conversely, when an individual seeks to act on a particular thing, the individual must seek permission from the powers that be in the political system of socialism.

The bottom line is, government does not need nor seek permission from individuals to act on anything, but individuals must seek permission from government to act in thousands of areas affecting their lives, and it’s about to get a whole lot worse.




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