Second in series on Sarah Palin and problems we face.

There’s such an exposé in many sources of news lately about the problems facing all of us individually and as a nation, that everyone should be well-informed relative to the actuality of happenings.

Sara Palin hit the trail this week on her book signing tour. President Obama made his trip to countries in the Far East, labeling himself the “Pacific President.” Attorney General Holder appeared before congress to justify his arrangements to try perpetrators of the 9/11 attack in New York near the site of Twin Towers destruction. The Senate leader, Harry Reid, pushed through 60 votes to start the debate on the health bill. News of unemployment going up and retail sales going down. Texas Fort Hood Hoodlem has a hearing in his hospital room. Citizens march on Washington in protest over so-called Health Bill.

Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, as winter arrives and heating costs zooming upwards. Hotels, airlines, resorts, restaurants, complain about loss of customers.

So what is going on really? I begin with reminders of several things, not the least of which is, political government, period. It’s a con-game of “keep your eye on this ball, while we are doing something else.” And most all politicians have as their priority getting into office and staying in office. They are seduced by the “fix” of the power they have, to take that which does not belong to them. And political government thrives and proliferates on two things, dependency upon it and opposition to it.

Therefore political government, Number One, is a Con Game. Number Two, it’s a thief that takes, without consent, that which does not belong to it. Thirdly, it expands itself on an exponential scale, via dependency upon it & opposition to it. Fourth, it has nothing to begin with and produces nothing.

Last evening, I watched a TV program about one of the most prolific and successful thieves in the history of this country. He was an apartment manager, and had developed an uncanny knack for knowing who had stashes of valuable jewelry and knew how to reach any room where it was stashed. He stole millions, for a long time, undetected. From the wealthy and well-known. He had little concern for consequences, only the thrill of the moment.

A fascinating story of how he accomplished the acts of theft, but more interesting, why he did it. He described the emotional and mental “high” he derived from the act of stealing. It was like a drug he was addicted to. Regardless of the amount of any heist, he would rob again, when the anxiety and thrill of stealing was so strong he was compelled to steal again. His description was eerily similiar to the description of a gambling or alcohol addiction. He had ultimately been caught and convicted of his crimes.

I couldn’t help but think, this must be what politicians experience, because their business is operating a system of thievery.

Last year during the presidential campaign, this thrill of anxiety and the euphoria of the emotional high was transferred to milions across this country, as they got caugjht up in the political rhetoric of candidates, speaking of change, without identifying just what kind of change they had in mind.

Like the professional thief, millions gathered to listen, then flocked to the polls to elect, enjoying the thrill and the high. Also like the thief, there was a massive wave of unthinkingness as to the consequences. Until about six months into the rule of the new regime, when reality set in for some. Not all, but only some. Slowly, an awakening, with stirrings of activity, to write letters to congressmen, send emails, make phone calls, have town hall meetings and organize tea parties. Activities which may have slowed down the march to Socialism and massive schemes of thievery by politicians in the centralized power of government, but in no way, shape, form, or fashion, stopped it. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

Along comes Sarah Palin, back in the news, after resigning as Governor of Alaska and writing a book. Making speeches, signing books, appearing on TV interviews, and traveling cross country. She’s a Republican, whose message is concern for the direction of this Nation and to set the record straight on some misunderstandings, or so it seems.

Her appearance on the national scene is bringing about an awareness of the two factions becoming more apparent to a percentage of the American people. And the bottom line in the difference, in division, is about rulership. Who is going to be in charge and rule? A totalitarian central government or the individual?

Much about Sara Palin, her life and background, and expression of ideas, stands for the ideals of many Americans. She stands for the ideal of a loving family life, responsibility for one’s children, work ethic, love of freedom, high moral standards and spirituality. Currently she holds no political office, and no announcement of seeking one.

Her stated position, a Republican, has leanings, beliefs and views which are towards the Right and Conservatism, of less government. Spreading these ideas as crowds gather to hear her has this leftist regime in power quite disturbed, and an all-out vicious attack has been launched to discredit her in mainstream media.

“What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” This expansion of power, using the tool of opposition, is working to her advantage. All the talk show host and news media efforts to present her in a discredited manner is backfiring, and only increasing her popularity.




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