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What is Freedom? It is self-governing control and responsibility. I believe in self-government because it is self-evident that I control my thoughts, actions and choices. No one else can do that. An outside force like a political government can place restrictions by a gun or threat of a gun on my choices, but the fact of the matter is, I choose.

Anarchy by definition is the absence of government, with a connotation of disorder and confusion and lawlessness. Self-government is the antithesis of that definition.

I reject the premise of lawlessness and disorder, based on the fact we live in an orderly universe with natural laws to live by. Plus the fact we have moral documents to remind us and guide us. Specifically, The Ten Commandments and the Declaration of Independence.

Political governments with all their man-made laws operate in opposition and in conflict to these Universal Natural laws. Take for example, “Thou Shalt not Steal.” Stealing by definition is the taking of the property of another in violation of the “Will of the owner.” In my previous article, I discussed the meaning of individual Will. Only individuals can exercise “will.” No such thing as, “will of the masses;” masses have no will. However, arguably, one might suggest there is “Mob Rule.” And in this connection, I suggest it could be labeled “Insanity.”

It’s my position and belief that stealing is wrong and immoral and violates natural law. I have personally never been able to come up with any instance whereby one can justify stealing. It all begins with life and ownership of one’s life. As living, breathing individual human beings, we either own and control and are responsible for our lives, or someone else is. This control and responsibility stems from our “Right to Life.”

Commensurate with this Right to life is Ownership of property, because we cannot sustain life without ownership. And what constitutes ownership? Quite simply, that which you control has a boundary and you have a choice to destroy or not to destroy.

We live in a country founded upon the idea that we as individuals have certain “inalienable Rights” as set forth in the Declaration of Independence. Each one of us is an individual. No one else can breathe for us, nor digest our food, nor think for us.

If another takes our life, stops our breathing and destroys us, then they have stolen it. They have taken in violation of the will of the owner.

From this stems our Right to create and own property. We must own food, clothing and shelter in order to sustain that life. A government was instituted to protect this Right to Life, Liberty and Property.

But something went wrong, and a group of elected men began eroding those rights, by a method of thievery. Bit by bit, began taking property which belonged to others, over a period of time, always expanding their taking. Taxes by definition, are an involuntary relinquishment of your property, hence a system of thievery.

Taking, taking and taking, until today, living in this twenty-first century, a centralized political government writes the script, pulls the curtain, by a gun or threat of a gun, has to a large degree taken over this country and the property of the citizenry.

The taxation, overtly and covertly, is so extensive, many are already in food lines, losing their homes and businesses, unable to sustain themselves, now living in a collectivist socialism system.

Where did we fail? What is it we did not learn? Where along the line did we trust the illusions of the politicians, instead of reality? How did we wind up in this state of regimentation, taxes and abuse, which began with predators who had nothing, until they took from those who did?

We must ask the questions and seek the answers.



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