Third article in this series.


As I recall it was poet Robert Burns who made the famous statement: “Oh what a gift to see ourselves as others see us.”

Currently, it seems more apropos to paraphrase and say, Oh what a gift to see ourselves as I see me. In the scheme of things as I have described in this series of articles, How do you view yourself? What do you really know about all that has taken place in this country, and how it impacts on your life? And the future of your children and grandchildren?

The onus of action is upon all of us to stop, think, listen and learn. We are down to the wire and it’s a case of living in a world of illusions or facing reality. We cannot expect to find answers unless we ask questions of ourselves.

The glaring question before us is, do you want to live in Freedom in a Republic, or live under the bondage of Socialism? We are living in the Information age. There are plenty of books, newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs, telling us 24-7 about what is going on.

Admittedly, many have been hoodwinked into falling for the game-plan of those promoting a takeover game-plan, hearing and heeding the illusion that political government is the entity which acts in the best interests of individuals, and will somehow solve all problems and take care of everyone. Believing the Robin Hood theory, that the problem in this country is the Rich Folks, taking all the money and property from the lower class of hard working Americans.

Scratch that notion right off the bat, because it is the power of a central political government which has taken us down this road to socialism. Those few elected politicians in Washington, have done it. Not alone because they have appointed thousands, paid large salaries with your money, to assist them in their scheme of things. They hire underlings to write the laws they implement, hire czars and bureaucrats in untold numbers of departments, to execute their plans.

It has all been orchestrated in a well-planned scheme like a 3-act play. There are the Principals and the actors, writers and stage hands acting in concert to implement this take-over of the United States, to change individual freedom and personal property Rights into a socialist country to be a part of a One World Government scheme.

OH No!! It can’t happen here, we told ourselves. Not this most powerful country in the world! Not this nation of free-enterprising capitalist and freedom-loving Americans, smart, educated, hardworking productive people, oh no not here, it can’t happen, we deluded ourselves into believing!

Now that it is happening, most are stunned into disbelief, not admitting to ourselves how it happened, and not knowing what to do about it.

How do you remove alligators from the pond? Very carefully, one at a time.

How many have read some of the current books hot off the press, titled, “Corruption,” “Catastrophe,” “Arguing with Idiots,” books not written 50 years ago but current up-to-date information, by insiders who know first hand what is going on.

Knowledge is the power, and I don’t think very many even understand the meaning of Freedom, and the basic tenets of personal property ownership.

Millions flock to the polls to install these politicians into power to take away freedom and Property rights, under an illusion that “they” somehow, by some magic wand, will go to Washington and act in the best interests of their so-called “constituency.” When very recently, these politicians faced those who voted for them with contempt, and name-calling. Refused to listen and quickly retreated back to their fancy offices, closed the doors and proceeded with more of the same actions and decisions.

Nothing has stopped this onslaught on the road to bondage. Not Tea Parties, town-hall meetings, letter writing, nor phone calls.

The direction this country is going has intensified and gathered steam. And only in recent weeks, has there been some leakage of just how infiltrated with socialists, fascists, and communists, this seat of government is operating under. Which prompted a move from the White House to openly try to stop free speech in the news media.

How much worse will it get, before the American people wake up, stand up, speak up and resist this Socialist take-over? How much time is left, before it is too late? Is it already too late?

I have to wonder, how many out there are still sitting around thinking that they can vote us out of the predicament they voted us into? When a national election is 3 years down the road.

Secondly, I wonder how many have stopped to ask themselves, what can I do about the dilemma we face? And the second obvious question to ask ourselves is, what do I want to do?

As I see it, at this point in time, there are two catagories of people. Those who attend tea party rallies and wave signs, send e-mails to their elected representatives, and make phone calls to their offices; then there are others who do nothing. Whichever catagory you are in, it ain’t working!!! The situation goes from bad to worse, daily.

The solution lies in the hearts and minds and spirit of the 300 million-plus people across this country. There must be an awakening of a burning desire for freedom and a return to the Principles upon which this country was founded. And this awakening must come from a realization that we have been living our lives and operating under an illusion, and not reality. It’s a win or lose situation, there is no inbetween.

Freedom is the natural order for individuals. But are we to be reduced to the total bondage of socialism before we recognize that? The reality is, nature will always have its way. But how many generations will it take to rediscover and rebuild that, once it is lost to the illusion of the few out to destroy it? The few who have already made substantial in-roads into the erosion of individual freedom and are now entrenched in the seats of political power to carry out their mission. That’s the reality of today.

While we have sat around listening to the jack-hammer rhetoric about loss of home, loss of jobs, loss of savings, out-sourcing of resources, higher taxes, blah, blah, on and on infinitum, it’s the loss of individual Freedom and personal property Rights that is the core problem. All these other things are simply the out-picturing of the results and effects of those two things.



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