First of this series on Freedom – Property – Politics – Universal Law and Your Will

When you were born, you came forth with a Will. It’s an abstract, you can’t see it or touch it. Your brain is something concrete but your Will is not. It’s our Will that makes all the choices we are required to make throughout our lives. Have you ever heard the saying, “God does not interfere with one’s Will and the devil can’t.” One of those Southern sayings I heard growing up. It suggests we are responsible for the choices we make.

Having been born in this country, some of us were taught early on that we live in a country whose political government is a Republic. A system operated by elected representatives, by majority vote. Which implies that majorities rule. And any in power at any given time have the use of police powers.

Many believe this so-called representative government installed by majority vote, represents the “Will of the people” by creating and enforcing a broad range of laws. Ostensibly to “protect” the citizenry.

We not only live in a country, we live in a Universe and therefore subject to Universal laws, which are not man-made, and operate out side of politics, elections, and outside anything humans think, like, dislike, or understand. Such as the law of Gravity.

All man-made laws are consistent with Universal law or they contradict universal laws. All laws, whether political, man-made or universal, have an underlying common denominator, i.e., they are abstract. That is, they cannot be identified with any of the five senses. It’s only when they are in operation that we can see, feel, hear, smell, touch, the “effects.”

Political government operates on abstract concepts, and Universal laws operates on Principles.

So here we have a political government, supposedly elected by a majority of the people, to express the WILL of the people, whose purpose is supposed to Protect the people. This suggests there is a “will” of the masses.

In this equasion of an elected government, two kinds of powers are at play. One is political and one is economic. And they are quite different. For example, politics says, “government derives its powers from the consent of the people.” However, once seated in the seat of power, the power is sustained and retained, and expands via economics, the levying of taxes.

Despite the fact politics is an abstract, economics is not, and deals with material things, train-loads of wheat or coal, or truck-loads of vegetables, bolts of cloth, or childrens’ toys.

The material things in this universe are created, either by nature or man. Political government does not create anything, economically, and has nothing to begin with, but takes from those who do acquire, via police force.

There is no such thing as the “Will of the Masses.” Therefore political government cannot express the will of the masses. There is no Will of a group of a dozen people going on a picnic. The population of this country is millions of people with fluctuating Wills, diverse interests, different value judgments, and a variety of goals.

Inasmuch as there are over 300 million people living in this country, less than 100 million are registered voters, and out of that number only a percentage actually go to the polls and vote, it’s quite apparent, majority rule is non-existent, and just an abstract idea. And simply not true.

Inasmuch as human “Will” is an individual thing, and only individuals can operate with a will, there is no such thing as “will of the masses,” and simply not true.

Then there’s the idea, “government protects.” The idea that a small group of government employees sitting in Washington can protect 300 million people is absurd on its face. Policemen can’t protect themselves, much less you and me. The notion political government “protects” simply is not true.

What about the idea, government is the “guardian of Freedom?” Freedom is an inalienable Right granted by a creator, and cannot be granted by a political government. It is self-evident each individual is in control of their life-energy. This idea, government grants freedom, promotes freedom, protects and guards freedom is simply not true.

The question is, does government really exist for the purpose it claims? Or is it just a few men, claiming power over others for the purpose of controlling the Property of others? Why is this country in such crisis? What is this war of ideas all about? What is the reality?

Continued PART TWO.



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