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Less than 300 years ago, a group of ordinary men set out to accomplish an extraordinary task, by a decision to break away from the yoke of rule of a British king, a regime that imposed taxes upon those producers living in this country at that time. They decided to reject the system of thievery imposed upon them by British rule.

As a result of their decision, the Revolutionary war was fought. Many died fighting and many who survived suffered untold hardships, but their determination to be free, caused them to stand up and fight to win their Right to live as free human beings.

During that period of time in the history of this nation, not only did they fight with a determination to win; aside from their deeds, they spoke words to emphasize their determination. During that period and subsequent times, men of courage spoke up and spoke out.

It seems a long time ago since I was in high school civics and history classes, but recall some of the sayings I heard about. Like a mantra, they had a “root hog, or die” philosophy. General Washington said, “These are times that try mens’ souls.”  It is thought to be Major William Prescott at the Battle of Bunker Hill, who gave the order “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes.” Paul Revere went on his midnight ride to alert the populace.

Then there was Admiral Farragut, the first senior officer of the U.S. Navy at the time of the Civil war, who said “Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.”

During the Revolutionary war, three Boston patriots used lanterns to alert, “One if by land and two if by sea,” to send a message about the approaching enemy. The rednecks of the British army.

I recall some of these events of history, with a sense of deep gratitude to those who fought and died so that I might live in a country of freedom; followed by a sense of sadness over the fact we have squandered it, and now living in a period of time when it seems taboo to talk about Freedom.

I recall last year during all the campaign speeches only hearing one candidate, Sara Palin, mention Freedom. There was some talk of “love of country” and patriotism to country. For me personally, love of country has always been synonymous with Freedom. But for many this does not appear to be the case.

If I’m not a news “junkie” I’m probably close to it. I listen to all the commentators and talk shows on various stations. I spend more time listening to Fox news cable than any other, but still watch Keith, and Rachael on MSNBC, and CNN and HLN, as well as NBC, and CBS. I listen to “morning Joe” and Wolf Blitzer. I flip around from one to the other, to get a perspective on what they are saying, whether Liberal or Conservative. From where I sit, there is a lot of pro-socialist talk coming across the airwaves, which I view as anti-Freedom and anti-private property ownership.

Words are power. If you are one of those persons wondering what you can do, I suggest you start by talking about Freedom, and discovering its true meaning. There is a great opportunity in the social media, like twitter and facebook, to express ideas about Freedom. Refuse to be intimidated by people saying it’s unfashionable to speak about it. Discuss it with your children around the kitchen table.

There is one thing for certain, children are not being taught about Freedom in the socialized school system. I doubt if there are very many who even know who George Washington was.

Private ownership of property is synonymous with Freedom and many young children express this relative to their toys and that which belongs to them. But how many parents support this and assist in their expression of ownership? Instead, so many put the child on a guilt trip by admonishing that they are “supposed” to share. When left to their own devices they learn to share voluntarily.

There are so many things we as individuals could do to promote the idea of freedom that cost nothing. Instead we have clammed up and followed the socialist line it is taboo and unfashionable to discuss Freedom. Instead, follow the socialist line of “collectivism.” Individualism is to be sacrificed to follow the illusionary line of what is considered to be “for the greater good of the many.”

When in essence, those in seats of power and leadership roles pitch the collectivist line out of greed, to feather their own nests and increase their position of power.

I say, wake up America, to the reality of what is taking place in this country. Take your eyes, ears and minds off the illusion perpetrated in flowery rhetoric, and face reality. The Emperor is naked! Time is of the essence and the time is now.

I’m a grandmother, reared in a different time, when it was fashionable to talk about freedom, and political government programs were condemned in open rhetoric. But there is nothing generational about freedom. It’s as fresh and desirable today as it was during the Revolutionary war. However, so many have been hoodwinked into believing it can be replaced by something better. Don’t kid yourself. The opposite of freedom is bondage.

Know yourself and know the enemy, the great battle strategists teach us. Listen to what is being said, coming out of the mouths of those in power in Washington, like the speech recently stating the mass murderer Mao Tse Tung was their hero and role model. The man who murdered 70 million to establish socialist communist China. A staggering revelation and unbelievable that we have reached a point of tolerating this in the centralized government seat of power.

You can’t get any further away from the Principles upon which this country was founded, than the recent speech before a group of students by a woman in the administration next to the President, touting the virtues of a communist, murderous dictator.


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