One of the news topics in the latest news cycle is the wrangling between Obama and his administration, and Fox news. It appears the White House has drawn a line in the sand in a battle of ideas with Fox news in general, and Glenn Beck, O’Reilly and Hannity in particular. A sort of modern day “War of the Titans.”

What is a titan? Dictionary describes: “a person of gigantic size and strength.” One could certainly say the President of the United States is a person of gigantic size and strength, and so is the Fox news channel.

In Greek mythology, Titan was described as one of a race of giant gods, vanquished and succeeded by the Olympian gods.

I for one think this open battle of ideas is a good thing. It brings to the surface much which has been brewing in this war of ideas. One could call it a battle between Liberals and Conservatives, Right and left. Democrats and Republicans, Socialism versus capitalism, Freedom versus Bondage, political government versus Individualism. The President versus the press, or simply Right from Wrong.

We need to be reminded political government is a “con” game. Keep your eye on this ball while they are juggling something else, to increase their power, to be in control of the lives of those they are supposed to represent. That is, 300 million Americans. However, it does not take a rocket scientist to recognize those in the seats of power in Washington, do not represent the people, but themselves and their agenda.

Evidence of this is the rapidity with which this administration has taken this country down the road to Socialism, by such actions as the trillion-dollar stimulous package debt. Nationalizing, mortgage companies, banks and auto industry escalating a senseless, expensive war and a laundry list of actions, in opposition to individual Liberty and private ownership of property.

Acting like Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, the Obama Presidency, surrounded by all his Czars, and the 500-plus members of Congress in collusion for more and more power, ignoring the interests of the American people, like an out of control run-a-way horse, have declared a television network of news and talk-shows their enemy.

It is obvious their tactics and strategies in this battle for totalitarian control and power, in this war of ideas, is what it is. The destruction of personal property Rights and individual Freedom, has obviously been greatly damaged. And despite the fact that there are numerous television stations, there is only one station, speaking up with truth, and exposing of what is actually going on, overtly and covertly in Washington.

Having said that, the question is Why? With all the economic, military, and political problems this country now faces, why is it the powers that be have turned their rhetoric guns on this one news and talk-show television network? A declaration of war on the free-expression of ideas. An attempt to muzzle the mouths of commentators, exposing the happenings in Washington. How come?

Did spinners suddenly wake up to the fact, you can’t fool all the people all the time? By virtue of the fact they have so mislead so many Americans by eloquent rhetoric, did they suddenly say to themselves, “Oops, we have missed a few, let’s go after them?” In a closed door strategy meeting, did someone come up with the bright idea, “Let’s just make a direct hit on Fox news?”

If they did, then the Pavlovian bell-ringing is apparently backfiring.

But let’s return to the premise, political government is a con game of keeping the eye on one ball while hiding some clandestine activity.

It is glaringly apparent the popularity of the President is on a downward spiral, and there is much unrest among the American people concerned with the direction things are going. Could it be just a diversionary tactic, to take the eyes off the socialist ball, by attacking the news media of one company long enough to push through more socialist agenda, like the so-called Health-care program? To divert attention from the tanking dollar? To divert attention away from a “no-win” war?

The trillion dollar stimulous package, touted as job-saving maneuver, simply increased government jobs for more government workers and propped up the banking industry, while home losses increase and more and more rising unemployment. Small businesses going out of business, evidenced by more and more empty mall spaces.

Are we supposed to believe our lying eyes, or the round-robin of appearances of regime spokesmen dominating the airwaves on talk programs telling us we are in a recovery period? Like some old-time medicine men hawking cure-all medicines, or crooked weather men during the Dust-Bowl era, selling rain-making kits to distressed farmers.

Who was the power-broker who said not to let a crisis go to waste? Is the attack on free speech, by the strategy to criticize and condemn the one news station, speaking up and speaking out, a created crisis to divert attention from all these government mandated programs which are bankrupting America?

Is the fabricated attack on free speech one of consequences intended to keep the attention of the American people on this fabrication, while the machinery of the other balls in the air, continue their push to destroy the American way of life as we once knew it?

With the news revealing the thousands upon thousands being hired for government jobs, there are definitely enough now on taxpayer backs, to have plenty of spokesmen operating the propaganda machine, while plenty of others work behind closed doors implementing the socialist agenda programs.

This open attack by the President and his regime on a news and talk-show tv network is actually good news. It’s a revelation of all that is taking place in this country, by a political government now in power to destroy this Republic and bring it under the yoke of socialism. It’s a staggering revelation, which tells us just how far it has gone. It informs us that “The organ ain’t playing and the monkey’s on fire.” This news about the news, is a cat out of the bag. It prompts us to ask the question Why? Why has it become so important to the political regime to interfere with free speech and truth? Pulling out all stops to “shut up” those now exposing and speaking out.

Even to the point that a two hour closed-door meeting with liberal news media, was called by the Washington powers that be. I suggest this may be a “circling of the wagons,” calling for more troops to assist in the assault on free speech. Was the purpose to pit Liberal media against conservative talk?

Keep in mind we are in a war of ideas, a battle between Freedom of individuals and the power struggle takeover by a centralized political government. A small group of people who have already made great in-roads in their determination to accomplish a complete takeover of this country.

It’s all about rallying support for the agenda of this takeover and in its final stages they must squelch any opposition. This open news about this latest ploy is the revelation of just how cocky and self-assured they are; they have the tiger by the tail, and winning.

Again I reiterate what President Lincoln said 150 years ago, “The people are the Rightful masters of both Congresses and Courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

The Right to free speech is definitely an important plank in The United States Constitution. Therefore this open opposition by the centralized government, directed to a news organization which reporting news about the horrors of what is happening in this country, and trying to stop this news reporting, is a wake-up call to all who still value the principles upon which this country was founded.



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  1. It is a little sad that the debate seems to only be “right vs. left” instead of authoritarians vs freedom, which is really the only thing that matters. Still, having the authoritarians fight amongst themselves may turn out to be a good thing.

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