Yesterday, I like millions of others, was glued to the television watching the story about the flying saucer balloon in the air unfold, thinking there was the possibility of a little six year old boy in the balloon. One of the most bizarre events I have ever seen.

It was over an hour unfolding, while various agencies tried to figure out what to do. And all took place on live television. No one knew where nor when it would land. I wanted to reach in the tv, grab the string and pull it down and rescue the little boy.

Then the news would flip back and forth trying to piece together what happened as the child’s brother related his story of seeing the boy get into the balloon.

Eventually, after over an hour, the balloon gently floated down to earth in an open field, where a number of men rushed in to grab it and discovered the boy was not in it.

Then began the heart-wrenching concern and searching to see if he may have fallen out after the balloon became airborne. Search crews were in his home and surrounding grounds looking for him,not knowing where he was, but thinking there was a possibility he never got in the balloon and was hiding some place. Sure enough he was hiding in a box in his home in the attic. And after a period of time, he climbed from the attic to the waiting arms of his parents.

The next twist to this unusual story, were the rumors which began to fly, it all may be some kind of publicity stunt, inasmuch as the family has a history of unusual behavior like chasing storms with the children in the car. Plus the fact they had been featured on the “swap wives” television program.

The parent call to 911 was played and appeared to be a distress call from a very concerned parent. Then different stations had different persons on who knew the family telling their stories. A lot of pros and cons in opinions, debating as to whether or not the story was for real or a hoax.

I, like millions of other viewers, was so glad the little boy was found safe and sound, but rumors began to fly that it might all be a ploy for publicity.

This morning, the family appeared on national television, and the most heartrending scene was when the young boy vomited twice on live tv while the father sat and kept talking. Never have I had a stronger urge to reach through the television and hold and hug to comfort the sick distressed young child. I couldn’t understand why the father didn’t pick the boy up, take him off stage and comfort this sick child!!!

Subsequent news stories today reveal no one seems to know what actually happened, but there’s an on-going investigation into the matter.

Interviews with psychologists suggest there is a possibility, this is a family addicted to publicity. It’s beyond the pale for me to comprehend any parent would subject this little sick child to such misery on live television as displayed this morning. The little boy said “Im sick,” started vomiting and there was no immediate move to take him off stage and take care of him.

Regardless of whether or not this entire story was for real or staged, the needs and care of the sick child did not appear to take precedence over the publicity. And I for one felt overwhelming empathy for the child. Obviously he experienced a great deal of fear of consequences, because he ran and hid in the attic. Then to be displayed on national television the next morning throwing up, seemed so cruel to me.

We won’t know the full extent of what actually happened when the balloon was released until the investigation. Doesn’t matter to me, mine is a deep concern for a sick, scared little boy in a situation where it appeared to be an absence of loving care for his well-being in a time of need.

I’m sure it was a traumatic time for the parents when no one knew where he was, and not knowing whether or not he was alive. However, having been found alive, it seems to me, gratitude for that would prompt a parent to comfort and take care of his needs above and beyond anything else. Instead the appearance on television seemed to take priority over the needs of the child. A child so sick he vomited twice while on the air. More disturbing than the flying balloon fiasco. The care and protection of a child is the primary role and responsibility of a parent.


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