When President Obama began his campaign for the Presidency, he launched his campaign in the land of Lincoln in Illinois.

Here’s a quote from Abraham Lincoln, Feburary 12, 1865. About 150 years ago.

“The people are the rightful masters of both congresses and courts, not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”

Now I don’t blame Obama for all the troubles, trials and tribulations, we currently face in this country. However, in his campaign speeches he repeatedly promised change. Promised to change the usual manner of doing business in Washington. Most everyone knows this country was so disenchanted with Bush, and much resentment over the direction he had taken this country. Therefore, many thought when he promised to change things in Washington, it would be for the better in a different direction. But such has not been the case in ten months he has rapidly taken this country further down the road to socialism.

He has traveled around the world speaking in terms uncomplimentary about this country. He has taken us further into debt by billions of reckless spending. In all his eloquent speeches he does not speak in terms which support the capitalistic free enterprise system, a system that at one time made this country great and a super power.

He spoke against war and the surge effort in Iran, then turned around and expedited a war in Afganistan. Very costly to the American people, and a war that does nothing to enhance the Freedom of the American people.

He has promoted his socialist agenda in programs which have placed this country further in debt by billions of dollars.

He himself may not be a socialist, marxist, communist nor fascist, but the programs he has pushed through are of that persuasion and according to the socialist philosophy.

Many of those he has appointed and surrounds himself with are of the socialist mind-set and some have been communists, according to news reports.

He spends a great deal of his time making flowery, eloquent speeches; those in his administration talk about the recovery of the economy, when all the evidence points to a further down-turn in the economy, as unemployment rises, banks continue to fail, the dollar tanking and home foreclosures continue to rise.

His popularity when he took office has diminished dramatically, as conditions in this country go from bad to worse. President Bush is out of the loop and after ten months can no longer be blamed for what is happening currently.

While his qualifications to lead this country are now in question, his popularity in other countries remain quite high. But he was not elected to lead the world, but this country.

I, among many, have a lot of deep concerns about my country and the direction it has already taken.

While congress seems to be in a state of confusion and disarray, every day I see on the news, the President walking off a plane or getting on one or headed for a microphone, enjoying his world popularity. While the American people don’t know who’s on first or second, nor if they are horseback or afoot. Wondering what’s going to happen next. Dazzled by all the footwork and propaganda. Listening to press secretary Robert Gibbs, who has trouble completing a sentence. He just babbles.

The news paints a picture of deception and corruption in this administration. A lot of fear and anger permeate the population in this country like I have never seen before.

Now the latest is the Obama administration has declared war against Fox News. The only station, in my opinion, which strives to express the truth about what’s going on in this country. The fact that the Whitehouse has an all-out attack of criticism of Fox news, speaks volumes about the Obama administration. As they say in Texas, “that dog won’t hunt.”

As President of the United States, Obama and his administration are elected and paid to run this country, not to attack a cable news company, who obviously strives to report the truth and news. The question I have is Why? And what’s behind this action?

As noted news columnist, Jack Anderson, used to say, “I don’t cover the news but uncover it.” I think that’s what Fox news does. And the only station that does. What the heck Glenn Beck is a breath of fresh air as he reports it like it is every day at 5 oclock!!

Tell me what you think!!

Let Freedom Ring



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