In my previous three articles about government control of your vehicle from personal experiences, the bottom line is you don’t really own your car. If you go to a car dealer today and pay cash for it, political government mandates things you must do, or face a fine or jail or both.

You are ordered to buy a tag, buy a driver’s license, purchase insurance. Then there are other things you are ordered to do, like pay for an inspection to have a decal on your car annually. You are required to pay large sums in taxes on the purchase of the vehicle – state and federal.

Driver’s license and tag are taxes. Everytime you buy a gallon of gas to operate the car, you pay hefty local and federal taxes. If it needs repair, you pay taxes on parts. Therefore, I unequivocally state, you do not own the vehicle you purchase. It is controlled by the government.

Brands of Socialism, that is Communism and Fascism, at their core premise are centralized state control and ownership. By geometric progression, the government has taken over ownership of a larger part of things you still think you own.

I remind the reader, ownership of property is a total concept, you do not own that which others control. You may in fact possess a particular thing, like your house or car, but possession is not ownership. I have written many previous articles explaining and defining Ownership.

It may be confusing to some to comprehend precisely what constitutes ownership. It is much easier to understand if you think about what thievery is. Stealing is taking an owner’s property in violation of the will of the owner. Hence taxes by definition are a system of thievery, inasmuch as they are an involuntary relinquishment of one’s property. Stealing is either right or it’s wrong. If it can be justified on any level it can be justified on all levels.  I believe stealing is wrong and immoral.

What has happened and is happening, is a systematic take-over of private property by a centralized power, by a method of thievery, accomplished by goons with guns or threats of a gun. This is socialism. It is self-evident.

To waste one’s time debating whether or not this one or that one is a socialist, either communistic or fascist, is ludicrous. If ownership of property is a total concept and Freedom is self-responsibility, those two areas have already been so drastically changed by government control of property and removal of self-responsibility, that no other term defines it but socialism.

With reference to automobile ownership, take for example the recent so-called “Cash for Clunkers” that the government spent millions of your money on. Specifically, one was told to take their operating vehicle into a car dealership, most were already paid for, and turn it over to the co-perpetrator of the scheme, the dealer. Purchase a new car, costing thousands, plus added fees by government, like higher insurance, more expensive tag, interest on loan, etc. You drive off in your new car, looking back at a wrecker demolishing your other vehicle.

Your car had to be drivable, to take to the lot.

Have you ever read the book titled, “That Which is Seen and That Which is Not Seen,” by the great French writer Frederic Bastiat, who also wrote “The Law?”

In the Cash for Clunkers scheme, there’s that which is seen and not seen. Driving out of the dealership in a brand new car may be a good feeling, but now is in the news about all the remorse, and regrets by many buyers and dealers.

The Cash for Clunkers, is the most glaring example of how socialism works, than anything I have seen in awhile. Mainstream America was roped into a scheme, which placed buyers in debt with high interest for the car, involved increased expense for tag, insurance, taxes. Now dealers are complaining about non-payment and a decrease in buyers.

The $4,500 discount is tax-payer stolen money. A scheme of political government, which thousands fell for line, hook and sinker. This kind of legal plunder, is a perversion of individual Freedom and a violation of property rights. This is a glaring example of Bastiat’s description of “the few plundering the many.”

It’s a part of the totalitarian schemer’s basic tenets to place the workers in debt, for greater subserviency to others, diminishing their power to control and own property.

As thousands gather in protest of what has happened, many carry signs and placards of what they want – of what their gripe is. A lot of confusion over the problem. Until there is a consensus of recognizing the root problem, it’s unlikely the direction will change.

Specifically and quite simply, all the upsetment, anger, disenchantment, worries and unhappines can be boiled down to one thing: Loss of control of one’s property. The underlying, gnawing feeling of delusion, trying to convince one’s self they own and control that which long ago was removed by a centralized power. Delusion of an illusion.

Lives are in disorder from governmental orders, by edict, man-made laws contradictory to universal law, policies, mandates, rules, regulations and on and on, ad infinitum. By design, all relate to property.

The two major areas of property ownership are one’s home and automobile. The government controls both, and those who pay for them are only allowed to possess conditionally. For many it’s a difficult mind-set to change, the notion you own your home or automobile after you have paid for it. But the undeniable fact of the matter is, you do not own, even though you may possess.

All that has happened to individuals in this once great nation, loss of individual Freedom and private property ownership, was no accident nor happenstance. It’s the result of a well-defined plan going years back and set forth in detail in many books, like the Communist Manisfesto. Those in charge know exactly what they are doing and the reason for it. Their plan is in motion day and night, operating in your life every day. Their diversionary tactics which they are so adept and trained at, i.e., keep your eye on this ball while I’m doing something else, has you believing you own your house and car.

America, the Beautiful, open your eyes, ears, mind and mouth – We’re in a heap of trouble.





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