I’m sure most have heard an old saying, “All the world is wrong but me and thee and sometimes I have my doubts about thee.”

I receive a number of e-mails and comments about my blogsite articles. Most are thoughtful, considerate and complimentary. Many are in agreement on subjects I write about, but a few are condemning in their disagreements. I welcome all of them. As I view it, for the few who write in opposition to the ideas I expound upon, there are probably dozens who agree with them but never ink their opposition. Therefore I think it important I publish and respond to those who oppose.

Someone once said, “The tempo of the American people is never far behind nor ahead of the tempo of political government.” If this is true, then it stands to reason, the downfall of those things upon which this country was founded, those great Moral guides, The Declaration of Independence and the Ten Commandments, falls at the feet of the American people.

Just before he was elected, President Obama said: “We are just five days away from transforming America.” He never articulated just what he was transforming to. Some were naive enough to believe he meant improvement for the betterment of this once great Nation. However, nine months into his seat of power, we now know what he meant. It is now glaringly apparent, his actions, mandates, appointments, and agenda are transforming this once free country of Capitalism and individual Rights, into a country of Socialism. One of its two brands, communism or fascism. Yes he is rapidly transforming America.

The first two or three months we listened and watched as he pushed through such things as billions in stimulus packages. Many of us were stunned at the rapidity of this transformation he promised.

Recently some have been shocked into reacting in opposition. Across the nation, “tea parties” of opposition rose up, and a few news programs, like Fox news, aired stories about what is happening. One in particular, Glenn Beck, who airs everyday at 5 o’clock on Fox news, began a series of exposure programs, telling the truth, and detailing names, dates and places of this transformation. It’s a shocker, and hard to believe the entrenchment of takeover by avowed Communists in this country.

Not so much a shocker to me because I began reading all about the plan back in the fifties. One book in particular, titled “Witness,” by Whitaker Chambers, a devout card-carrying Communist who defected, and tells the stories of saturation in government agencies like the State Department, with hard-core Communists. He tells it like it is from first hand knowledge as one of those communists in government. He vividly describes Communist cell meetings of those in seats of power in Washington.

Despite the fact they no longer carry cards, I’ve never read anything describing any clean-up activities of those entrenched in government high-paying, tax-funded jobs. Instead of weeding them out, they have grown in numbers with new recruits, bred in the philosophy of Socialism. Consequently they have already accomplished a great deal of transformation of this America into a socialistic country.
Freedom is self-responsibility and self-control. The choices of how we conduct our lives, and control of private property have already been transformed.

Billions of dollars spent and thousands losing their lives in foreign countries in government-mandated wars. What are they fighting for, I ask? Certainly not for personal Freedom and private property Rights in this country. If this were true why have we lost those Freedoms? It’s all akin to the stimulus packages to destroy this nation as we once knew it via economics.

These tactics and strategies are all outlined in such books as “The Communist Manisfesto.” It’s all a deliberate, well-organized plot to “Transform America” like President Obama told us five days before he took the reins of power. We can’t say we were not warned. We heard but did not heed. Now we face a severe crisis. A crisis of how, where, when and if, we can reclaim the Freedoms already lost.

I have written many articles about the public school situation in this country. Government owned tax-supported socialist schools where several generations have been indoctrinated into a belief in socialism. About a million who recognized their children were not being educated but indoctrinated, have removed their children and home-school. But even so, the text-books mandated and required by the State to use, are filled with teachings of socialism.

Many well-meaning parents are products of socialized grade school teachings. And most of higher education colleges have teachers and professors who are far-left, liberal teachers. Therefore the big job at hand is one of re-educating, to re-think, and recognize the root cause of the problem. Many do not actually understand the meaning of Freedom.

Conversely, millions are upset, angry, and disenchanted with things the way they are today. They recognize something is very wrong. But the entrenchment and power of a centralized political government, has the upper hand. They are all dancing to the same steps they know so well. Organized, and in concert to takeover and have a socialist country.

Many books have been written in the past and recently, which detail what has happened and is happening. Information is available to anyone who cares to be informed about the truth, to anyone who desires to be informed.

The hour is very late, but perhaps not too late to reclaim this country for the principles upon which it was founded. But a daunting task lies before us. Not something which can be put on the back burner till tomorrow or next year. It is now.

Freedom is not free. It has a price, “Eternal Vigilance” and a willingness to stand up for it and to fight for it if necessary. Talk about it, write about it, and act upon it individually. Get off the backs of each other by refusing government pay-offs and bail-outs. And most importantly, stop and think about what is happening, honestly.

Let Freedom Ring

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  1. “Transforming America” is along the same lines as the statement “the patient has stabilized”. Nothing is more “stable” than death.

  2. Hi Kent

    It seems i hit a nerve and achilles heel on some lately. Racism racist responded with some nasty name-calling. All I can say is, one monkey dont stop no show. And la de da and tut tut. I did not come into town on no turnip truck. I vehemently object to the transformation of my America, and have no qualms about telling it like it is.

    Anne Cleveland
    Chief Editor

  3. Greg says:

    Dear Anne:
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but many of the things you’ve said here are eerily and strongly reminiscent of the red scare of 1947-1957. You identify many public figures as being too socialist or communist for your taste; you seem to give credibility to rumours of communist conspiracies in agencies like the State Department; and significantly you seem to propose a clean-up or weeding out of these ‘entrenched’ suspected communists.

    From everything you’ve said here, you give the impression of wanting to revive the era of McCarthyism in its every detail. I would be greatly interested in hearing whether or not this is true and why.

  4. Anne Cleveland says:

    Hello again to Gregg,

    I wish to be perfectly clear,what I wish to revive for this country, is those principles in the Declaration of Independence and those Freedoms of life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness{property Rights} once enjoyed in this country.
    You say, “You give credibility to rumous of communist conspiracies in agencies like State Department”
    No, what I speak of is not rumours, there is documentation and sworn testimony of communist infiltrations in the State Department. Plus sworn documents of confessions of dyed in the wool communist in government agencies.
    The era you speak of, was a time of expose of communist infiltration, I listened to the court trials and Senate hearings. Its a matter of history.
    Yes I do propose a clean-up in government. Its a big mess that needs cleaning up. What do you think? do you like the current conditions?What I believe and what I think, I have published in almost 300 lengthy articles. Its clear cut with no subtefuge.
    The question is what is it you believe about the government? Your letter has a tone of resentment, and carries a sort of finger-shaking attitude. If you read the articles I have posted, you may not understand what I think and believe, but its spelled out repetiously.
    I cannot proove anything to you, but there is plenty of written proof government offices in Washington were filled with communist and communist sympathysers.
    No its not rumors I give credibility too, but to Truth and facts. Then I express my opinion on a variety of subjects and post on my blog-site.

    I must have hit upon the achilles heel of marxist, because some of the material I have received is too vicious, name-calling, and threatening for me to post on my site.
    I!m quite passionate about personal Freedom. With deep concerns about the future of this country and conditions under which my children and grand-children will live.

    Have a nice day

    Anne Cleveland
    chief editor

  5. Greg- Anne’s accusing observations are based upon the *actions* of those who are accused, not upon hearsay or inuendo. That is a vast difference from McCarthyism.

  6. Greg says:

    Since you’ve asked what I think:

    I think it’s funny that a segment of the American population, foaming at the mouth, has latched onto the word ‘socialist’ as a classification tool to revile, discredit and otherwise cast aspersions on public figures. I think, as you’ve confirmed, that the vindictive and career-destroying McCarthy witch hunts of the 1950s are likely to enjoy a full-blown renewal, especially if a conservative government is to take power.

    Mostly, I’m proud to be a citizen of a country that practices functioning socialist policies. (Gasp! a traitor!) Canada has far less crime and far fewer incarcerations that the states, stronger social programs, less pollution, less obesity, and (another one of those taboo terms) universal health care; Transparency International’s worldwide Corruption Perception Index shows Canada’s rating as ranging between 8.4 and 9.0 in the last seven years, whereas the American rating ranges between 7.2 and 7.3 (lower values indicate higher corruption). This is the hellish dystopia that socialism creates. Repulsive, isn’t it?

  7. Greg,
    Since socialism is based upon theft, and since all states are based at their very foundation upon murder, the end (even if “better” in your estimation) does NOT justify the means. It IS repulsive to *anyone* who respects the life and property of others. Yet, your comparison of one socialist country with another proves absolutely nothing relevent to this discussion. Compare FREE people with your socialist “Utopia” and let’s see how you come out. Since that negates the possibility of using any “country” as a comparison, good luck.
    No free person would claim you are not allowed to prefer, or practice, socialism, we only recognize that the people you steal from (or send state agents to do your stealing for you) are justified in defending themselves and their property from the thieves.

  8. Anne Cleveland says:

    Hi To GREGG Again,

    Thank you for your admissions you are from a Socialist Country, Canada, and expressions of your love of Socialism.
    Conversely, mine is an intense rejections in all its forms. Now we know we are at opposite ends of the spectrum. You love it and I despise it. Apparently not all Canadians are so enthralled with the system. Over the news I hear many complaints and testimony of many flocking to this country for health care. Proper health care they cant get in Canada
    Interesting you state; :”American population has latched onto the word socialist as a classification to revile, discredit & cast aspersions on public figures.”
    Then you cast aspersions, dis-credit and revile one of our elected officials, a united States Senator, Joseph Mc Carthy, suggesting he was vindictive, witch hunter by his exposure of communist in Washington politics.
    I have posted your comments and my response for others to view both sides of the coin, relative to opposing views inthe two systems of government.
    I appreciate your taking the time to read my articles plus the time to comment.
    I conclude by saying:”East is East and West is West and ne!r the twain shall meet”

    Best of luck to you
    Anne Cleveland
    chief editor

  9. Greg says:

    To Kent:
    If by stealing you mean that I willingly pay my taxes because I know that they are necessary for the social security of my country, then, well, it isn’t stealing. If I really had a problem with paying the taxes that I pay, I’d move to a different country.
    As to how my country is founded on murder? I actually haven’t the faintest idea what you’re talking about.
    Finally, you say that I compare two socialist countries. If the states are attempting to provide a general set of social services, they’re failing dramatically. Health care is mostly privatized and wildly expensive; the same applies to post-secondary education. So I would say, no, I’m not comparing two socialist countries; I’m comparing capitalist-socialist democracy with capitalist-corporatist democracy. (I should use the word democracy very loosely in the latter case, considering your election in 2000).

    To Anne:
    Firstly, considering your allegations of hypocrisy regarding McCarthy, I’m more than entitled to discredit him as he has already been widely discredited. Recall that in 1954 your Senate voted to censure him after a long series of public trials that did not turn out in his favour. Conversely, President Barack Obama and the various other politicians that you regularly criticize are still happily in office.
    Secondly, regarding the supposed “flocking” of Canadians to America for health care: I would direct you to any number of websites that clarify this misconception, especially http://www.ourfuture.org/node/21313 . It’s an excellent and fair assessment of the advantages and shortcomings of the Canadian health care system.

  10. No, Greg, I am not saying socialism is based upon theft because *you* willingly pay. It is based upon theft because it forces those to pay who realize that their money could be better managed and spent by themselves rather than by the state. When you take something that belongs to another against their will, it is theft. It doesn’t matter whether you wear the silly hat of government or if you hide behind a dumpster in an alley awaiting a new victim. Ethically, there is no difference.

    If the mugger in the alley promises to use the stolen money to feel orphans and widows does it make his theft “right”? What if he promises to cut you in for a piece of the action on his future thefts, perhaps when you decide not to work anymore? It is still not right.

    As far as all states being based upon murder, that is because “the penalty is always death” (google that phrase) for violating any “law”, no matter how trivial. In the case of the “taxes”, what happens if someone refuses to pay? The situation will continue to escalate as the state increases the penalty with each refusal. At some point, armed agents of the state will attempt to kidnap (“arrest”) the person whose only “crime” was attempting to keep his own property. At that point, if the person resists the armed agents of the state will kill him. You may claim that the penalty isn’t death if the person would just “give in”, but that is exactly my point. As long as the person continues to refuse to be stolen from by the state, the state will continue to excalate the situation, rather than to take the honest path and leave the person alone. It is the same with every single “law” passed by any state.

    If this is how you wish to live, that is your business. As soon as you force everyone in a certain geographic region to participate in your “system” you are no longer on the side of “good”.

  11. It’s posts like this that keep me coming back and checking this site regularly, thanks for the info!