I began writing these Blog articles just over a year and half ago on a range of subjects, many directed to Philosophy of Freedom and Personal Property Rights, Politics, Schools and my personal experiences.

In this article I’m going to respond to two recent comments, which contain some very profound accusations, mis-interpretations, and mis-quotes relative to what was actually stated in the articles commenting on. One can read them in the comment section.

Without apology I stand firmly by the things I write about and my opinions. In this connection, I might add it has been a rather expensive venture to post these blogs, and I have never received a cent for my articles. The first year, a design team helped with the birthing of this blog, at a cost of over $10,000. Just this past week, I spent over $200 for a technician, 4 ink cartridges, a new mouse and key-board. Therefore this is no “free-lunch” expression of ideas.

I post many of the comments and emails I receive, but not all of them. If they are unrelated to the subject matter or spam-type writings, I edit out.

The first commenter was on the article titled, “Freedom, What it is and What it is Not,” Issue 142. This commenter has written some rather thought-provoking ideas. We do not agree, however it’s quite all right to disagree with me, when the response conveys intelligent thinking. He speaks of Christians and Christianity, a subject I usually avoid writing about, other than to mention our Rights are derived from our creator; and discussions about Universal law, that which exists independent of what we think, know or understand entirely. In this connection, I express my opinions on areas I do understand, and have an opinion on, but usually not from orthodox religious views. I responded to his previous comments and will on his latest in my response column.

The next commenter responded to my comments about racism, in my article titled, “It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, He’s a Jack-ass, It’s a Lie, It’s Racism, Great Balls of Fire, It’s the School Bus Fight,” Issue 266.

This commenter said, “I was physically shocked when I read this,” and, “can’t believe your views on racism,” stated this blog was on a “level of holocaust denial.” Couldn’t believe I interpreted racism as a value judgment. Further stating that my remarks might as well come from the lips of KKK. Stated, “You would have assuredly called niggers.”

Raved on about my “ignorance” of the race issue in the earlier part of the century. A real bang-up write-up, mis-interpreting my words to suit his notion of racial bias.

I, un-equivocally stand by the things I stated in the article. Living among blacks, growing up on a farm in northeast Georgia, I know the truth about how they were treated, which was very well in my community. I only read about mis-treatment in newspapers in other areas, which were some stories of horror. However the abuse of blacks and whites in other areas, is not something I saw nor experienced growing up. To imply all blacks were mis-treated during that era, is simply not true. To imply I’m ignorant of the situation, is a wrong implication. The implication, abuse was taking place, and I was blinded by ignorance, is simply not true. I knew the blacks very well on the farm I lived on, and never saw nor heard of mis-treatment on our farm. And I lived on the farm until I was 17 years old.

Because what the commenter conveys is pervasive among many who believe as he does, I set the record straight from my personal experiences growing up among them. There was no mis-treatment of blacks, quite the contrary, they were fed, housed and treated well in the area I grew up in.

The racism issue as it exist to-day, is more of a political ploy, to engender anger, resentment, hate and division, than anything. A divide to conquer mentality which exists to take this country down the road of socialism. To promote redistribution of wealth – to take from the “haves to give to the have-nots” as Lyndon Johnson stated.

It appears this commenter wants to fan the fire of dissension, by mis-interpreting what I wrote, and he is mistaken in his mis-information relative to my personal experiences.

I appreciate comments from readers, but when they are untruths, I write this to set the record straight. Truth being that which is, and the absence of a lie. Quite frankly, no one is important enough for me to lie to.



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