So much is happening in this country nowadays, it’s as though something in outer space sprayed us with a huge Pepper Gun and everyone is running in different directions, running into each other, running over each other, running from each other, and running off at the mouth.

There is so much back-stabbing, back-biting and back-lashing rhetoric, spewing forth as if there’s diarrhea of the mouth. Headed up by a President name-calling, while names and accusations are hurdled at him. What happened to common courtesy? Civility? Propriety in behavior or Roberts Rules of Order? Despite the fact some remarks seem justified as I agree the “jack-ass” remark was, a reduction in name calling seems in order to me.

We are entitled to free speech and I’m all for that. But so much time and space is taken up with the crazies, and nonsensical verbiage, who’s paying attention to rational speech? Who’s listening to what makes sense and the truth about what is actually taking place?

Things are in such a state of confusion, no one talks about such things as over half the state’s budgets are spent on schools and in such disorder, now hiring guards to ride the school buses to stop children from beating each other up. The children are handed everything on a silver platter, books, computors, large comfortable facilities, free lunches, free rides back and forth, entertainment, sports, and you name it they have it gratis, at the expense of hard working Americans. So wild, ungrateful and mean-spirited, now of all things, tax-payers are funding guards to ride the bus with these children to keep them from killing each other. Where is common sense?

Video tapes on the news show the vicious fighting and brawling on school buses. Children viciously beating each other up. The last tape I saw, the bus driver so afraid to stop the bus to stop the brawl, but kept driving to a location where he felt safer in stopping. This ought to be headline news. Sane students, teachers, parents and elected officials ought to be talking about this and doing something about it. This is an outrage in a civilized country. Instead, a small amount of news coverage one day and no more mention of it.

In the same news cycle as the school bus fight, most of the news focused on “racism.” I for one so sick of hearing the term. It’s a word that feeds upon itself, and promotes racism where there is none. It’s the buzz word that gets everyone’s attention. This past week, ex-presidents to journalists to news pundits talk talk talk about racism. Much over a black President. One who was black when he was elected and still black.

I grew up in the South on a farm where many blacks lived and worked alongside whites in peace. Back then they were called negros or colored folks. Nowadays they are referred to as Afro-Americans or blacks. As I recall back there when I grew up around them, they were treated with respect. However, we read newspaper accounts of mis-treatment of blacks and whites in the inner cities, as it is today.

We are all volitional beings. We make choices. We discriminate. We are not robots. There will always be racism, bigotry, discrimination, and choices. The whites are condemmed by blacks, and blacks condemned by whites. We are a clannish people. Mexicans gather with Mexican, Chinese, Asian, blacks and whites, gather among their own kind for the most part. Racism is here to stay, and what’s wrong with discrimination, and choice-making?

When I go to the grocery store and buy a laundry box of Gain, I’m discriminating against Tide and all the other brands and companies who make them.

By our very nature we are creatures of choice and discrimination. We choose where we live, work, play, vacation, shop and with whom we associate. We choose what we eat, wear and say. What’s wrong with that? It’s our nature. In this educated civilized country, why is so much time, talk, money and energy wasted on “racism?” Makes no sense. It’s a stirring stick, rabble-rousing, bullying tactic as I see it.

Why does some kid on the school playground bully other kids? Because he’s insecure, craves attention, enjoys the “fix” he feels and is a bit stupid. In my opinion that pretty much describes grown men and women trying to obtain what is missing in their lives by racism talk. It’s so pervasive, it’s alarming so many are running around talking and yelling about racism all the time.

I hesitated to write this article about it. But I’m so bored and tired of hearing it. Like a jackhammer in one’s ears, repetiously the same thing day in and day out on the news, racism, racism, racism. Drumming out rational conversation about important issues.
One can’t even enjoy an award show without a black man jumping in front of a white woman, to advertise another black person.

That’s the one thing I give credit to President Obama for saying, by calling him a ‘”jackass.” Actually a racist jackass who needs a muzzle over his mouth, for such barbaric behavior.

I think it’s time decent, considerate, thoughtful Americans stood up and voiced their opinion and objections to all this talk and behaviors over racism. It’s so old and tiresome, boring and bullying. For that black man to jump on stage and up-stage a lovely young accomplished singer while she was accepting an award, was nothing less than an act of bullying and an insult to the audience.

I don’t care if it’s a white ex-president, or a young rude black rapper, enough already of this kind of talk and rabble rousing. Their actions and verbiage are so racist. But who cares, just keep it to yourself, and stop bullying others.

A dues-paying member of the Communist Party, Kenneth Goff said: “The manual of the Communist Party should be in the hands of every loyal American, that they may be alerted to the fact that it is not always by armies and guns that a nation is conquered.”





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  1. Froidevaux-Burnett says:

    Insightful writings with good sense of humor! I went from a broad grin to chuckle to an outright roar. Though these rogue would-be-masters call seniors “useless-eaters”, “dough-nut holes”, “eugenic necessities”, it could be that some of us represent the last of the Old Guard, passing the torch of freedom to eager hands of the free.
    For thirty-five years I have been researching into and active against these criminals. If you like, I could pass along documented evidence of this global tyranny. As a citizen of Switzerland as well as the United States, I have gathered information on both sides of “the great pond” and have accumulated quite a store of hard evidence, now secured for the future generations and freely passed on to all patriots. Always happy to share and dearly love to laugh, even if “humour noire” (it helps me keep diggin’ and exposin’). Subscribe me please.

    Thought you might enjoy a five second panarama of the 9/12 March on D.C. I was among the proud ‘few’ reported by the Media, those lying dogs.

    Here is a few minutes of inspiring “Americans on the March”.

    Go to the link below, select Puppetgov Video, the second down…”The Uprising”. Listen carefully to the first minute. Click the video and, while listening, scroll down to end, pausing only at pictures and headlines. Our nation’s SHAME and the poster children for the next March.

  2. Andrew says:

    I was physically shocked when I read this. I can’t believe your views on racism. Assuming that you’re telling the truth about your age, you were born in about 1930, and thus started growing up right in the middle of the Jim Crow era that witnessed thousands of killings of black people, not to mention outright discrimination and denial of basic human rights. So you grew up in SOME OF THE WORST RACISM THE UNITED STATES HAD EVER SEEN. People were murdered, and still get murdered, because of it. If you didn’t read the newspapers, if you turned a blind eye to all of this, if you remained wholly ignorant about the whole affair while working on your idyllic farm beside what you would assuredly have called niggers – that does not mean racism does not exist.

    This blog is right on the level of holocaust denial.

    I can’t believe that you’re trying to actually support racism by interpreting it as value selection, compared to shopping for soap. I apply value selection to my shopping. I don’t apply value selection to people, because as you may recall in those dear bible lessons of yours, ALL CHILDREN ARE EQUAL UNDER GOD. If you don’t think so, I’m sorry, but your religion says you’re going to hell. This one sentence says it all for me: “One can’t even enjoy an award show without a black man jumping in front of a white woman, to advertise another black person.” This might as well have come from the lips of the KKK.

  3. Froidevaux-Burnett says:

    To me, this post is an opinionated view of our culture, a humorous attempt to express one opinion, with no intended racial slurs.
    The ‘race’ issue keeps us divided as Americans while our common domestic enemy rapidly enslaves us all. Many are awakening to this truth and join in the common cause of Freedom, despite our many differences and opinions. I believe this is the individual progress we should seek. What care we for the opinions of others? If they seek to amuse instead of inform, that is their choice. It is our own belief system that should occupy our foremost thoughts, keeping it clear and true while advancing in knowledge and unity against the oppressors.
    My early years followed Dr. King’s message and the courageous marches in the struggle against ignorance, for freedom of ALL Americans. With victory came big government’s solution and again, silently, it was the children who suffered. Our little ones, half asleep while waiting in the dark for the school-bus, returned home after sundown.

    During a mission in Africa, I witnessed the evil horrors of the powerful drug-cartels infecting that continent, while the global elites herded them like cattle from their farms, dammed up their rivers and streams, looted their resources. Giant pharmaceutical companies experimented on our African brothers and sisters, singling out the children. They were injected with toxic and malignant viruses, then vaccinated with virulent poisons to determine which would work best AGAINST their natural immune systems. My denouncements were rejected by all major organizations, charities and “societies” in the Mid-East, in Europe and the United States, including the UN in Geneva. Now, these Evil thugs operate freely within our country, doing the same to American children, black, white and brown.

    Even as I respect your defence of what you consider racial slurs, to me, there are more important issues to which to give my time and words.

    No child is safe while such vile agencies as the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) and the Child Protective Service (CPS) are legally allowed to kidnap, abuse, murder and be paid “per head” by Big Pharma for what they refer to as the “guinea pig kids”. If you missed the link, please go there and do not turn away from the silent victims.

    My opinion is that none of us should waste time on another’s while twisted legislation endorses such atrocities against our children at the rate of 10,000 plus per month. For me, all blogs are but an opportunity to denounce this evil and beg people to become aware and speak out for THE PROTECTION OF THE CHILDREN FROM THE MONSTERS WHOSE GOAL IS GLOBAL GENOCIDE.
    I don’t care what race, color, creed, religion or opinion a person…. if they stand against injustice and for the children, I stand with them. In this, I hope we agree.
    Most sincerely,
    Your sister-in-Christ.