The centralized government in this country, disguises their methods of thievery under many names. Labels and names like Public Schools, Benefits, Subsidies, Minimum Wage, Right to Work, Right to Medical care, Right to Housing, Right to New Car, etc.  This common goal is a system of thievery, which constitutes Socialism.
The transformation of the American system of government, from one of capitalistic, free-enterprising, and personal Freedom is socialistic.  Before this country could be transformed to socialism, laws had to be passed in Washington, to make it all “legal.”  The communist and fascist thinkers and promoters of Socialism, know how effective they can be so long as an activity is made legal.  It is not their desire to practice illegal plunder, but to operate with-in the law using legal plunder.
Those in power on a Federal, State and Local level, did not reach out into thin air and grab the power to execute all the legal plundering, quite the contrary. The American people flocked to the polls, put their stamp of approval on these individuals by electing them to their seat of power, naively assuming they would follow the Constitution of the United States.  Instead of abiding by it, they have ignored and violated it, by passing all sorts of immoral laws, which sanction the system of thievery.
In my series of articles about Schools, I explained my defeat by organizing, then went on to win a number of battles against the system by my determination and efforts as an individual.
In my latest series of articles relative to car ownership, I have detailed how I defeated the powers that be and backed them down on their demands I obtain insurance on a parked vehicle.  Confiscating my driver’s license and car tag, then demanding I pay a fine, I refused and fought back and won. My license and tag were returned and I neither paid a fine nor obtained insurance, while the car was parked on private property.
I point these actions out to convey to the reader, individual action placed these thugs in power and individual action can and must be taken to regain personal Freedom and Private property ownership.
Organized resistance can make some in-roads as evidenced by the recent nation-wide “Tea Parties,” but must be followed by individual initiatives to win the fight and the Battle in the War of Ideas.
I grew up with a mother teaching me to have a list of things I won’t do.  That notion ingrained in me has helped me over many hurdles in life and has given me the the courage of my convictions more than once.
Admittedly, in my latest battle with the political powers I have not yet won.  I told the story of how the State cancelled my driver’s license, then the local Deputy Marshall confiscated my vehicle.
It has now been three years since my driver’s license was cancelled, over a mistake the DDS made in my birth date.  I did what they demanded, presented a military ID, went to Social Security and obtained a letter, as they told me to do, which shows my correct birth date, but I have refused to “create” a birth certificate.  Everytime I visit the Drivers License office, they deny reinstatement because I do not have a created birth certificate to present.
The absurdity of this gross misuse of State political power is so farfetched, I simply will not do that. I have suffered the consequences of that decision, by being unable to drive myself to the doctors office or grocery store. The inconvenience has been a tremendous hardship on me in many ways over the past three years. But I drew a line in the sand, relative to what I would and would not do.
My point is, no guarantee for victory when you take a stance for your beliefs and Principles. There is a price to pay for Freedom, and the cost may be quite high, monetarily and with inconvenience and hardship. But for me as one individual, I take a stand, and adhere to it, come hell or high water.
All these politicians and bureaucrats, living off tax-payer monies, hang on to their ill-gained power with the tenacity of a pitbull.  At this point in time, they are so entrenched, with guns and the threat of jail over law-abiding citizens, it is very difficult to deal with them. They have no interest in listening to reason, and act without remorse or compunction. They act from a base of power and not rationale, nor common decency.  Nor from what is Right and correct.
I’m just one individual, who has stood up against the awesome onslaught of political power, many times. I spent over twenty-three years of my life supporting a military officer to fight for this country through three wars.  When I made decisions to do things, like care for his elderly sick parents for the year he spent in the Korean war, I thought I was doing my patriotic duty for country and Freedom.  Despite the fact that the military offered him a hardship discharge to return home and care for his ill parents, I stepped up to the plate and gave up a good job to return to his hometown to care of his parents so he could proceed on orders for Korea.
As an Air-Sea Rescue Helicoptor pilot, flying behind enemy lines to pick up injured soldiers, he wrote letters describing his missions. Despite the fact it was a difficult hardship on me, raising children alone and taking care of bedridden sick in-laws, I would tell myself, my job was easier and less dangereous than his and I made it through that year and so did he.
I have paid my dues for this country and Freedom.  However, when I reflect back on my life and realize all I have experienced to reach this time in my life, being denied the Right to travel as a result of driver’s license cancellation, when I did nothing to cause it, I’m saddened by what is happening to my country.
For months after the cancellation, I wrote many letters to the governor of Georgia and the DDS, plus many trips to the license office and Social Security. Only stopped my efforts because of emergency surgery and recuperation.  Much improved, I plan on re-starting my efforts for reinstatement to drive again.
I relate some of my personal battles with the political establishment, in the hopes I might encourage others, even one person, to stand up to the powers that be, in the struggle to regain our Freedom and take back this country.
Victory is possible one individual at a time. It can be won the same way it was lost, one person at a time.
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