George Orwell said stated in his book, “We shall squeeze you empty, then we shall fill you with ourselves.” Evidence of this is all around us, as the centralized government takes and replaces with their doles and controls from their seats of power in Washington.

It has only been a short time since the news cycle was all about the proposed speech of Obama to the school children across this nation. I wrote an article about it at the time, still posted on my web-site for anyone to read. I explained how leaders like Hitler and Mao Tse-Tung, in their scheme of communism and fascist brands of socialism, promoted indoctrination and worship for themselves from young school children.

The news cycle over the weekend repeatedly aired a video of a group of school-children singing praises to President Obama. His speech centered around a theme of “work hard and study,” nothing wrong with that noble idea, but did not take long for the real purpose to become evident, which was indoctrination through the teachers to have young children singing his praises. Didn’t take long to transfer a theme of work hard and study to singing his praises.

I received a call a few days ago from a caller who wanted to know what I knew about “Charter Schools.” Not a great deal. As I understand it, they are still tax-funded schools but have been changed from direct government operations to being run through private companies.

They are the brain-child of Milton Friedman, and the first ones in operation are in New Orleans. News reports are that parents are not happy with the new arrangement.

I digress back to the invasion of Iraq, when we began hearing about “shock and awe” inplemented by Donald Rumsfeld, who as I understand it was a protegé of Milton Freidman philosophy. One might wonder how to connect the dots between the invasion of Iraq to Charter Schools, starting in New Orleans and since then, spreading across this country. Several are here in the state of Georgia. I remind the reader, there are two major brands of Socialism, i.e., Fascism, Hitler’s brand, and Communism, Castro brand. Fascism is a one-party system of political government, in which the individual is subordinated to the state, control maintained by regimentation of industry and finance. The production of goods and services is retained privately in name only, under strict control of the powers that be. Whereas in the communist brand, all is in the name of the political regime. Simply put, Fascist rule allows the means of production and schools to be in private hands via name only, but operated under the control of the government.

The socialism in this country is more Fascist brand, because business, the means of production, is generally in private hands, with extensive control, via rules, regulations, policies and payment to the government. Some exceptions like the take over by government of a major automobile company, now operated by the government.

Early on in the Obama administration, we heard a lot of talk about one of his cabinet members saying, in effect, it’s a shame to let a crisis go to waste.

The idea behind Shock and Awe, is a scheme of government take-over, by a created disaster or crises or the occurrence of a natural disaster. The disaster in Iraq was created by United States Government invasion. The Disaster in New Orleans was a natural disaster from the hurricane.

It was the shock and awe of that disaster which provided the opportunity to change the school system. Already owned and operated by the government it was changed, as I understand it, by firing many of the government-paid teachers, a private company put in place to operate the tax-supported system, and payment of teachers coming from the government through the newly-formed company. In actuality it’s a more controlled system by the government, because a private company oversees it to carry out the mandates of the central political government. This can enhance government control, by by-passing areas of the local school board, usually comprised of local citizens in the community.

This may sound like a chinese fire drill to some, but not that difficult to comprehend. Follow the money. It goes from the hands of producers, paying taxes, to government, State and Federal, where it is re-distributed, a major portion ear-marked to operate tax-supported schools and in the case of so-called Charter Schools, filtered through a private company.

It’s the same old system of thievery and re-distribution, handled a bit differently. Some seem to think it’s private education, however this is simply not the case. It’s still a socialistic system which indoctrinates young minds into the philosophy of socialism, with the same disastrous results.

It’s one of the basic tenets of communism to use young children to indoctrinate, and one communist leader said, “Give me a child until he’s eight years old and I will make a communist out of him.” Clean, young innocent minds are used like a slate to write the evils of socialism on, in a compulsory system.




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  1. As you point out, that which you do not control, you do not own. Businesses are not controlled by the “owners” anymore, since the government’s rules control every business decision. This means, no matter what others may claim, America is a fascist, socialist, state.

  2. Hi Kent,

    Yes you are correct. As far back as the sixties, when I was studying the Philosophy of Freedom, some of my teachers were telling me we had a fascist form of government. At that time, still learning and trying to grasp the meaning of the reality of things as they were then, I simply refused to believe it.I not only hada lot to learn, but much to un-learn,
    In my opinion the majority of americans are Like I was and have difficulty grasping the reality of all that has happened and is happening. While many are angry and un-happy with what they perceive, because it is now affecting their bread and butter, they have not faced the reality of the drastic changes coming out of the centralized power. Those in Washington are not facing en-employment, quite the contrary, more and more on government doles drawing large checks, and into under the table corruption. for money. They are thriving, and expanding, to have more on the doles to keep the rest, broke, in debt and propagandized. A job that requires a lot of bureaucrats. Some are pros while others being hired daily and on the job training.
    Admissions to ones-self, relative to know the Truth brings on another dilemma.What to do about it? Ignorance is short term protection.Means if we dont know, theres no responsibility for action.For many to speak in terms of support of the status quo, medicates their un-easiness, and exempts from doing anything. And find comfort in their temporary mental fetal position.

    Anne Cleveland
    Chief Editor