Many months back I wrote an article which touched on the technique of “brainwashing.” Decided to write about it again as a result of all that is happening currently, politically and educationally.

These are events as I recall them in the fifties. The Korean war was in full force. I was married to a military officer, who was in Air-Sea Rescue flying those large banana-shaped helicoptors. He was ordered for a tour of duty in Korea, where he spent a year in air-sea rescue, frequently going behind enemy lines to rescue wounded American soldiers.

Early on in that war, the politicians and news media referred to it as a “police action.” In the letters I received, he stated it was live ammunition killing Americans and live ammunition fired at him and his aircraft when he attemped a rescue mission. And was not a police action but all-out war.

Some of the missions involved rescuing soldiers held captive by the enemy, North Koreans. I don’t remember precisely when I began reading about the brainwashing of American soldiers held captive by the enemy. But there were stories about their transfer to Tokyo, to a hospital headed by a Dr. Meyer. They were sent there for rest and recuperation and treatment of wounds.

It was discovered many of these returning soldiers suffered from a new phenomana termed “brainwashing,” a technique used by the Communists to control the minds of these young men. They were tortured and trained to speak against the United States of America. Lies were recorded and used in publicity by the communists for propaganda purposes.

I don’t recall exactly how or when I obtained a copy of Dr Meyer’s report detailing the techniques used by the operatives of brainwashing, but it was a shocking report.

What they did was isolate the victim, withhold food and water, place them in a room tied down with water dripping on their face around the clock, while being interrogated non-stop. Some were injected with drugs. The thing I vividly recall was a technique of a barrage of name-calling of the captured soldiers’ mother. All kinds of derogatory remarks and abusive name calling of the persons’ mother. This went on until the interrogators, after lengthy torturing, cause the subject to voice hatred of his mother. Once there was enough lengthy torture to cause the victim to hate his mother, mission was accomplished to then have the subject say anything against the United States. The intended purpose was then to use the subject in publicized propaganda against the United States. Years later referred to as The Stockholm Syndrome.

The effectiveness of this horror so impacted on me, I was intrigued by this so-called “brainwashing technique.” By constant repetition over a period of time they could train the mind of the most patriotic and loyal American to turn against their country with hatred and lies.

It just so happened in the latter part of the fifties I joined my husband in a reassignment in Japan, and visited the hospital where Dr. Meyer treated these returning soldiers. It was surreal being there, knowing what I did about what had taken place as a result of reading his original report on brainwashing. Lo these many years later in the twenty-first century it seems like a bad dream.

However it was in the sixties, as I experienced all that was taking place in the schools, and written in the text-books, I recognized a version of the techniques of brainwashing. Young impressionable minds, who are a captive audience, being compelled to attend, were being fed socialism, and taught un-truths and mis-information about America and its history. Which has gotten progressively worse in the years since.

Creeping socialism is now leaping socialism. As the socialist line is spouted forth, like dripping water around the clock, on the news and from the mouths and actions of most politicians, with such deliberate attempt, the most uninformed in mainstream America now recognize, and organizing in opposition to the destruction of this country as we once knew it.

The Socialist Communist tactics used in such extreme measure on captive Americans back there in the early fifties, is the same socialist philosophy used on all Americans today. Despite the fact that the methods are not that extreme nor harsh, the aim and techniques are for the same purpose. To undermine and destroy the love of America and the American way of life and to transform from a country of individual Freedom and a free enterprising system to a country of Socialism.

We have been told repeatedly by such Socialists as Norman Thomas years back, America would never embrace socialism under that name, but would embrace it line hook and sinker under the umbrella of humanitarism. There is plenty in the news now-a-days about the redistribution of wealth and the humanitarianism of all the efforts pushing that notion coming from the legislative and executive branch of government in Washington. The big push is on for the final stages of the take-over for a totalitarian socialist country.

Today, in this month of September 2009, all the power hungry crazy loons from socialist communist countries around the world, gathered at the United Nations in New York, to use the airways to reach into all the American homes to spew forth their vitriolic rhetoric of socialistic agenda.

We saw the Whites of Their Eyes!!!

Several generations of young minds have been indoctrinated, (brainwashed) into the basic tenets of the philosophy of Socialism. The conditioning of minds, to accept the value judgments of socialism and to reject the Principles of Freedom has been going on a very long time. The final push is in full force.

Like the game of judo, a martial arts game whereby one is taught to use the very strengths of their opponent against them to win, so it is with socialism. The very strengths of decent hard-working, moral humanitarian Americans are now used against them to accomplish the aims of the communist and fascist brands of socialism.

It appears the drive for nationalized health-care, and our empathy for the sick, that humanitarian trait to take care of them, may be the last straw for the take-over push over. If that passes that will be the point of no return in my opinion.

Obama said today in his speech before the United Nations, “we will lead by example.” Is that example individual Freedom, personal property Rights, the free enterprise capitalistic system? I don’t think so, because everything he does and says appears in opposition to those American Principles as expressed in the Declaration of Independence. What does this lead by example mean, if not to head up a system of socialism? As out-pictured in all the socialised government programs and decisions he has pushed, the short time he’s been in charge?

Like the Emperor’s Clothing story, when the little boy yelled out, “He’s naked,” no one listened. Not enough are listening to what President Obama is telling us and the world. Stop and think about what his “leading by example” really means. The meaning of those words is in what he does and has already done. His “example” is as clear as a whistle, this past seven months.

I can’t help but recall the early days of Fidel Castro, and how he was touted as “the George Washington of Cuba,” when in fact he had been an avowed communist since age 17. But he dazzled with footwork, giving many long speeches on radio and television. He kept the mesmerizing rhetoric of speeches going and going and going, until the people were so caught up in his revolution, by the time they woke up in bondage it was too late.

There may be a little time left to re-claim this country and the Principles upon which it was founded, but very little. Things have moved very rapidly these past few months, and has gathered momentum. To stop it and reverse it will take a huge wake-up call of the American people.

There are over 300 million people in this country. If individuals hooked their heels in, woke up, and were shook up enough to face the reality of what has happened, Freedom and this country could be salvaged. Otherwise we will live in the ashes of Freedom and under the umbrella of totalitarian socialism.



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  1. Even government and its puppets calling a war by the euphemism “police action” was an attempt at brainwashing. Now we see people who point out that the president is a liar are said to be “racist”. Brainwashing yet again. Government has no ethical foundation; all it has is lies and brainwashing to hide those lies.

  2. AC says:

    In my article when I said years later referred to as stockholm syndrome, I should have written more. In the Stockholm reports, it explains how the abused victim, once tormented and tortured, capitulates and becomes bonded with the abusor.
    This is the case with the, “slobbering Love Affair ” Over Obama. Politicians have abused their constitutency so long, they flock to the polls and are bonded with the abusors in Washington. Despite the fact some are waking up
    I’m afraid not enough fast enough to turn Socialism backwards and re-instate individual Freedom and property Rights.
    But we have reached this state of affairs by being brainwashed here.
    Chief Editor