A few weeks ago we heard a lot on the news about “death panels.” Then it died down, no pun intended.

Apparently in this scheme of things in Washington for a New World Order, some interpretation of the language for the older generation in the eleven hundred-page health bill meant no health care. But rather than spending money on seniors, if they were ill, better to just allow them to pass on to another realm, get out of the way, to allow room and health care for this younger socialist spirited generation.

I read someplace there were 40 million members in the AARP organization. That’s a bunch, and of course many of the older generation do not belong to that organization. Any way you swing it, we are talking about a large portion of the 300 million citizens in this country.

I had not paid much attention to what I perceived as nonsense over this notion of getting rid of this older generation, until I began receiving emails from those apparently very seriously involved in this notion of “transforming America.” From their rhetoric it appears they are socialist. Don’t know if they are communist or fascist brands of socialism, but their verbiage speaks the socialist line of propaganda.

From some of the lengthy dissertations expounding upon the philosophy of Socialism, I read a term I had not heard before, “geriatrophobia.” I did not find the term in the dictionary, however the writer went on to say, “I propose that of the significant factors for positive progress on racial and social issues, such as these, may be the passing away of the older generation and with them the harmful and ignorant opinions they hold that have been supplanted by more tolerant practices.” [!!!!]

This was an email sent to me and directed at me, as a result of articles I have posted. It included a number of very angry, vicious name calling statements, and false accusations. It was so vitriolic, I decided not to post in my comment section.

However because of this and other emails supporting this kind of mind-set, I would write this article about it. To inform my readers there is a segment in this population so determined to “transform America” they think knocking off the older generation would expedite their game plan. Therefore the talk about death panels seemed more real than first impressions led to believe.

The general tone and explicit description in the email suggest we of the older generation, hold on to and express the ideology of Individual Freedom, with respect for property ownership, and expressions in the Declaration of Independence, and belief in the Principles upon which this nation was formed.

Now viewed as holding up the wheels of progress for this new social order which is out to destroy the ideal of individualism, and freedom, and replace with this new order of socialism, by one of its two main brands, communism or fascism. And we of another generation are hindering the inevitable totalitarian regime from happening now, therefore the sooner these thugs get rid of us the sooner it will happen, according to the writings I recently received.

I can’t speak for others, but as for myself, I have children and grandchildren taught and ingrained with the morality of the Principles upon which this nation was founded. Those ideas and ideals will not pass when I do, but live on to stand up and fight for those Principles.

And there are others now coming out of the woodwork, waking up to stand up and resist the onslaught of this attempted take-over of this country. To re-invent and install a new social order. One that is as old as mankind, and has never worked for the betterment of mankind but whose only purpose is power to enslave.

I consider myself quite informed as to what has happened and is happening, but this notion to expedite the new world order by knocking off the older generation, was a rather shocking eye-opener. Particularly when it was so brazenly written to me, by those involved in this insidious plot by a sinister force. The emails to me put a living breathing face on the schemers, plotting this take-over of this country.

Plus the recent revelations by such newscasters as Glenn Beck on his 5 o’clock Fox News broadcast, diagramming on a blackboard, names dates places and events, with undeniable documentation, of all that is happening, the crisis is upon us. And we are surrounded by the enemies of individual Freedom who are actively at work, already organized for the final push.

I’m always saying I’m only afraid of three things, i.e., Stupidity, Insanity and Snakes. To that I might add Apathy. A fear that enough good and decent Americans might not wake up in time to turn back this enemy so hell-bent on destroying this great country.

Because of my recent revelation, the fear of the enemy is the older generation, it’s time for seniors to step out from their shade-tree, rocking chair world and speak up and stand up. And exercise the power they have to change the direction of this country.

The revelation is, it is us they fear. In all the strategies and tactics of the “Battle Plan” the mantra is know the enemy. And the enemy has revealed their fear of the “older generation” in this country. Use the power before you lose it, and stand up, and speak up, fight back, to turn the tide of onslaught of socialism.

It’s not the younger generation they fear, because they think the younger generation for the most part, are already indoctrinated in
the Socialist mind-set. And I daresay most are, as a result of the socialized schools they attend. So hooked, they are now singing group praises to Obama.

They are not taught truth about the history of this nation, not permitted prayer in the schools. But young children now trained to sing praises to President Obama as out-pictured in the news this past ten days. No, it’s not the younger generation they fear, they already have them in the palm of their hand.

The onus of action to stop this “transformation of America” into a totalitarian socialist state is in the hands of the older generation, as revealed in the letter from the man who spoke of “geriatrophobe.” That’s the term for the dying off of the older generation, dear hearts and gentle people. Plaster that one on your bathroom mirror.

As angry as I was when I first read it, I bless him for that revelation. Despite the fact I don’t plan on posting his letter, because it is vicious, I will not provide him that platform, I decided to write this article about it. To expose his key points of knocking off the older generation and his fear of them.

I reiterate what a dues paying communist, Kenneth Goff said: “The manual of the Communist party should be in the hands of every loyal American, that they may be alerted to the fact it is not always by armies and guns that a nation is conquered.”


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