Lately I have been receiving some very interesting emails and comments. Not the least of which is a very uplifting email from Tommy Dix, commenting on my article about the World War 2 song, “Buckle down Winsocki.” The song was written for him when he starred in the Broadway play, then in the movie with Lucille Ball, titled “Best Foot Forward.”

Everyone has a story to tell and because I know there are many great un-inked stories out there, particularly from the generation prior to the fifties, I’m going to add a feature-story segment to my website. And at least once a month publish your story about your life. Therefore I want my readers to put on their thinking caps, pick up pen and paper, transfer to your computor and send via email to

Also very interested in receiving stories written by children. So many have such unusual imaginations, I would love stories written by them. My 4 year old grandson, Prince William, can weave a fascinating tale, usually prefaced by, “Oh Anna, I have a great idea.” Currently he’s on the beach at Hilton Head, called this morning, telling me about his bike riding, visit to lighthouse, and plans on bringing his bike over to take me for a ride when he returns. He’s so into Spongebob I wouldn’t be surprised if he dived into the ocean to find his pineapple house.

Another thing I will be writing about in upcoming articles, is a little business venture, one can operate from where you are to generate some supplemental income. Details of exactly how to start and what to do will be forthcoming. So be sure and sign on to automatically receive my articles. It’s Free.

I read a story about an Oriental man who started a motivation course and charged $200.00 each. He filled the auditorium, sat on stage cross-legged and repeated over and over, “The thing to do is begin, the thing to do is begin.”

In your story writing, do not be concerned about how you present your content – I have a great associate editor who will proofread and edit. So the thing to do is begin. I look forward to reading your stories.

Just read a great tweet on Forces2, twitter site: “vote Democrat it’s easier than working, vote Republican, it’s easier than thinking.”



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