This hot August in 2009, much is happening all at once it seems. Push has come to shove and the liberal left, those who stand for socialism, while denying it, and those few Americans who stand up for those Principles upon which this nation was founded, i.e., individual Freedom and private ownership of property, appear to be clashing.

It’s a war of ideas that two opposing factions are battling over. In one sense it can be compared to a game of sports. Suppose you were a ten-year old going for soccer practice and took a baseball bat and baseball to the game? Or going to the golf course with a football under your arm instead of golf clubs. Or planning on playing a game of chess with a monoply board. The games politicians play and the games those Americans play who want to return to Constitutional government, are playing the game with a different set of rules and different equipment, with different results in mind.

Never was this so glaringly apparent as the town hall meetings last week. Ordinary American Citizens, those hard working, taxpaying, freedom-loving individuals attend a meeting, where their congressional representative is the featured guest, to voice their opinions and objections to what their representative is doing in Washington. As evidenced in The Arlen Spector fiasco, the citizen went invited, expecting to be heard and heeded, but the Senator had a different agenda. When some tried to speak they were denied a microphone and told to leave. When the crowd shouted, “You work for us,” the Senator arrogantly said, “I don’t have to be here!”

A similar situation happened with representative Claire McCaskill. She acted as though she was being victimized by a crowd who simply wanted to voice their opinions and objections. Her response was a wimpy, “I don’t understand why you are shouting, do you want me to leave?” And who could blame her for wanting to run from an angry crowd who had elected her to represent them, but whom she now did not want to hear?

In both instances two different elected representatives in separate areas, with the same attitude of pretense, playing with a different set of rules from the crowd they had invited. The people were there to voice their opinions and objections and to be heard and listened to by the representative they had elected. Both representatives appeared before the crowd with an attitude:   “I’m here for you to listen to me, I have no interest in what you say, and if you don’t play by rules I’ll just leave.” McCaskill said, “Do you want me to leave?” and Spector said, “I don’t have to be here.”

It was President Truman who said, “If you can’t take the heat get out of the kitchen.” So too this feigned attitude of these representatives – If you don’t play by my rules I’ll pick up my marbles and leave – pretending their feelings were hurt and they couldn’t take the heat. It’s a ploy in the political games they play. They are tough and thick-skinned with no qualms about using their power to push through Socialist agenda to heap bondage on the backs of the American people.

Representative McCaskill said, “You don’t trust me, I don’t know what else I can do.” Imagine that kind of remark coming from a powerful elected official. I have a suggestion of what she could do. Resign, go home, mind your own business and get off the backs of the American people, and work like the rest. But face to face with those they have mis-represented, they take on a different personna.

There is a very wide rift between the American people and those elected to serve in Washington. Playing by different rules and not in the same ballpark. Those elected are NOT listening to the American people, pay no attention to the Constitution, ignore the Declaration of Independence. And they are in control and in charge, not the American people, and they know it. They only listen to each other in Washington, and read the biased news media about how great and wonderful they are.

Now is a time with a very small window of opportunity for the American people to turn the tide. Soon, the power brokers will return to their offices in Washington and continue doing the same thing. The last straw will be the socialized health care program. Children will head back to the socialized schools, the people will return to their daily lives, pick up where they left off letter writing and phone calls to their elected representatives, who pay no attention to them.

It’s a PTA syndrome – meeting, eating and retreating, while the march to socialism continues. Politicians will continue getting up on Sunday morning, appearing all dressed up on the Sunday talk show circuit, and we continue listening to the absurdity of their irrational babbling, then flock back to the polls on election day to re-elect them. It’s a merry-go-round of denial. Doing the same thing, playing different games by different rules, expecting different results.

How can we expect to regain our freedom, by playing a game with the rules, regulations and edicts of the Socialist-minded in charge? Truth is that which is, the absence of a lie. And the truth of the matter is, the power brokers in Washington, have their sights set on a Socialist America, with intentions of accomplishing that. Obviously town hall meetings are not changing that direction, just slowing down slightly while they are on summer break.



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  1. The best thing about these town hall circuses is that they clearly demonstrate that the politicians have decided they own us. This could be a good thing if it wakes up more folks. I enjoy watching the politicians’ obvious discomfort and bewilderment when confronted with people who are willing to stand up to them. Now, hopefully, these disgruntled people will take some real action in their own lives to reassert their self-ownership.