Several years back, living in an apartment in Atlanta, across the hall from me lived a lady who worked for Internal Revenue. We had many conversations about her job and how Internal Revenue operated. The most memorable conversation we had was one about listening to the male investigative IRS agents in the snack bar area, where they gathered, laughed and bragged about how they had the power of God to do everything but raise the dead. According to my neighbor friend, it was joked about often, this assumption, they as IRS agents, compared their power and authority to God with one exception, raising of the dead.

Internal Revenue agents are employees of the centralized political government of the United States. It’s no joking matter, the power this political regime holds over individuals in many instances is one of life or death. In areas beyond the Internal Revenue Department.

The latest giant step political government is promoting to take over and be in charge is in the field of medicine. Doctors, hospitals, clinics, operating rooms, emergency care, and all areas of individual health care. The aim is to place the control of health, sickness and treatment, life and death under the control of a centralized government. Some of the language relating to end of life issues has been challenged, and according to the news, changes were made. But who knows what this Collectivist push for socialized medicine includes in its eleven-hundred pages?

This latest aim to completely socialize medicine, will have such a degree of life or death over our lives, one’s personal, individual Freedom will mostly be conversation about the past.

So what is Socialism? To understand its real beginning we must go back over 2000 years to Plato and his “Republic.” Plato was the student of Socrates who sat at the feet of the great philosopher, and watched him drink hemlock, a poison administered to him by democratic verdict. Plato’s Republic reeks with the planks of socialism, and its brand names of Communism and Fascism.

Socialism covers a multitude of sins. It takes from the haves to give to have nots. It’s collectivism over individualism. It’s rulership by a few over the many. It’s a system that opposes ownership of private property. It opposes capitalism. It’s a system that seeks to remove one’s individual power for decision making for their lives, property, children, education, health, protection and every other phase of their lives and place those decisions outside the individual into the hands of “others.” It is bondage and enslavement.

This is not news. Most people already know what Socialism is, and many who don’t now have a wake-up call as a result of the latest plank in the socialist platform, so-called health-care. If the notion is IRS agents have the power of life and death over individuals, you ain’t seen nothing yet, if those elected in congress to represent the people vote to pass this bill of legislation into law.

The philosophy of socialism has been around thousands of years. The implementation of it to replace individual Freedom and private property Rights has loomed over this country since its inception, but only in this last century has it flourished and now in the 21st century exploded into a reality, that so adversely affects all of us and everything we do.

We have surrendered our individual personal liberty to those who teach, and preach, that the greater good of the marjority, supersedes the well-being of the individual. By trickery and deception, we have fallen into the trap of Socialism. Or it seems so in one sense, however on the other hand, plenty of information is available relative to the evils of socialism, versus great and desirable state of Freedom.

It all boils down to choice. In Freedom, individuals make choices about their lives. In a state of socialism, choices for one’s life are determined by “others.” Simple as that. And never so glaring as the current push towards socialized healthcare and medical issues. Take heed, it may be the last chance we have to do anything about the onslaught of awesome centralized government power.




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  1. TJ says:


    As always, well said! I compared this health care bill to the Patriot Act in the way that they are attempting to rush it through without really knowing or understanding what is in the bill. The funny part was that some of the people who are against the health care bill think the Patriot Act is just dandy and makes us safer! The people who are for the health care bill, as expected, deny any comparison with the Patriot Act. My main point was that when things are being rushed through there is a reason, someone is pushing an agenda and is trying to get away with something. The unintended consequences of both outweigh the intended consequences. I am worried that most of the people in the country who even pay attention to politics just seem to fall along party lines without realizing that both parties are essentially one and the same.

  2. Anne,
    Well said. The scary thing about this is that once they get their foot in the door, they’ll never, ever turn back. Regardless of how much money it loses.