This August 2009 has been a month with a lot of news coming from all directions. The propaganda machines have been working over-time, with double-think, double talk; twisting the language to suit the schemes of those who are out to destroy this Nation and that which it once stood for – individual Freedom and personal property Rights.

For many years there was a great journalist, Jack Anderson, who wrote about goings on in Washington. His motto was: “I don’t cover the news, I un-cover it.” I’m encouraged to know there are a few, currently on TV and writing books, who uncover the diabolical schemes of those in power to destroy life as we once knew it in this country.

The most explosive reporting this week has been by Glenn Beck on 5 o’clock Fox News. He has done his homework, and diagrams an exposé, of names, dates and places, which explains the modus operandi of precisely what’s behind the news reporting on liberal stations; plus the devious schemes behind the speeches of the leftist liberal politicians.

Aside from Glenn Beck’s very enlightening television program, two books on the best-seller list detail what’s going on behind the scenes and below the surface relative to the political schemers. Michelle Malkin’s “Culture of Corruption” is an exposé of what’s behind the Obama Presidency. The other book by Dick Morris, “Catastrophe,” is an eye-opener from an insider who worked with the Clinton administration. These books can be obtained through several sources. I ordered mine from

Beyond these current sources of documented information about the real truth of what is happening and why, there are many other great publications written years back, that provide information which will shock you to learn just how long this take-over of the American way of life has been brewing. It did not just happen with this present Democratic Congress and Presidency. What we are experiencing now is not the beginning, but the end results of a well-organized plot, which began years back.

If you are one of those who have the audacity to doubt the veracity of these writers, Michelle Malkin, Dick Morris and Glenn Beck, I suggest you obtain two obscure books and read them. Stories from the fifties. One is titled “Witness” by Whitaker Chambers, and “The Politician” by Robert Welch.

Whitaker Chambers was a brilliant writer, a card-carrying Communist who defected and spilled the beans about the State Department, and the saturation with Communists in that department. Some may recall the famous Alger Hiss trial and Chambers’ famous “pumpkin papers.” It’s a riveting story and I personally recall watching the trial and exposé in the fifties.

The Socialists, Marxists and Communists now working behind the scenes, as exposed in Glenn Beck’s week-long program, no longer carry cards identifying them as Communists. Instead, they have a mishmash of titles and organization names, which on the surface appear quite respectable. However, behind the scene is a seething vortex of activity, funded by your tax dollars, billions of tax monies, working around the clock, to reduce this country to a Socialist-, Marxist-, Communist- governed country.

The other book, titled “The Politician,” is a scathing indictment of the Eisenhower years by the founder of the John Birch Society, Robert Welch. You will be surprised as you read his documentation of that period, not so long ago.

These books are not readily available, however if they can’t be found from or Laissez-Faire books, they may help you find copies. I think “Witness” was around ninety dollars at Amazon, but a young man at Laissez-books, helped me find one recently at a book store in South Carolina for less than $20.00 and I purchased it as a gift.

There are a couple of other very enlightening books written several years back; one by John T. Flynn titled, “While you Slept,” and one by Robert Lefevre, titled “This Bread is Mine.”

If you are one of those tired of listening to the jack-hammer propaganda news machine and interested in finding the truth for yourself, there is much available to inform yourself. Truth is that which is the absence of a lie. And Truth always has a strange ring.

We are living in an era “that tries mens’ souls.” And not the beginning of a take-over of individual Freedom and personal property Rights, but the latter stages of it.

There is currently an uprising of rejection by the American people. We are in a war, a battle of ideas. An era when Freedom will reign supreme, or we will live in bondage. Information is the power, and only by arming ourselves with the facts and truth can the battle be won. Not by ignorance and bullets. By an understanding of the difference in Socialism and Freedom.

We are in a battle of two diametrically opposing philosophies, Freedom and Socialism. We will live under the bright and shining light of Freedom, or the absymal mediocrity of socialism. There are no halfway measures, and they cannot co-exist. History proves that.

Instead of listening to the managed news of the leftist liberals, whose underlying theme is a socialist theme of Marxism, by either brand name of Communism or Fascism, we must shut it off and arm ourselves with an understanding of precisely what Freedom means. And stand up for it. Freedom is not free – the cost is “eternal viligance.”

We have evolved into our current predicament because we became indifferent to truth, and like a pig wallowing around in the sunshine, adopted an attitude of “others” taking care of us. Freedom is not sustained by sending thousands of our young men to a foreign country to fight “terrorism.” Freedom is attained and sustained by individual self-responsibility and self-control. Freedom is a state of being, from who you are and where you are TODAY. That way of life in the past, is no more. In order to be free we must re-gain that which we lost.

We no longer have the luxury of sitting idly by with a notion of holding on to an illusion of what we have. We must take back from a centralized political government, the power they have taken over from us. The Right to manage our own lives and live it as we choose, not according to the dictates of a socialist regime, that elitist group in Washington. A president who just this week went on vacation paying 35 thousand dollars for a place in the Vineyard for one week!!




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  1. TJ says:

    Anne, I share your concerns with our eroding freedom, but I am not convinced there is a battle going on between freedom and socialism. I’m afraid that too many people in this country do not care, are oblivious to what is going on, or really think they want the government taking care of them. There needs to be more people speaking out and putting forth an effort to stop what is going on. This is not a liberal democrats versus conservative republican issue as the GOP is in on the game just like the liberals. Both sides want a larger, more intrusive, and more powerful government and less freedom and individual liberty. I am glad to see that there does seem to be more people starting to stand up against creeping socialism, but I’m afraid that they think if we could just get the GOP back in charge things would be ok. Those people do not see all the freedom that was eroded in Bush’s eight years.