Economics still dominates much of the news and should, because we are all affected by the roller-coaster reports everyday.

The latest is all the news about “Cash for Clunkers” crazies. So many are praising as a panacea to save the economy from disaster. It was such a wonderful idea, according to some, the program ran out of money quickly, now politicians scrambling to repeat the disaster of this “wonderful” idea.

Here’s how cash for clunkers works as I understand it. You own an older model, good running vehicle, which uses a bit more gas per mile than some of these smaller newer models. From pictures flashed on TV of car lots filled with those trying to get in on the government program, it appears many are station wagons, trucks, SUVs and those larger comfortable luxury cars. Obviously in running condition because they are driven to the car lots.

A government program, put in motion to stimulate the economy by allowing a new vehicle discounted $4,500 to each customer driving in his older vehicle as a trade-in on the purchase of a new car. The trade-in must be destroyed within 48 hours.

Who’s paying and who’s receiving? In the long run the American taxpayer will be charged and required to pay. In the short run the government pays the car dealer the $4,500. The car buyer will have added expense for increased insurance premiums on a new vehicle and increased tag tax. Plus car payments and interest on the money
for the new vehicle.

The destruction of all these cars, many good-running, but referred to as clunkers, will be costly to destroy and dispose of someplace.

This is the same lunatic economics of President Roosevelt in the thirties. Many jokes back then about the Roosevelt regime telling the folks he was taking them to the promised land, putting the people back to work by giving one a shovel to dig a hole and another a shovel to fill the hole up. Then when they were tired, weary, worn out and hungry, told them to lean on their shovels, they were in the promised land.

My parents were southern farmers during the depression years of the thirties. Cotton was the king cash crop. Almost all the food was home grown, from wheat and corn, vegetables, beef and pork. We were among those who lived well during those years. Among the programs Roosevelt implemented was ordering farmers to plow under crops, and ordered pigs run into the Mississippi river, ostensibly to raise prices. These programs of destruction were supposed to cure the economic problems, instead they prolonged the depression.

Then President Roosevelt ordered the removal of gold from the backing of the paper money, which resulted in us now dealing with worthless fiat paper money as the medium of exchange. And the Chinese are calling for a change in currency to repay the debt owed to them by this nation, because unlike many of us they recognize it’s worthless.

This country did not pull out of the Great Depression because of what Roosevelt did, but only began recovering after the war in the forties. I grew up listening to Roosevelt being cursed for all the things he did to harm this country with lunacy economics.

Destruction of production economics is nothing less than the crazies. The cash for clunkers current craze and praise, might have some semblance of sanity to it if they sold these older operating vehicles to third world countries, still driving donkey carts, which would generate some income to pay the $4,500 burden placed upon the next generation of producers.

The most amazing thing is the singing of praises coming out of Washington and managed main news media for this latest government-mandated program of destruction. Who benefits from this program? Other than perhaps the car dealer. He gets the $4,500 and benefits from the sale of a new vehicle. When in essence it’s further victimization of the American taxpayer.

It’s the same philosophy and psychology used by Roosevelt during the thirties of the Great Depression. His economic plan for recovery was to destroy the means of production of the food supply by mandates such as plowing crops under, and to order the government recall of that which had intrinsic value, gold, from the medium of exchange in the free-enterprise system. Then start a war.

Now in the twenty-first century, we are already in two wars. Silver and gold have been removed from the backing of the dollar and most of the food supply is imported from other countries. The food supply which is still produced is mostly as a result of the work of the millions of illegal aliens allowed into this country operated by large companies. The era of small individual farmers operating a business to make a living is pretty much a thing of history. So many government rules, regulations and policies heaped upon farmers it’s almost impossible for smaller individuals to operate profitably.

So what is the political government going after now? The means of production of the Industrial Revolution, by destroying means of transportation used to transport workers to jobs, by placing future generations so far in debt, only time will tell the toll it’s taking.

This is a country populated by a large number of smart citizens. Why is this era of lunatic economics being tolerated? Specifically, the same mentality of the thirties Roosevelt era, which is the methodology of recovery from the current economic crisis can be reconciled by destruction.

The destruction I speak of is one of tangible things. More importantly is the destruction of individual Freedom, personal property Rights, and the free-enterprise system, which made this country so great at one time. Now it’s identify, isolate, criticize, destroy, and tax strategies of socialism.

Now that those in Washington, who have caused this crisis, return home to face their constutitents, many are yelling in their faces in rebellion. However, they will return to their seats of power in a coupla weeks, to resume their work, to take this country further into a socialistic country. And in a few months another election will be held to reinstate these same persons back in power over our lives to continue doing the same thing.

The average person knows the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting different results. For some strange reason, we are not learning anything from our history. If we did we would not allow this repetition of the Roosevelt era. Nor are we paying attention to what has happened in other countries, who have embraced the Marxist brands of Communism and Fascism, Socialism.

For one brief period in the history of mankind, this nation became the greatest, most productive country in history, as a result of personal Freedom and private ownership of property Rights operating in the free-enterprise, capitalistic system.

Why have we allowed that to be destroyed and replaced by an old time-worn system which has so enslaved mankind throughout history? Is it fear? Is it laziness? Is it ignorance? Is it cowardice? Just what is it that has caused this once great nation of people, who began with a “root hog, or die” mantra to become so apathetic, and allow the conditions which exist today?

As Dr. Phil says, “You can’t change that which you do not acknowledge.” From this wise statement, it appears the first thing we must do is acknowledge what we did to cause this current crisis and state of affairs.

Let Freedom Ring

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