This is an interesting time, listening to and watching the Americans rise up and demand to be heard at these August Town Hall meetings.

The arrogance of the politicians, like Arlen Specter, at these town hall meetings reveals who they really are. Clothed in the secrecy behind closed doors in meetings in Washington, like operating behind a walled moat, they draft and mandate laws, manipulate voters, lie to the American people, manage and monopolize news coverage, dictate rules of debate and do as they darn well please.

A few attendees at the town hall meetings loudly proclaimed, “You work for us!” How many of you observed the blank stare returned in response by “the politician?”. Then one responded to Arlen Specter, who said, “I don’t have to be here.”

The politician is trying to convey to you: Are you some kind of dummy, don’t you know who I am? I’m not accountable to you!! That’s old-time political stinking-thinking. You the American people are no longer in charge of anything, and no, I don’t work for you, what I do and say and pass into law, is dictated by a regime stationed in Washington. You, the American people, only count for two things; pay into the central government the amount of money we demand, and go to the polls and vote for us. Oh no, I’m not accountable to you, we have a new and different form of government. It’s no longer of the people, by the people and for the people. Instead it is a government by the few, for the few, and over the many. And I’m one of that many. We have evolved from a Republic to a Democracy to Socialism. No, no, no, you the American people don’t get it, I don’t have to be here. I don’t have to stand before you and be held accountable to you and listen to your drivel.

Despite the attitude of arrogance and indifference displayed by Arlen Specter, and he is only representative of all the others in Congress, some got in his face and stood up to him, like the young lady who said a sleeping giant had been awakened. Her remarks were courageous and powerful. More standing up like she did could turn the tide and return this country to those noble ideas of individual Freedom and private ownership of property Rights. Those rights expressed in the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

Watching this town hall meeting on television reminded me of the Pavlovian theory, brainwashing of rats. Pavolov was a Russian who experiment with rats. He took a bunch of caged rats, and everytime he fed them rang a bell. Based upon the assumption that we as human beings, when we are hungry see, smell, think about food we salivate. The pavolovian experiment pointed out the fact we could be conditioned to respond and salivate when there was no food to see, smell, feel. After a period of time the rats would respond to the bell ringing by salivating despite the absence of food. Then one day a flood came and the rats paid no attention to bell ringing and fled for their lives.

Listening to the recent town hall meetings, where politicians are coming face to face with their constituency, it appears the bell ringing of all their BS rhetoric was no longer working. The expected usual response from the people, switched into a rebellious attitude against the status quo of the usual political stance.

If this new-found voice by the Americans catches on and spreads, things could turn around. But if the mood follows the usual route, in a coupl’a weeks the politicians return to Washington, to the comfort zone of all those others like them, and continue with business as usual, and nothing changes, other than conditions going to from bad to worse.

Dear hearts and gentle people, the floods have arrived. People have been flooded out of their homes, jobs, money and former way of living.

Let Freedom Ring


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